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  • Tech

    Which WordPress chatbot?

    An overview of the free chatbots: Tidio MobileMonkey Flow XO Landbot.io What is a WordPress chatbot? A WordPress chatbot is an assistant that communicates with your …

  • Real Estate

    Loi Pinel Bordeaux

    Do you intend to make a rental real estate investment in Pinel law in Bordeaux? Discover the advantages and conditions of this advantageous property tax system. …

  • Health

    5 Benefits of Gastric Balloons

    Being overweight is a hard situation to deal with. However, there is only a thin line between being overweight and experiencing obesity. With obesity, you are …

  • Tech

    What is an Internet chatbot?

    In this era called ‘digital’ for several years already, there is an increasing increase in communications and online relationships between people and companies. Today the number …

  • Tech

    What is a Messenger chatbot?

    Facebook Chatbot: How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business A Facebook page is the ideal tool for promoting your business and for reaching new customers. …

  • Tech

    What is a chatbot?

    Chatbot, what are they really? The proliferation of chat and messaging has fostered the emergence of the chatbot phenomenon, a ‘non-human’ contact that uses artificial intelligence …

  • Tech

    What are the types of chatbots?

    Chatbots Which chatbot to choose? Guide to different types of bots are increasingly present in our lives: they can order coffee in the morning for us, …