Why You Need a Drawing Tablet in 2021 

As you already know, the world is going completely digital. However, there are times when we miss the feeling of good old-fashioned non-digital equipment. The need to feel so close to how things were could be overwhelming sometimes, and surrounded with only digital devices can be frustrating for an artist.

This feeling cuts across several fields and professions, each one being impacted in different ways. The artist might want to work with just paper and a pen or a pencil from time to time, rather than computers and tablets.The good news for artists is that technology has provided a viable and innovative solution to this problem with the innovation of drawing tablets.

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The Innovation of Drawing Tablets 

Drawing tablets are a groundbreaking aspect of technology that allows every artist to work with digital devices while maintaining the pen and paper feeling. These tablets make it possible to replicate your non-digital drawings, sketches, writings in digital devices of your choice. In other words, with drawing tablets, you can have your artworks on paper digitalized. 

Advantages Of Modern Drawing Tablets 

  • 1. Anyone Can Use Them 

Drawing tablets are of different kinds, each one suited to a particular purpose, and packed with features that cater to the specific needs of said purpose. For artists, there are drawing tablets specifically suited for drawings and sketches, one of which is Repaper. It is a versatile and practical tablet for people graphic designers and traditional artists. More useful information on Repaper is available on iskn.co.

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  •  2. No Expensive Equipment Needed 

With many drawing tablets, you either have to get a special pen called a stylus. With some others, however, you get to enjoy the full experience of working with non-digital equipment. With Repaper, you don’t need any special pen or pencil, just a good old-fashioned pencil or pen, and paper, a Repaper Ring, and you are good to go. You will only use a stylus if you choose but it is not compulsory. 

  •  3. Enjoy Unbelievable Accuracy 

With drawing tablets, the accuracy of having your paper drawings and sketches digitized is startling. With real-time effects and changes, each move you make on your drawing tablet is digitized instantly. This gives you more than enough freedom to let loose and work as if you were working with non-digital equipment, without the fear of any lags. With high sensitivity to every amount of pressure you apply in your strokes, you can be sure that your shades and strokes will be replicated in your digital devices with accuracy.

  •  4. Compatibility with Digital Devices 

Several drawing tablets, of course, can be used with digital devices and can work just fine without them. Either way, your sketches, drawings, and writings will be saved for when you need to access them either on your connected device or on the tablet’s inbuilt storage. Repaper is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices. 


Drawing tablets provide more than a means to digitize your work easily. They are proof that you don’t always need a digital device at hand before you can let your inspiration flow.