• Created by the law of 14 March 2000, the V.I.E (International Volunteering in Business is a program specifically designed for young people wishing to go to work and find a job in a foreign country at the end of their studies. It is a professional volunteer mission that links French young people between 18 and 28 years old, and foreign

  • Knowledge in business management is a priority for anyone wishing to accelerate its career. It is important to learn more about the realities of creating and managing marketing and communication in enterprises. The sphere of business acquired by the students includes comprehensive skill necessary for perfect success.

    Receiving the best training in business management is already considered as a …

  • This expression often comes back, in the running times. But what does “digital transformation “ also known as digital transformation mean? This true digital revolution represents a critical turning point in our era.

    It affects the most fundamental areas: business, the world of work and society in general. Feedback on digital technologies, the challenges and implications of an ongoing metamorphosis …

  • Are you in telephone prospecting? How to properly prepare your phoning by building a solid pitch? We give you all the tips to succeed in your telephone prospecting call.

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    • Telephone prospecting, a real business strategy
    • Successful phone call and prospecting
      • The steps in your telephone prospecting pitch
    • Common marketing techniques that evolve

    Telephone prospecting, a real business strategy

  • You are asked to make a business presentation, whether it’s your company or a company you worked with? Conference, intervention, promotion of services or products of a company, internship report, mail, video or memory…

    To capture the attention of your readership, potential clients or a jury, you must know how to go to the essentials. We give you tips and …

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    What is a business plan?

    The business plan is an essential document when you plan to create a business. But what exactly does this document include? What is its definition? What is the difference with a market research? We explain what you need to know about the business plan.

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    • Definition of the business plan
    • The demystified business plan for you
      • Financial forecasting and
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    Earn a living as a self-entrepreneur?

    We all wondered one day how much a self-entrepreneur could earn. Between self-enterprise and micro enterprise, the status gives you great freedom of action. We will try to answer for you the question of how much a self-contractor earns on average.

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    • an entrepreneur: freedom of action
    • How to determine self-business income?
    • What a self-contractor earns
    • Rapidly fluctuating
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    Find the best accounting software

    When you are at the head of a business, accounting management can be a challenge. Today, there are accounting software and online services that can help you get organized. What is the best accounting software? We come back for you on an efficient accounting management solution for businesses.

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    • Online Accounting Management: What is it?
    • The Benefits of Accounting
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    Persuasive management: definition

    In the company, several management styles are now classified according to the manager’s profile and his methods with employees. Among the most well-known management styles, directive style (or authoritarian, delegative style, participatory style and persuasive style, the subject of our article today. Discover with us all the ins and outs of the persuasive management style.

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    • Persuasive management: characteristics
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    What is participatory management?

    In the world of business and work, there are several types of management. A manager or manager can adopt various attitudes depending on the needs of the company but also according to his or her own feelings towards employees and the team. We talk to you today in detail about the principles of participatory management.

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    • Definition of participatory
  • What is a simplified joint-stock company, commonly known as SAS? Like any company, the SAS has a legal status. The SAS is relatively flexible and facilitates business management. Formalities, capital, shares, statutes… We talk to you in details about the SAS.

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    • SAS and its specificities
      • The conditions for the creation of a SAS
    • What formalities to complete
  • When you set up your own business, it is not easy to choose one’s legal status. Today you are talking about EURL, otherwise known as a single-person limited liability company. What does the creation of this type of company mean for the manager? All the answers to your questions about EURL are here.

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    • Creating your business and company
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    All about team building

    What is team building? It’s not just a fashionable term. In the world of work, team building is essential for team to company cohesion. If you have heard about it and have doubts about the meaning of this rather new term, you will find all the answers to your questions in our team building article.

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    • Team building: definition
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    Flights in stores, the scourge of merchants

    Insecurity is a major concern in most countries and theft is one of the most recurrent offences. For merchants, shop flights are a real nightmare and most of them do not escape it. It is therefore necessary for store owners to know how to react and secure their business in the face of a theft.

    What does store theft mean?

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    Competition between companies

    Competition defines a type of relationship between the actors of economic life characterized by the freedom to contract, start, move and undertake. It gives free rein to human behavior that is widespread in a world of scarce resources: from simple emulation and sporting competition to acts of aggressive rivalry. It is even in this sense that it is very important …

  • The proper functioning of your business depends largely on the quality and motivation of your salary team. Far from working like robots, your employees need to benefit from your attention and good management of the resources they make up. To manage your employees well, this article will change your way of acting.

    Automation and digitization of management

    Technological advances encourage …

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    Start-up: how to get known quickly ?

    A start-up is a company created to meet a pressing need for a predefined target. She must then spread her good news quickly . To do this, we need to know it everywhere in a short time. Here’s how.

    Use classic means

    To make his start-up known, nothing better than conventional means. These are the old techniques that are …

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    How to choose a photocopier ?

    Although the trend is towards the dematerialization of documents, the photocopier is an indispensable device in business. Indeed, it makes it possible to reproduce paperwork. Nowadays, a multitude of photocopiers are available on the market. In this article, we will help you make a good choice.

    The type of use

    Not all companies have the same expectations. While some companies …

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    The Importance of Corporate Gifts

    Corporate gifts are less popular than the classic goodies that are usually offered to customers. And yet, it’s advertising items like so many others that can impact your company’s visibility. The point.

    What is a corporate gift?

    Corporate gifts are simply personalized promotional items with your company’s logo and colors. Like classic goodies, they can be computer devices, office accessories …