Why call on an architect for a house extension project ?

If you need more living space, but you can’t buy a new home, you can expand your home. A house extension project is also useful when you don’t want to move, but want to have a few more square meters. This is, all the more, less expensive. But should we resort to an architect for a house extension?

The services of an architect must be used when mandatory

For a house expansion project, calling on an architect is a legal obligation when the total area of the house with the added area or just the right-of-way on the ground is greater than 150 m². Below this area, recourse to the intervention of an architect is optional.

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For this type of extension, if an architect is not used, one can be punished and subject to criminal prosecution. These sanctions are the demolition of the work and a fine of up to 300,000€.

When the architect is not obligatory but it is advantageous

The advantages of using an architect for a house extension project are numerous even if it is optional.

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The role of an architect is to make a feasibility study of an extension project. This makes it possible to know what is feasible or not in the field where the expansion will take place. This gives an idea of the estimated cost of the work and the necessary budget. It is then that the architect will be able to advise and accompany his client in the realization of this project.

This real estate professional also intervenes to give his opinion on the construction companies that will carry out the project . To do this, he consults several agencies and makes a comparison on their offers, and especially on their prices. It will then select the company best suited to the customer’s request.

An architect also takes charge of carrying out the administrative and legal procedures relating to the project to expand the house. It takes care of the elements necessary to obtain a building permit. It must also ensure compliance with construction standards.

The use of an architect also brings added value to the house if one decides to resell it one day. An enlarged house with the intervention of this professional will have a better price.

The architect ensures the smooth running of the works. It intervenes from the design to the end of the extension project. He prepares the plans for the project. It ensures that all stages of the construction process are respected. He will also play the role of site manager to verify that the result obtained corresponds to plans and at the request of hisclient.