What activities for a wedding?

Date of marriage: fixed. Invitation cards: sent. Reception place: found and booked. Next step to prepare for the continuation of the wedding? Set up the evening: what time to serve each dish? How many hours do we want to dance? When can speeches be made during the evening? The wedding sometimes requires time slots to fill, for example if your appointment at the town hall is scheduled early in the afternoon, and you will have to occupy the guests until the wine of honor at 7 pm. And then during the evening, we hope that those who don’t want to dance to the sound of the DJ will not fall asleep on the tables. So what activities to offer guests? For young and old, here are 13 great entertainment ideas to keep your loved ones busy and make this evening an (even more) unforgettable time.

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A nice drop of lanterns at night fallen

You may have seen it in the movies: the letting go of lanterns is the romantic animation par excellence. They are often called celestial lanterns or Thai lanterns, as it is a common animation in Thailand. Once it’s dark, it’s about making a wish before letting go of the lantern, which then flies into the sky… In general, you have to be two or three per lantern, because one lights it up while one or two other people hold it and take care not to let it go too fast.

How does it work, let go of lanterns? These pretty bright objects fly off a little like hot air balloons, which rise thanks to a burner. This animation must therefore follow some safety standards and instructions: it will be necessary to inquire before organizing this (place, weather, several conditions must be met to do this right) and it is mandatory to make a apply to his town hall. This animation will require access during the wedding to a large garden, for example in the countryside. This is not something we do in the middle of town!

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We play like at the casino

Black jack, poker, roulette, slot machines… are you a fan of casino games? If so, how about offering your guests to play these games at your wedding? To prevent your guests from getting angry and ruining, you are still advised to play them with plastic chips, candy or other small rewards, rather than with money! Animation companies also offer you to bring to your reception place a “dummy” casino with loan of machines, animators present on site, etc… Here is an animation that will be very appreciated between the wine of honor and dinner, for example, to allow to the guests to get to know in joy and good mood. And if you want to buy your equipment, go to game shops, craft shops, and even large stores.

When diners are caricaturated during the wedding

If you like caricatures, why not offer your guests to be theirs? For this nothing simpler, cartoonists (like those that can be seen in the streets of Montmartre or other very tourist places) can come to your wedding and draw the caricature of the guests who wish it. The latter will then be able to leave with a super fun drawing! You can easily find on the Internet providers who offer this kind of service. They will provide you with a quote on request. Some people do not like to see themselves in a photo and may fear this forced passage of weddings, but may be glad to see what the artist has caricated of them!

The games of our childhood… in large format to be released during the wine of honor outdoors

As a child, you have probably played, alone or with friends or siblings, board games such as the Jenga (the tower of pieces of wood), the Pictionnary, the bowling, the Power 4, the dominoes or the Scrabble. During weekends and school holidays, we were busy for a few hours, and even an adult, we enjoy playing there too. How about restoring these activities from your childhood at your wedding? So of course you can just bring these board games to play indoors (we all have at least one or two at home or at home), but what we offer is even more fun: it’s playing giant versions of these games! Yes, all those we have cited and many more exist in XXL versions, to play outdoors, often in gardens. Great as an idea, right? You will see on the Internet, many companies offer to rent these giant games at the time of the event, as for casino games. You can be sure young and old will have fun like crazy ones!

The less expensive alternative can be to create the games yourself. For example, for the Pictionnary: just leave the guests a whiteboard or a leaf board, with felt-tip pens, as found in corporate meetings, as well as a bowl with common names that you will have noted on pieces of paper. The guests will set up in team and draw. You can also create a Twister by making color rounds using paint bombs on the floor (rather if the party is happening in your garden and not a place. rented!). On the same principle, it is easy to draw on a floor a hoppshade or a grid of bites.

Stars for a Night: Become a member of a super popular music band

In a completely different genre, and rather indoors this time, you can make your guests dance and sing! With the help of musical video games, they will be able to take for one night VIPs! There are many games of this genre now: Sing it for vocals, Rock band or Guitar hero for instruments, Just dance for dance… These games are not given but you surely have a young person in your surroundings, or yourself, who owns one at home, and the right game console. On a good audio system and with speakers, the whole hall can enjoy this improvised concert given by your guests! This animation can be proposed to make everyone wait between two dinner dishes, for example, or before going to dance “for real” story to heat the room a little.

We organize karaoke during dinner.

