Instagram : zoom sur les Ghost followers

Being followed by thousands of people on social networks is rather interesting. Especially on Instagram, having a lot of followers has an even more special effect. But when a good portion of these followers are Ghost followers, it can compromise you. Indeed, Ghost followers lower your engagement level on Instagram and challenge the effectiveness of your account. What is it about? Elements of answers!

Why buy Instagram followers?

Ghost followers, or phantom subscribers, are people (sometimes bots), who are subscribed to your account, but do not perform any interaction. The peculiarity of phantom subscribers is that they do not interact on your posts, do not make any comments, do not put like.

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This explains why buying Instagram followers sometimes becomes necessary, sincethey actually lower the level of engagement of your account and at the same time its effectiveness . Several Instagram users can be Ghost followers, depending on their activity on this social media. Ghost followers in most cases are:

  • Users who have an account but almost never use it;
  • Those who subscribe to your account in the hope that you will subscribe in return;
  • Those who are only little active on Instagram because they may have migrated to another platform;
  • Brands or shops;
  • From robots.

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Identifying Phantom Subscribers on Instagram

As you will understand, having many ghost followers can be detrimental to your Instagram account . The impact will be greater if it is your company’s account. To do this, you need to be able to identify Ghost followers and get rid of them.

There are several possibilities for this purpose. The first option is to manually search for subscribers who always remain silent to your posts and delete them. This approach can still be time-consuming, when you have a large number of subscribers.

The second option is the use of an application. There are actually several applications that allow you to analyze Instagram accounts and Identify phantom subscribers. The advantage of these applications is their accuracy as they perform automated search. The risk of error is minimized. Once the phantom subscribers are identified, you can delete them .

Interest and procedure for removing Ghost followers

As we said upstream, Ghost followers do not interact on your posts and are threats to your account. So it’s about your credibility, the level of commitment you generate through your account, and other factors. However, the level of engagement is the very basis of your visibility and reputation on this social media .

Apart from these factors, we also consider the fact that Ghost followers have bad press with Instagram which notes them rather severely. Have many subscribers So ghosts can compromise you, as Instagram can also consider you to be a robot.

For the removal of Ghost followers, Instagram offers a feature that allows you to unsubscribe someone from your account, without a notification being sent to them. You do not need to block this subscriber, nor do you need to switch your account to private mode. This is a technique that although time-consuming iseffective .