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    Car station: how to choose your car radio?

    The car radio is now integrated natively on any new car or new vehicle. It can be either basic and offer essential features or innovative, with Bluetooth, USB options, etc. Depending on your need and your practical or even aesthetic preferences, your choice of car or radio station will not be the same and will affect the price. Some tips …

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    Car polisher: polish and polish your car

    Are you looking for a shiny polisher to take care of your car and restore shine to the paint? Polishing the body of a car must be done with a machine that performs in terms of speed and precision. Many brands of polishers exist: we will need you to choose a good polisher. You can also opt for a car …

  • In France, the provisional certificate of registration (or CPI) is a temporary grey card for your vehicle. Some modalities have changed since the introduction of the new SIV (Vehicle Registration System) system. How do I get a provisional certificate of registration when you just bought a new vehicle? All explanations about the ICC , which concerns the plates of …

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    Our opinion on connected GPS TomTom GO 6200

    The latest TomTom GO 6200 connected GPS is a small piece of technology. Want to know more about this GPS with screen? TomTom presents you are GO 6200, a connected GPS that is worth discovering with all its new features.

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    • Connected GPS: for serene journeys
    • TomTom GO 6200 connected GPS: overview
    • Features of TomTom GO 6200 Connected GPS
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    2020: Audi A3 Sportback TFSI /sedan

    What will become of the Audi A3 in 2020? The Audi A3 so far known as Audi 8V will transform itself to give way to a very resembling Audi model but with its own peculiarities, the Sportback. The Audi brand likes to do with recipes that work! You are told more about the new A3 2020 also called Sportback.

    Article …

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    Radar alarm: application and detector

    In France, the law is clear: radar or anti-radar detectors are strictly prohibited. However, there are alternatives in the form of a device or application, to warn drivers. Whether it’s to warn about speed or radar presence, a driving assistant or radar warning device can direct you. Update on these valuable and useful tools on a daily basis.

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    Ensure a car for a day

    Temporary auto insurance is indicated in the case of a need for limited time coverage and insurance on a vehicle — car, motorcycle, etc. Warranties for this type of contract are limited and follow specific conditions. Are you a driver and you want to take out a temporary auto insurance contract for your vehicle? The ins and outs of this …

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    Young driver and first car insurance

    Are you a young driver? For your young driver insurance and your first car, we explain everything you need to know before you buy a car contract. In fact, young drivers are perceived to be less reliable than an experienced vehicle driver.

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    • Your Young Driver Car Insurance: What you need to know
    • Find car insurance when you are
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    Car lock: rod, bar… what to choose?

    When you buy a new car, you inevitably ask yourself the question of theft. And you know, there is nothing worse than this feeling of insecurity in the face of a vehicle you care about. Yet on the market there are many anti-theft security systems for car, steering wheel and pedal. Discover with us which good car anti-theft system or …

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    How to choose a rear view camera?

    When you are behind the wheel of a car, it is common to make small mistakes, especially when manoeuvring. A wireless rear view camera can be very useful for managing your maneuvers using a screen. Increase your vision with a reversing camera that is easy to install on your car. We give you tracks to choose your camera from backwards …

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    Understand and choose your car insurance

    When you want to insure your vehicle, an auto insurance contract is required as a solution required by law. Many formulas exist to insure your car: all risks, fire theft, third party, with additional warranty, etc. Here we provide you with all the necessary advice to understand and choose your car insurance in a suitable way.

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    • Why take
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    Find a Bioethanol station

    Are you looking for a bio ethanol station for your vehicle? Finding a fuel station offering super ethanol (or bioethanol E85) is now much simpler than it was a decade ago. Today, you are told everything about gasoline stations offering this fuel of the future known as superethanol. ethanol, bio ethanol or E 85.

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    • Superethanol/bio ethanol stations: how
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    How to insure a car temporarily?

    Are you a driver looking for temporary auto insurance? Does insuring your vehicle temporarily involve entering into a contract with an insurer? What is temporary auto insurance and what are its terms in terms of guarantees, prices or duration? Update on temporary auto insurance.

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    • What is temporary auto insurance?
      • Terms of temporary auto insurance
    • Why buy temporary auto
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    How to import a car from Switzerland?

    Are you planning to buy a new car? Did you know that there are many advantages to importing a new car from Switzerland? Although this country is not part of the European Union, it is still possible to bring its car from Switzerland, not without formalities.

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    • New vehicle imported from Switzerland: the formalities
      • Crossing the border Switzerland-France
      • The
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    Breathalyzer online: reliability?

    When you get out of a dinner a little watered with alcohol or even a professional lunch on weekdays, it’s hard to know where you are on the alcohol level. Nothing like a breathalyzer to find out. The online breathalyzer test has developed: what is it worth and can be trusted in this virtual device? Our opinion on the online …

  • When you have a car and this machine is of great use, it is normal to take care of it so that you can use it at any time. For this you will need to clean it frequently. However, car cleaning must be done in a certain way so that your vehicle can be clean and operate in the best …

  • Buying a new car is not a small business. What you most often look for when you are a customer is a low price, for a quality car. This is still difficult to obtain when you do your research alone. Fortunately, auto agents exist and their roles, if you did not know, is to accompany you in the process of …

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    When and why do a car drain ?

    Maintenance of a car first involves regular emptying . This may sound harmless, but it contributes greatly to your safety. It’s not a thing to do when you’re in a good mood or when it’s sunny. When and why do the emptying of a car? We answer you.

    Why is emptying important?

    Draining a car is very simple; it consists …

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    3 tips for car rental of your holiday

    Renting a car for your vacation is convenient and economical. In addition to these two benefits, it is safer especially since the average age of rental vehicles is 4 to 6 months. To enjoy your holiday well, here are 3 tips for a car rental.

    A vehicle adapted to your needs

    This is the first thing to consider before renting …

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    Clutch stop: how to fix it ?

    The clutch stop is a part that can be found in the entire clutch system of your car. The stop is a bearing that will be located with the flywheel, clutch mechanism, clutch disc and clutch control.

    When the driver activates the clutch pedal, he will use the entire clutch system. It is as a result of this action that …

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    How to choose your used car correctly ?

    When thinking about buying a used car, the approach is not the same as a new car. This car may not fit your needs, missing documents, expensive maintenance due to the fact that it has not been well maintained by its former owner (s) etc. So it’s not a simple task if you do not have any technical knowledge of …