How to create a WhatsApp chatbot?

The struggle that exists among the different competitors in a niche market is getting bigger in an economy. Therefore, participants must differentiate from each other by attracting the attention of each customer or segment of them.

A good way to generate value for services is to provide good service to users. This is why many companies choose to provide a chatbot through the WhatsApp platform, which is generally used to evacuate customer doubts, as well as serve as the support of support.

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If you’re thinking about implementing a chatbot in WhatsApp, don’t miss this post, where we’ll explain all the steps and requirements needed to design efficient software for your customers.

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Why should I set up a chatbot in my WhatsApp Business account?

benefits A bot is software designed to perform repetitive tasks, practically instantly, according to the indications that are based on development itself.

When we connect a bot with a chat on the Internet, we can call this program as a chatbot , with which a person can communicate, through a support or platform specific, with a program that contains a common and natural language.

The platform referred to in the previous paragraph, in our case is Whatsapp. Therefore, we can say that a WhatsApp chatbot is the software that companies use, in this instant messaging, to be able to provide better customer service without the need to contact employees.

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The benefits obtained are those indicated below:

  • The costs will fall considerably , as it is necessary to incur only structural expenses for the design, development and implementation of software, avoiding spending money on staff wages on a monthly basis.
  • There will be a better strategy for using resources , as we can have people engaged in other tasks that are much more important and not intended for repetitive questions, always answering the same questions.
  • It allows a closer approach to the user because, with the WhatsApp chatbot, the company will have another channel in order to communicate with the customer efficiently.
  • A bit related to the previous point, is that users won’t be left unattended , so our service as a company will significantly improve from the point of view of the service customers.
  • We can plan marketing strategies in a better way , because thanks to a chatbot we will be able to have valuable information that we can extract from this program and then analyze what are the most common problems customers have.
  • Another way to get an advantage with a WhatsApp chatbot is that we provide a point of differentiation from the competition.

What are the requirements for creating a bot that automatically responds to WhatsApp messages?

Many times we think that to have a chatbot we need an advanced knowledge of technology, as well as having a special instant messaging account.

Fortunately, none of this is necessary as we can create a WhatsApp chatbot on our own. The requirements we need are as follows:

  • Have a WhatsApp account activated.
  • Download a third-party application that helps us in programming chatbots.

When will we need to do it more professionally In order for our company to increase its sales , we’ll have to follow the next steps that are a bit more technical from a commercial point of view.

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They are:

  • Let’s establish the target market.
  • We study the variables and common problems that users have, as well as the needs to meet.
  • Let’s decide where the existence of a chatbot will appear. Based on the promotion we will make of the product, we define whether the newsletter or any expansion document will be made to be able to take into account the bot’s options.
  • We have acquired a program for WhatsApp chatbot, it can be Mobile Monkey .
  • Let’s set the tone of our message to be able to bring the potential customer closer
  • Let’s analyze and we establish the problems we need to talk about.
  • We study alternate variables and paths when it is not possible to answer questions or answers are not included in it.

Steps to Create and Set Up a Whatsapp Chatbot and Set Up Automatic Conversations

In order to set up a WhatsApp chatbot we will perform the steps shown below:

  • Let’s download the Auto Reply Whatsapp app.
  • Once we have our phone, we log in to create automatic answers.
  • Let’s choose ‘Notification Settings’ .
  • will ask us if we want this application to access our WhatsApp, so we will grant authorization by clicking on ‘Allow’ It .
  • Select ‘Accept’ .
  • Let’s look for the option with the most positioned symbol in the lower right of the screen.
  • At the moment we have to choose what the answers can be based on what our contacts send us. In other words, we can choose between an exact answer or a similarity match and other alternatives available for the Pro version.
  • Let’s write that we need it to appear in the message.
  • Let‘s choose Accept .

To create another type of rule, we’ll need to follow the previous deadlines. Also, if we need to turn off any response, we just need to move the selector to the left or swipe it with your finger in the same direction.

When we no longer need automatic response, we select the selector above the application on the left and vice versa to enable the app.

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Download QR-CodeAutosponder for WA — Auto Reply Developer: TK Studio Price: Free

Five Examples of Successful Big Businesses Chatbots in Whatsapp Messenger

“UPDATED ✅ Do you need to create a chatbot for your digital strategy in Whatsapp Business? ⭐ GET IN HERE ⭐ and learn how to do it ✅ QUICK AND EASY ✅”

On many occasions, inbound marketing is a key success factor in increasing sales , as well as promoting this tool for the organizational culture of other companies.

Based on this, we can talk about several cases where large companies have carried out this process of communicating with the customer and achieved very good results. Next, we will name five exceptional cases:

When we need to automate our communication with the customer, we can take consider the bot offered by the company , which is considered friendly and can increase people’s efficiency. It includes customer support and other integral solutions.

It’s a small group of scripts that will allow us to translate languages; Publish images and complete Google Maps. We’ll also be able to add GitHub from different scripts and share them with the community, which will ultimately be a much more efficient platform.

Thanks to this technology we can have a WhatsApp chat bot that will allow us to communicate with the customer efficiently and clearly . It is designed to analyze all the requirements the community has regarding the most common situations that exist in the customers of our business. With this tool, we are able to answer questions, generate and evaluate LEDs, as well as provide customer service.

Also, if we need to do Surveys, we can confidently indicate what are the requirements to be able to complete your work without any problems.

Amazon Lex

For those cases where we need to have a chat that can contain deep learning , based on Alexia’s technology and its different learning, we need to think of this company that will develop software for our measurements.

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We can find different success stories with this company that is specifically directed for WhatsApp and that also uses different interfaces for the types of conversation, where you can apply also the use of text and voice.


This company, headquartered in Madrid, Barcelona and South America, has an extraordinary experience that will allow us to have a WhatsApp bot oriented to next generation, taking into account the natural language processing our customers have.

It offers tutorials with which it will indicate the steps we need to consider in order to have chatbots in WhatsApp in a unique way. Thanks to this agency specialized in the creation of bots, we are able to communicate with our customers in an automated way and generate added value for our company.

Chaos TheBot

When we are looking for a company whose designers have overcome the problems we currently need to be able to communicate efficiently with the users of our company , who can developing the open source botchat, we are in the presence of the one indicated.

This program is designed to analyze all the reactions that the community has when it delivers a program that has open codes in a social coding experiment.

If you have any questions, leave them in comments, we will get back to you as soon as possible and it will certainly be a great help for more members of the community. Thank you!