Why does non-woven paper shrink?

Would you like to offer your property for sale or rent, but the walls are sad? Wallpaper can allow you to carry out a quick and cheap renovation. And from a decorative point of view, it is very trendy.

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Making a Diagnosis

First of all, take the time to examine the condition of the wall. If it has significant traces of moisture or deep cracks, it is better to call a professional and undertake further renovation.

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On the other hand, if you find yourself faced with signs of wear or superficial cracks, you will be able to lay wallpaper. The ideal option is to opt for non-woven wallpaper: thick and sturdy, it is also extremely easy to install. The non-woven fabric has the particularity of being compatible with all parts, since it is both washable and waterproof. So it will be as effective as wallpaper bedroom, only in the bathroom.

In addition, wallpaper has the advantage of being much easier to lay than paint. Thanks to a fairly intuitive installation, many Sunday handymen can go out without problems with wallpaper, while repaint a room will require more techniques and preparations: making sure to have a smooth and cleaned wall, lay undercoats, or even several layers of paint before getting the final shade, respecting the drying time between each step, etc.

Warning: Never paste wallpaper on another wallpaper! It is necessary to peel off the old wallpaper before laying a new one. On the one hand to see the state of the wall and on the other hand for a better long-term hold.

How to choose wallpaper?

Now it is possible to buy cheap, but excellent quality wallpaper. Plus non-woven wallpaper is thick, the better it will cover a damaged wall: so consider checking its weight. Finally, avoid too dense patterns or too extravagant colors and stay sober, especially if you want to sell your property.

Laying wallpaper

The non-woven fabric is distinguished by its maneuverability, even for neophytes who have never had the opportunity to lay wallpaper. Indeed, it is already pre-glued. So you just have to apply the glue directly to the wall. If cutouts are needed, you can make them easily by the cutter. You can also put the wrench edge to board, since the non-woven fabric does not shrink drying.