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    Deco ideas with candles

    Want a warm decoration for any occasion? Whether it’s to redecorate your home, for a wedding decoration, Christmas, to decorate a table or make a Zen …

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    Design wall decoration: wallpaper

    In the world of interior decoration, wallpaper has largely evolved towards very design trends. More than ever, the wall decoration is done in various colours and …

  • House

    Garden furniture in pallets: easy!

    Recovery and upcycling are very trendy in recent years, with a real interest in furniture made with pallets. A garden is particularly suitable for furniture made …

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    ACRE: Definition and Conditions

    ACRE (support for the start-up or takeover of a business) was previously known as ACCRE: assistance to unemployed entrepreneurs and resumers. The ACRE allows you to …

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    The profession of jeweler and jeweler

    It is these trades that make dream by their seniority and by their know-how. The jeweler’s profession is part of it! Being a jeweller means exercising …

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    GDR and FRG: German reunification

    The GDR and the FRG were reunited in 1990 shortly after the famous fall of the Berlin Wall. But do you really know the history of …

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    Alternating training: the definition

    We often hear about alternating training. What exactly is it, who is it talking to and what are the modalities of it? Combining qualified and vocational …

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    Become a locksmith without a diploma

    Do you want to become a locksmith quickly, without going through a diploma? What about the possibilities to gain access to this profession and become a …

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    The 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet

    Want to learn how to write the Arabic alphabet. Arabic writing is fascinating and can be perceived as very complex, especially for those who are accustomed …