Stunning Low-cost Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

Gifting is a human gesture aimed at appreciating a person, group of persons, or relationship shared by two or more people. Different gifts are given depending on the moment being celebrated. There are so many things you can give your partner for your anniversary without breaking the bank. This article will highlight marriage anniversary gift ideas that can make the event memorable. 

Anniversary bands

This may not be the most expensive gift item but it’s one with a high symbolic value. Bands remind couples of their vows, promises, and also the duration of their union. These are important values that the union upholds and bands are a gift that reminds couples of them. Bands can be simple materials like customized bracelets and also can be expensive materials like a gold ring or necklace.

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Personalized gift box

This is also a non-expensive option for couples that love aesthetics. A box can be personalized to contain items dearest to one’s partner. A very nice box may contain items like a flower bouquet, chocolate boxes, expensive and assorted drinks, romantic cards, cakes, etc. Some people may even go further to include expensive gadgets and mint money.

A romantic picnic

Material gifts are wonderful but quality time with a special person is everything. A picnic could be the icing on a cake after exchanging gifts on that special day. Having a quality date in this serene environment with food and some music playing. Ecstatic! Right?

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Star map frame on a dinner date

The beautiful sight of the night sky blesses the eyes and pleases the heart. It is the perfect anniversary gift. No anniversary gift can be greater than one that brings back the memory of the first night spent with the most important person in a person’s life. The emotion and joy that come with receiving such a present cannot be quantified. A frame of the night sky is not the most expensive gift in the world but it comes with immeasurable romantic and memorial value.

Creating A Star Map Frame On Mapiful

The exciting thing about star map frames is that you don’t need to contract an artist to create one. Making personalized star maps have been made easy by design platforms like Mapiful. Mapiful lets you personalize a star map frame in line with your preference. This can be done by following these steps

  1. Log in to ;
  2. Click on the options button on the top left-hand corner ;
  3. The first option on the drop-down menu allows you to pick a currency and the country the friend will be delivered to ;
  4. On the home page click the “design your own” button ;
  5. On the menu that appears click the “design your own button” that appears under star Mapiful ;
  6. Input the time and place you first met your partner, choose the style, enter a caption of your choice and also specify the dimension of the frame ;
  7. Click on the “add to cart” button to finalize your design.

Gifting and creating memories have never been easier. You do not need a lot of money to create the best memories, Discover Mapiful for the best designs.