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    Clutch stop: how to fix it ?

    The clutch stop is a part that can be found in the entire clutch system of your car. The stop is a bearing that will be located with the flywheel,…

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    How to choose your used car correctly ?

    When thinking about buying a used car, the approach is not the same as a new car. This car may not fit your needs, missing documents, expensive maintenance due to…

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    When and why do a car drain ?

    Maintenance of a car first involves regular emptying . This may sound harmless, but it contributes greatly to your safety. It’s not a thing to do when you’re in a…

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    3 tips for car rental of your holiday

    Renting a car for your vacation is convenient and economical. In addition to these two benefits, it is safer especially since the average age of rental vehicles is 4 to…