Yes, why not a karaoke as a wedding animation during dinner? Witnesses, if they are the ones who manage the animations, can invite the microphone 4 or 5 guests to join them to participate in a singing contest. Only songs are chosen that have been previously validated by the bride and groom. The guests then choose the one they want. Of course the goal is to have fun so if one of the participants wants to invite a person to join him to share this moment rich in laughter, don’t worry! The track is open, and the concert can begin. The bride and groom can have fun choosing the best singer of the evening and give him a little gift in return: a real concert to share together or a small dinner with friends? During this karaoke, friends of the bride and groom can also drop the choice of bringing a few participants. They may, on the back of the bride and groom, have organized a few singing rehearsals to teach all the guests a superb song that the bride and groom will remember all their lives , some funny words about both spouses, their personality, their relationship or their story…

Bright wedding photos

We found another wedding animation, which will make the photo shoot even more fun for the guests. During the day, you will have laid with your guests. And at night fallen, have a new series of photos done… with a little accessory. Give the guests bright sticks (you know, these sticks that are lit in the lighter next to the candles on the cake, which crackle and then turn off on their own). Due to their rapid consumption, you will need to do quickly enough, or plan a large stock of these special candles. Otherwise buy the small luminous glasses that are found in the concerts. On the night photos, with these little lights in the hands of the guests, the result will be spectacular! And the children will marvel at these crackling candles that will remind them of their birthday snacks (but of course it is their parents who will light them!).

Alternative: there are also phosphorescent light sticks that can be seen more and more in the evenings or nightclub, which produce their light when folded. They can be held simply or put together to form bracelets and necklaces. Be careful, however, not to pierce them, because the products present in it can stain.

Dance Contest

Another animation that will satisfy the guests: the dance contest! Towards the end of the evening, when dinner is over and guests start to wander on the floor, you can organize a dance contest. Those who wish can participate, rather as a couple, to dance classical salon dances: rock, waltz, salsa, tango… Several tracks follow up, and the candidates are eliminated as they go, until only two are left. You can also proceed with a jury who will give marks to each. Winners are not necessarily a couple, but those who most impressed non-dancers or jurors. Winners can leave with a prize (bottle of wine, sweets or other batch of your choice…).

Creating a Photo Safari

To keep memorable memories of your wedding and all the splinters of laughter you will come across, organizing a photo safari can be a very good idea. Animation super easy to set up, just have a camera on each guest table. You will accompany this camera with a list of photos to take during the evening and even the next day during brunch. On this list offer funny staging and original poses to immortalize. The ideal would be to have a polaroid on each table, but it is not necessarily a small matter to find one. Because with this type of device you can discover the shots at the end of the evening and Picks out the diners in a small photo contest. The extra trick: tell your guests that they can use the photobooth accessories you have installed to dress up.

Between dishes, guests have fun

During the wedding meal, the wait is sometimes long between each dish, especially for those who eat little or fast. To make your guests wait at the table, you can leave them enough to play between two plates. We found three very nice and playful ideas to do at the table. The first is the Lego. You can leave a large bowl of Lego in the center of the table, and each guest can take a few to build a figurine or something. For more collective games, there are also miniature board games, the so-called “travel games”, so that children take care of by car or on the plane. Power 4, Hippo Glouton, etc: you can leave 2 or 3 per table for your guests to laugh between two dishes and get to know their neighbors. Finally, if we move away from the childish side, more “adult” games exist, personalized for weddings. Do you know the crossword puzzle or crossword puzzle of course? Did you know that it is common to offer some to guests at the table to occupy them? Before the wedding, you will have to prepare the grids, with words that relate to you, your life with your future husband, etc. Guests will have to find in the grid your 2nd and 3rd first names, the name of your home city, the name of your college… and everything that goes through your head.

We’re playing like our teenage cafes.

Who did Never liked to play any of these pub games: pinball, billiards, table football or darts? How about recreating that coffee atmosphere at your wedding? This kind of game is very expensive to purchase (easily count 500 euros for a billiards or table football, and several thousand for a pinball…). Then two options are available to you: you can either buy miniature formats, which are on sale in leisure and creative stores, in large stores. Finally, you can also organize a human football table, but for this you will need access to a very large garden during the wedding. Companies rent inflatable structures (such as children’s castles) in the form of table football. The guests then split into two teams of 12 to make the footballers. But no need to run here like real football, you have to stay in his place, hang on his bar and tap in the ball when he passes in front of you!

A touch of magic on the night of the wedding

Another nice animation you can organize: rent the talents of a magician for a circus themed wedding for example. For children’s birthday snacks, we sometimes bring a clown to entertain the little ones. For the wedding, one can invite a professional prestidigitizer to come for a few tricks, which will delight young and old. If it involves guests, for example during card tricks, it will be even better. Two benefits to this activity: you won’t have to get tired of doing sports or building something, but just watching a beautiful show; and all the assistance will be delighted.

A tattoo for one night: the tattoo bar is super trendy!

Finally, the last original and fun animation that we offer for your wedding, is not common: a bar with (fake) tattoos! Some people would like to make a real one, but do not dare to act. With this animation, your guests can enjoy a beautiful ephemeral tattoo. You will need to mount a small stand at your reception place and decorate it at your leisure, where guests can make a fake tattoo. Several possibilities: use decals or make a nice drawing with felt pens adapted to the skin (such as the body painting that you make on baby bumps of future moms) by a professional, or why not, henna as in eastern countries.

And you, which of these animations have typed you in the eye?