How to create a chatbot in python?

Wondering how Bots work in Telegram? What can you do with it? In this article I am pleased to give you a complete overview!

Telegram, as seen together in this article, really allows you to have a lot of potential at your service: what‘s more free.

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Among the many available, we have bots. Telegram bots are something really big.

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I want to make a clarification before I go into the topic: in case you don’t know what a bot is, or in the case of Telegram a chatbot, I invite you to read this article of mine.

Oh… are you back already? Great: let’s see how bots work within Telegram.

Technical introduction

The bots in Telegram, from a technical point of view, are third-party applications that run within Telegram: users can interact with them through messages and other things.

What does it mean? The first sentence means more or less this:

Telegram bots are code that can establish a conversation with human beings, that is, users who will use it

cit. Me It sounds a lot better this way, right?

In itself, there is not too much to add: the Telegram chatbots are this. To make it more complete, they allow these mechanisms to be set up thanks to the HTTP requests and the Telegram APIs itself. To be precise, the Bot APIs.

Which programming language? You choose it!

If you’re wondering with which programming language the Telegram bots work, the answer is one and only one:

Telegram Bots work in PHP, C#, Java, thanks to NodeJS, with Python… how it turns.

The best thing is this: Whether you want to create your bot in PHP, or in C# or Python… In short, whateverTelegram APIs Don’t Discriminate , it doesn’t matter.

Telegram allows you to use its APIs with the language you prefer.

Cleared how they work, which programming languages you can use (and the list is NOT limited to what I put you down ), let’s try to understand other things together.

The Process: How a Telegram Chatbot Really Works

The Telegram chatbots within them provide a really but TRULY simple process of operation.

In itself, a Telegram Bot is nothing more than an account that doesn’t need a phone number to work .

The way it interacts with users is by sending messages and commands to the bot by opening a chat with it or adding it to a group.

Actually, there is a second way: inline requests. To tell us when you write “@nomebot command” and the various features of the bot will appear to you. If I told you, Spacobot will give you a sure smile.

Everything is very simple isn’t it? But how does it REALLY work?

The messages, commands, requests sent by users are managed by the Telegram servers through their APIs and the HTTP protocol so that they can get to OUR server.

Simply put, the code we create ourselves to bring the bot to life.

What can I do with the Bots Telegram?

With the Telegram Bots, once you understand how it works at the base, you can do it… a little bit what’s going on to you.

Generally speaking though, let me give you an overview based on utilities.

A chatbot that sends notifications or custom news

Imagine having your newspaper online: here, you can inform your users in an automated way and get them a message based on what you post.

Telegram Bots’ integrate ‘with other services!

Yes, the phrase before may mean everything and nothing: I admit it.

By ‘services’ I mean everything that can go from YouTube to GitHub: your chatbot can freely interact with many other external services and the possibilities are endless.

I would like to leave you in fact, a few examples including a Gmail chatbot, another for Wiki and another just for GitHub.

And what else can we do with Telegram chatbots? One step at a time!


Would you like to manage orders for your pizzeria through Telegram? Do you want to integrate into your online sales system and your own ecommerce Telegram?

With Telegram you can manage electronic payments, you can create real orders with lots of checkout, cart, summary and shipments.

All this, you go to integrate with different payment services: it’s up to you to choose the one that you think is the most appropriate.

There are many, but many things to say about payments: you will find more and more articles on the blog about it, but I would also like to leave you a complete example right here.

Tools made and finished by yourself

Understanding How Telegram Bots Work There is also something that your mind can bring to light: this is what I mean with the phrase before.

If you’re going to create custom alerts, scheduled notifications, translation services, or things like a sticker bot… Here are all things you can give life to life.

How do you do all this?

With so much commitment and dedication: trying to understand what your needs are.

The first step is undoubtedly to create your first chatbot. How? Thanks to BotFather: if you don’t know what to catch, I invite you to click here.

Or, you could create your first chatbot by following this article of mine right here!