Which drone to start in FPV?

Want to buy a beginner drone? Which model to choose, how much to invest? Everything is possible and everything depends on your need and of course your budget.

Which drone to start? Which vehicle to choose to start smoothly without breaking its piggy bank? How do I make my choice in the maze of novelties presented on all specialized sites? As many questions as you ask yourself before buying your next drone from DJI… Yes because everyone is talking about this brand there so it’s necessarily what you need! Not sure though this is the best choice to make… let’s take a closer look at it.

Drone for children or adults?

What is the age of the future pilot? One of the first questions to ask. What is the future use of this little gem of technology? If junior is fond of this type of “toy” and wants to make it heavy use… the time of a summer before you get tired and claim the next PlayStation, no need to invest in a drone that is too powerful and technically advanced.

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For a use a bit “crazy” think beginner drone type Racer. The Racer is a more or less acrobatic drone racing activity. Not specially equipped with a camera but ultra dynamic and vivid, this small drone will delight the adventurous in search of strong emotions aircraft version. Be careful, these drones are therefore made to go fast, do acrobatic courses, etc. They ask to have a minimum of know-how when it comes to piloting. Starting with a mini drone is then the good idea to have! To make your hand, simple mini models are much less demanding and will not ask you to move to an area dedicated to racer flights. For these machines, many specialized sites highlight models such as the Hubasn X4 H107 C. Small simple handling drones whose prices are around €50 maximum (€35 at Amazon for example). For more advice in your beginnings as racer drivers, I advise you to take a look at the FPV-Spirit article.

Specialized sites are so many, how to choose the best drone?

Racer flight isn’t your cup of tea? You, your thing is to have your beginner drone to take small pictures above the sea? Okay, this is a whole different frame. To start piloting, the idea of using the mini drone remains the most relevant. Lightweight, easy to use, cheap and durable (do not run into the wall to test anyway) it will be your best friend for a few sessions.

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For your choice of mini drone, you can turn here to the French manufacturer Parrot who offers the Mambo Mission. Robust, equipped with propeller protectors (if I tell you this is a good thing), you can also find it with pretty funs accessories such as a clamp. Another flagship choice right now is the DJI Ryze Tello . A little more expensive (we find it at 89€ right now without a controller, which remains a good price for this model), this small drone drone is a very good solution to start in the flight and take aerial images! A 5 MP sensor, the possibility of filming in 720p: you have something to have fun!

The perfect budget to get started?

We stayed in relatively simple models higher. Anyway have fun around a good hundred euros. If you have a desire to go further and a larger budget, count in the 500€. Invest, for example, in the Spark model DJI (yes yes… they are pretty leader in the field, I recognize). We get out of the mini-drone but remain in the drone category for beginners despite everything. A nice little drone that will allow you to go further and higher… and make better captions with 12 Mpx and film in FHD (1080p at 30 frames per second).

Spark, a good drone to start

I bought my drone, how do I start flights?

Start by… knowing what you have the right to do with your drone! Leisure flight is not an innocuous act! In France, it is regulated because you will operate in the airspace and this requires strict rules. For your safety and that of others! And for the right steering tips? You will find very good collection here of information to have the right reflexes at the beginning of your piloting sessions on the Drone Amateur website! Good flight!