What is the certification of a company?

Beyond the HQE, BREEAM and LEED labels , standards also demonstrate your commitment to the environment through the construction, development and responsible and sustainable management of your building. Among these standards is the ISO 14001 standard.

ISO 14001: what is it?

ISO 14001 is the most widely used standard of ISO 14000 that deal with environmental management. Created by the International Organization for Standardization, this standard certifies the efficient and environmentally friendly management of a building and/or company. This helps to address the environmental concerns of the occupants of the latter.

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More specifically, the 14001 standard defines the characteristics of an environmentally friendly property management system. Thus, it highlights the actions to be put in place to obtain the qualification environmentally friendly building and/or business and be certified ISO 14001.

ISO 14001: what requirements?

ISO 14001 is available to all organizations wishing to implement a responsible management system. A single condition is to be met: that they meet the requirements defined by the standard:

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  • General requirements that reflect the intent of the company in terms of the environment;
  • The environmental policy that defines the objectives of the company;
  • Planning that reframe the company’s action plan to meet its environmental policy;
  • The implementation that brings together the actions carried out to achieve the objectives and satisfy the environmental policy of the company;
  • Controls and corrective actions that consist of systematic monitoring of the the company to measure the implementation of planned actions and the proper functioning of the Environmental Management System;
  • The executive review that verifies the effectiveness of environmental policy and the compliance of planned actions with applicable legislation and regulations.

The standard based on the principle of continuous performance improvement also requires the implementation of monitoring tools. These are used to monitor the impact and progress of the actions implemented by the manager.

ISO 14001: how to get it?

ISO 14001 certification takes place in 3 years.

The requesting organization is subject to audits. These are carried out by a certifying body and make it possible to verify the conformity of the organization with the criteria of the standard. If the certifying body certifies good compliance, the certification is awarded.

The ISO 14001 standard: what advantages?

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification demonstrates your commitment to the environment. In addition, it allows you to develop sustainable and sustainable management capabilities that can result in cost savings over the medium to long term .

ALSBOM and ISO 14001

For the treatment of water valves, wastewater, bad odours…, ALSBOM has developed a biological maintenance solution that meets some of the requirements of ISO 14001.

Natural, biological maintenance ensures the maintenance of your evacuation network in the respect of man and the planet. Developed with the will to be part of an environmentally responsible and sustainable development approach, this solution has been designed to address current environmental challenges while guaranteeing effectiveness over the long term. That is why it is another step towards achieving ISO 14001 certification.

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