How much champagne per person for a wedding?

When organizing a wedding, many questions arise. Every couple has the desire to do well and do everything possible so that this day runs best for their guests. Among the most common issues are those related to beverages. Which drink to choose for a wine of honor? How much champagne for a wedding? etc… In concrete terms, many people are wondering what to give preference and, above all, what quantities should be foreseen. If you are in this case, I have listed all the information you need to know about this subject.

NB: Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to be consumed in moderation. This article is not intended to push for consumption but only to give an approximate idea of the quantities needed for a wedding. It It is up to each married couple to get their own idea on this non-exhaustive and purely informative article.

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Is your caterer in charge of all drinks?

Even if you have a caterer who has proposed to take care of the various drinks of your wedding, be aware that you do not have to say “yes” to everything. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a couple of newlyweds to bring their own champagne or wine. This is often done in marriages of people who do not come from the same region or even from the same country, and want to celebrate their difference by putting some of their local specialties at their tables.

Honor wine: what drink to choose and in what quantity?

Before you start at your wedding meal, you will have to take a closer look at the drinks you will serve during the wine of honor. Of course, you should take into account that some of the people simply do not drink alcohol, even on special occasions. Therefore, it will be recommended to provide a sufficient choice of soft drinks for your wine of honor and wedding meal . Do not neglect water either, especially if you get married in a period when the days are hot (plan about 1 liter of water per person).

Generally, it is during the wine of honor that champagne is required. The question that will certainly arise will be which brand to choose. Generally speaking, this point is considered to depend on your tastes, and especially on your wedding budget. By counting a bottle of champagne for 3 people , you will soon notice that the bill is salty.

It is also worth providing a few bottles of wine to accompany this champagne. If you opt for red, be aware that the ideal amount will be one bottle for four people. For white wine, we consider instead a bottle for six guests.

Even if champagne is usually the case for this time of day, you can choose another drink such as a punch or sangria. In this case, the quantities will be different and it will be estimated that 1 litre for four people will be required.

Wedding meal: what drink to expect?

Contrary to what one might think, the wedding meal is the time where one takes the lead less with drinks because it is appropriate to choose wine. Of course, the latter will have to adapt to the different dishes that you are going to serve. In particular, you can count on the skills of your caterer to help you. Be aware that the amount of wine will simply depend on the number of dishes served at your wedding. It is considered that two glasses per person should be provided for each dish . To give you an idea, be aware that a bottle makes about eight glasses. It’s up to you to do the calculation based on the rest of your menu.

What drink to expect for the rest of the evening?

Some newlyweds are reluctant to plan too much alcohol at this time of the evening to prevent guests from getting too busy. Generally, to prevent everyone from finishing the head upside down, we will prefer a little wine or beer. To finish the evening in beauty, you can also plan a little champagne. This time of the evening can also be a good time to serve hot drinks such as tea or coffee. Indeed, it is likely that after a long day of festivities, your guests will be a little tired and need a little boost.

NB: Plan on-site beds or bedrooms, breathalyzers, and never let guests who have drunk take back their car, there are a lot of solutions, including private drivers. Plan these solutions in advance.

How many bottles of alcohol and soft provide for a wedding: the shopping list

For the bride and groom who plan to organize their wedding themselves or a festive wedding, with food trucks and not necessarily a sitting meal, here is a list of all drinks for a wedding with the number of bottles and quantities to be expected for a group of about 80 to 100 people.

Indeed, you should know that in this kind of marriage, where people are not at the table, drinks are a little different and the quantities too (red wine is especially set aside, since there are no real dishes to accompany it, beers are more appreciated than for a meal at classic table). If you are planning a Cheese Bar, red wine will surely be more appreciated than white… If you have a tribe of 30 children, of course, fruit juices and syrup should be revised upwards.

  • Red wine: 7
  • White wine: 11
  • Champagne: 20
  • Beer Bottles: 100
  • Vodka: 4
  • Rum: 2
  • Gin : 3
  • Scotch : 3
  • Whisky : 4
  • Bourbon : 1
  • Tequila : 3
  • Cognac : 3
  • Apéritif : 2
  • Cordial : 3
  • Club Soda : 5
  • Ginger Ale : 3
  • Martini Blanc: 2
  • Martini Rouge: 1
  • Coca Cola : 4
  • Coca Cola light : 4
  • Soda citron/citron vert/orange : 4
  • Tonic : 3
  • Jus de pomme : 4
  • Jus de pamplemousse : 3
  • Jus d’orange : 4
  • Sirop Grenadine : 2
  • Sirop de Pêche : 2

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