Why is the switch out of stock?

Out of stock, here is the most feared phenomenon of gamers but also -and above all – bosses of firms like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. We’ve seen it recently (and still today) with next-generation consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series. But, recently, Nintendo was in turn worrying about the stock status of its Switch. And some mentions of several resellers seem (already) to give him right…

Nintendo Switch: already at the time of shortage?

Between the pandemic (and multiple containments) and the breakdown of components among suppliers working with console manufacturers, hardware stocks have been undermine for over a year now. The Switches and the Switch Lites suffered the consequences for several months, in 2020. Then it was the turn of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series, during their respective releases last November. Shortages from which we still have not come out…

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So, in this troubled period, we thought that Nintendo would take advantage of the situation to sell more consoles. Except that according to recent comments by the great boss of the Kyoto firm, there is also a concern about this machine, whose production would be affected by the lack of certain components. So we might have trouble finding Switch and Switch Lite in the coming months and weeks. Or, in the next few days?

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This is what we feared, after seeing a mention on the Amazon France website, that just posted a message to future customers, namely, “in stock on May 31st”. Would the eCommerce giant already be out of machines? This would not be surprising, after three weeks of school holidays. Unless whether it is a strategy, designed to encourage players to buy, for fear of missing. Be that as it may, the situation should be observed carefully. Follow…

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