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  • Travel

    Esta USA: all about

    Staying, travelling or stopping in the United States requires certain formalities in order to obtain proper authorization. Visa, passport, ESTA… What authorization do we need in …

  • News

    How to open a mailbox ?

    Mailboxes: a great postal innovation! They are very practical when it comes to receiving all your official mail, parcels, letters, subscriptions, invoices, postcard and other messages …

  • Real Estate

    Property tax and monthly

    In France, the property tax is part of the local taxes that concern housing and more particularly the owners of a property located on the territory. …

  • Tech

    Essential points in SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content optimization for search engines. And SEO is a scalable science that essentially adapts to the way the Google search engine …

  • Tech

    Learn foreign languages with software

    With globalization, the need to learn languages one or more foreign languages has become almost evident. For lovers of languages, English, French but also many other …