Who can marry in France?

Marriage at the Town Hall: conditions and formalities

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229,000 marriages were registered in France in 2018, according to INSEE . You too want to take the step and formalize your union. The necessary conditions and procedures are taken up.


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Who can get married?

Two adults and consenting persons may formalize their union :

without distinction as to sex ,

no relationship between them or of an alliance too close

not married in France or abroad (pending divorce is considered married)

Any PACS of one or both spouses ends on the date of marriage. Therefore, no PACS documents are required to marry.

Wedding at the town hall — Paris 16th arrondissement — Credits: Les Photos de Bela, wedding photographer Paris IDF


Application for Wedding Celebration at the Town Hall

Mairie de Montrouge — Credits: Les Photos de Bela, Paris IDF wedding photographer

The following documents are required:

  • photocopies of identification documents (mandatory in the Paris district town halls)
  • Extracts from birth certificate with filiation of less than three months .
  • attestation on the honor of celibacy or non-re-marriage
  • Proof of
  • List and documents of witnesseshome : listing containing surnames, first names, dates and places of birth, occupations, and proof of domicile identification

If :

  • a marriage contract is concluded between one between the future spouses, provide the certificate of the notary
  • divorced: copy of the judgment or marriage certificate or certificate of birth recalling divorce
  • Widow/Widow: Death certificate of the spouse concerned, birth certificate or family record in which this information is entered.
  • Born abroad, provide an extract of birth certificate with filiation of less than six months.


Filing of marriage record: presence of both prospective spouses

Is your file complete? So you will have to go as a couple to the town hall to hand over your wedding file. Indeed, most municipalities require the presence of the two future spouses.


Interview with the Civil Registry Officer

Thereafter, an appointment (optional) will be arranged with the registrar to ensure that each spouse actually consents to the marriage . This is the municipal interview.


Bans, wedding information publications

The bans must be published by the departments of the Town Hall, within their premises, 10 days before the date of your wedding. These are posters listing marriages to be celebrated, and therefore include your names, professions, place of residence and place of celebration. The purpose of the Bans is to inform the public of the marriage : thus individuals may oppose when they know facts that may lead to its nullity.

Why also the doors of the wedding hall remain open during the civil celebration.


What delays to get married?

Once the marriage file is completed, it will take a period of at least 10 days (see publications of the bans) to several months. You can choose a date at your convenience, depending on the availability of the service of the celebrations of your town hall. Obviously, if you wish Marry between May and July, wedding season, it is better to take you there several months in advance.


What are the days and times of marriage?

Monday to Saturday, except public holidays. In Paris , the majority of borough councils do not celebrate a wedding on Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, couples who want to benefit from hours on Saturday afternoon can send their request to the Civil Registry Department.


Who can celebrate a wedding?

The mayor and his deputies who are ex officio civil registrar, for the State and not for the commune and placed under the hierarchical authority of the Prosecutor of the Republic.

On the other hand, municipal councillors may exercise the duties of civil registrar only on the delegation of the mayor, in the event of the absence or impediment of the mayor or his deputies.


The Labour Code provides for the granting of 4 days of paid leave for the celebration of marriage. Also, leave of different duration and conditions may be granted to spouses: depending on the collective agreement to which you are subject.


Did you get your date for the town hall? Book now your wedding photographer

Finally, you filed your marriage file. The Town Hall has proposed a date you have validated. What if you would now reserve your professional photographer to immortalize the civil ceremony (and not that — I get even for the preparations of the newlyweds)? I realize the photo-report of your day that includes the preparation of the newlyweds and their loved ones, the decor, the costumes, the places trying, of course, to capture the emotions of this little world.

I intervene to:

  • Paris 75
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  • and more generally throughout the Île de France .


Conduct of the Civil Ceremony on D-Day

The civil ceremony lasts approximately 15 minutes . It goes very fast and it still stays protocol. How long does the ceremony last? How to place? When to sign the records? What are we signing?

The answers in the dedicated article:

All about the course of the wedding at the town hall


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