Why the ideal gate is sliding, quality and aluminum ?

Are you thinking about a project to renovate your portal? To build or buy and would you like to close your property? Why should you prefer a sliding aluminum model, but also a qualitative design?

Why aluminum?

Today, the gates are mainly made of PVC or aluminum. They are still found in wood, but this remains anecdotal as the maintenance is binding and time-consuming. The same point can be made with regard to wrought iron, which rust very easily and needs to be maintained very often.

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This is the reason why aluminum and PVC are the two materials that are preferred. Indeed, for each of them, maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum. A little water and soap and your portal is clean and sparkling again.

However, this is true for PVC only in the early years. Indeed, this petroleum material deteriorates over time. Under the influence of the sun, its appearance becomes grainy, its color moves and turns yellow, and small mold spots form.

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Aluminum has only advantages. It does not move in time, does not change. In addition, This metal is infinitely recyclable and allows for much bolder shapes. This is why the SIB manufacturer has been offering only quality aluminium joinery for 50 years, including a range of sliding aluminium gates (see the list here).

Quality, a key element of your long-term satisfaction

short In the field of aluminum gates, we find everything, and not always just good. However, choosing your aluminium gate is essential to guarantee your satisfaction for many years.

Thus, for the French manufacturer SIB, this quality must be the essence of your portal, which means a qualitative design that can withstand all sorts of aggression. Obviously, we think of the sun or rain. But it also takes great wind resistance so that at the first winter storm your sliding gate does not get out of its rail or is not deformed. These two aspects are essential, especially for long lengths or in areas where the wind can blow strong.

Why choose a sliding model?

In addition to demanding quality and aluminum, why opt for a SIB sliding gate?

The main asset of this model is obviously the fact that he slides. It thus gives off a generous opening which greatly facilitates the passage of users and vehicles of all kinds. On the other hand, the beating model does not offer such a possibility, because each leaf “frames” the passage.

In addition, an aluminum sliding gate can be installed in any property entrance, even if it is sloping.

Finally, the sliding gate can be motorized thanks to efficient solutions. Of course, if you want to enhance and secure your property, SIIB offers a whole range of gates, fences and other exterior aluminum joinery assorted.