International Volunteering in Business (VIE): International Mobility

Created by the law of 14 March 2000, the V.I.E (International Volunteering in Business is a program specifically designed for young people wishing to go to work and find a job in a foreign country at the end of their studies. It is a professional volunteer mission that links French young people between 18 and 28 years old, and foreign companies. It is also intended to facilitate and accelerate the export projects of French companies.

But what are the ins and outs of this experience? You are told more about the V.I.E service and about this tailored and secure international mobility HR solution.

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Article Plan

  • International Volunteering in Business in a few words
  • Volunteering in companies abroad: what mission, what offers?
  • Far from volunteering, the V.I.E and your remuneration
  • Behind the V.I.E program: the terms and procedures
    • Business France, the reference for your V.I.E mission abroad
    • What job guarantees after a V.I.E?
  • Benefits from V.I.E
  • V.I.E., social insurance, leave and retirement
  • Register for a LIFE

International Volunteering in Business in a few words

Better than an internship, V.I.E is now recognized and prized as a program allowing young people to open their personal but above all professional horizons. Once their diploma is in pocket, young French people can go abroad, in business, for a period ranging from 6 to 24 months.

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Thus, in 2015, 3,000 students went abroad . An experience that offers many opportunities, to take or leave! The mission of the V.I.E is public, means that any young person wishing to leave enjoys the social protection specific to France. In short, a bunch of benefits to start his professional life from the best foot.

Volunteering in companies abroad: what mission, what offers?

Behind the V.I.E lies a multitude of information. You are going on an adventure, of course, but in a given and very specific setting. As a beneficiary, you are guaranteed to be covered for the duration of your stay. The company that welcomes you in a V.I.E contract also benefits from guarantees related to the framework and administration of this program.

The International Corporate Volunteering Program has proven itself well over time. In addition, he is paid! Your actions can be of a cultural, environmental, humanitarian, economic, scientific nature… within a French company established abroad or a foreign company that has entered into a partnership and agreement with a company in France. So, the offers are numerous and you are spoilt for choice.

On site, you can arrive in reinforcement of local teams , you can be asked to perform various tasks such as commercial prospecting, market research, animation of distribution networks, support of a contract or construction site, engineering, quality control, technical support of a local agent, and many other possibilities depending on your talent. All, often taking into account your strength, which will be your mother tongue, French.

Far from volunteering, V.I.E and your compensation

Unlike other volunteer programs, VI.E is based on remuneration, which allows you not to arrive without nothing and to ensure sustainable trade between countries. And this is where all the richness of exchange is created: beyond borders, real bonds are formed and emulated .

It is therefore a lump sum allowance that has been put in place for any volunteer. This allowance may vary depending on the host country. The allowances provided by Business France, the organization that manages VIE, for V.I.E volunteers:

  • A monthly allowance of 723.99 euros (as of 1 September 2019) exempt from CSG and CRDS income tax.
  • An additional allowance, also exempt from tax, CSG and CRDS, the amount of which will depend on the place of exercise of the LIFE. This second allowance may be relatively high.

The scales are to be checked before filing a file: in fact, they are calculated on the basis of the index gross 244 of the civil service, but also by joint order of the competent minister (s) and the minister responsible for the budget.

Behind the V.I.E program: the modalities and procedures

The steps to access the V.I.E are now simplified, in order to encourage international mobility . Certain terms and conditions apply to International Volunteering in Business:

  • Be between 18 and 28 years of age;
  • Go on a mission for a period of 6 to 24 months;
  • Be French or reside in a member country of the European Economic Area;
  • Have a blank criminal record;
  • To fully enjoy its civil rights;
  • Be in good standing with French national service obligations;
  • Do not engage in economic activity in the public or private sector;
  • Only one renewal is possible: it can last a maximum of 2 years.

In addition, international volunteering in companies involves a convention that must be concluded between the company or company hosting the volunteers, and Business France, the agency responsible for VIE. The conditions for the fulfilment of VIS are set out in this Convention.

A medical visit will be required from a licensed physician within one month before your LIFE begins.

Business France, the reference for your V.I.E mission abroad

It is the reference body for any volunteer wishing to go to V.I.E. Business France derives from AFII (French Agency for International Investments) and UBIFRANCE (Agence française pour le développement international des entreprises), two entities that merged on 1 January 2015. Business France is now under the supervision of the French Embassy and is responsible for all the missions coordinated by the two agencies, including VIE.

You can find a wealth of useful information about V.I.E on the official portal of Business France.

What job guarantees after a V.I.E?

That’s THE question everyone is asking. Many volunteers leave with the hope of finding a job worthy of their curriculum and their expectations. If your V.I.E is going well, it goes without saying that jobs can be offered ex officio.

In summary, a V.I.E is a contract to be entered into. If this contract runs best and the company that welcomes you wants to keep you and is able to offer a job, then the carpet will be in front of you!

The Did you know? The hiring rate at the end of V.I.E is around 70% . You already have your bachelor, you are a student and you already think about the aftermath? Are you looking for a rewarding experience and are under 28 years old? The V.I.E may match your expectations.

Advantages from V.I.E

The benefits of an international corporate volunteer program are numerous and have been developed to encourage international mobility. Here is a summary of what awaits you:

  • Well-regulated financial compensation
  • Business France support and adequate training before your departure
  • Adapted social protection throughout your stay
  • An adapted framework during your stay, if you wish
  • Work: a hiring rate of almost 70% (source: Business France)
  • Tax exemptions, CSG and CRDS on your subsistence allowances
  • A striking and uplifting experience for your professional future

Good to know : the farther a V.I.E host country is from France, the higher the standard of living will be. As a result, you will receive all the more geographical allowances. Other factors are taken into account depending on the chosen destinations.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the Civiweb portal, which will answer all your questions about international volunteering in business.

V.I.E., social insurance, leave and retirement

As a V.I.E volunteer, you are under the authority of the Embassy of France. As such, the full length of your stay is taken in account for the calculation of your pension entitlements , in the 1st Old Age Insurance Plan.

With regard to paid leave, fees do not end there: all volunteers acquire 2.5 days of (working) leave per month of volunteering.

Social coverage: a private insurer replaces your social security protection and covers the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during your stay.

Register for a LIE

Are you convinced and want to go to V.I.E. to put your studies into practice? Consult the international volunteer offers: these are only available to registrants on teleservicine.

Via the dedicated website of the International Volunteer Information Centre, you can register with your updated CV (Word or PDF) and your defense ID number. The latter is provided to you by the National Service Centre on your defence and citizenship day. It appears on the certificate of participation issued to you.

It should be noted that French citizens who have not completed their Defence and Citizenship Day must absolutely contact their town hall in order to be registered with a view to summoning the service centre.