Which destination for a honeymoon?

Where to go on a honeymoon trip? What is the best honeymoon destination? If you are looking for a dream destination, a corner of paradise where to roll in the shade of coconut trees, you will find inspiration through this article of our travel blog OneDayoneTravel.

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On the program, sun and little corners of paradise not always very well known where we have had the chance to travel around the world in recent years. For each destination, you will be able to find our complete travel itineraries with included vlog videos.

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Immediate boarding for a world tour of the most beautiful countries, the most beautiful islands, the most beautiful regions we have visited in the world and where you can go on a honeymoon trip. For each destination, we give you 3 dream accommodation ideas that we tested and that could undoubtedly seduce you and your half.

1. Honeymoon Trip to Indonesia

Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is more than 18,000 islands and islets, one third of which remain uninhabited. Bali is of course the ultimate dream destination for all honeymoon travel.

We have already gone on a trip to Indonesia 4 times since 2011. We have retained 3 dream accommodations where we had the chance to sleep during our adventures and that could inspire you.

1.1. Hoshinoya Bali Resort in Ubud

The Hoshinoya Bali resort (link booking to compare) which is the first hotel in the Japanese chain to have established itself outside the Japanese lands. It offers crazy villas! Stay reserved for honeymoon trips and high budgets. We had the chance to stay there a few days in July 2017. Everything is just whaou! Here are some pictures to see the beauty of the resort which is located in the middle of the rainforest. And what a pool, what a spa, what a restaurant! Hoshinoya Bali is the most beautiful of the resorts where we slept in the world.

Hoshinoya resort, a luxurious experience in the heart of Balinese Nature.

All our tips and itineraries to travel in

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1.2. Gili Asahan Eco Lodge

This is certainly an Indonesian island that you have surely never heard of. And yet… Most travelers who visit Bali pair their stay with a few days of rest on the nearby Gilis (islands in Indonesian). Between Gili Trawangan the party, Gili Air rather family-oriented and Gili Meno rather for travelers and couples who want to enjoy sublime beaches in complete tranquility and their villa . We also make some suggestions for accommodation on these 3 islands:

All our tips for staying on Gilis

If you are looking for a more isolated Indonesian island near Bali, you should check out this blog post about Gili Asahan or the secret island . We are not in high budgets and yet Gili Asahan is a wild island with sumptuous bottoms around where you can even swim with turtles.

In addition, it sleeps very well and the Italian and Indonesian food that is served is excellent. A beautiful destination idea for a honeymoon trip.

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1.3. Rent a villa in Canggu Bali

Canggu Bali is one of the steps you are advised during a trip to Bali especially if you want to visit the south of the island of the Gods avoiding the madness of Kuta, Legian or even that of Seminyak.

We always start our stays by renting a villa in Seminyak (in a quiet area) or in Canggu which is the village just after Seminyak following the bay road.

Canggu has been changing with the construction of new villas and hotels in recent years but the atmosphere remains authentic. The landscape is still punctuated by rice fields that give a bucolic side to this seaside region. The Tanah Lot Hall of Fame is not far away, as is Ngurah International Airport.

Check out our blog post on Canggu Bali

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2. Go on a honeymoon trip to the Philippines

We stay in Southeast Asia for this second proposal of a dream destination for a honeymoon trip . Welcome to the Philippines and its 7640 islands of which less than a third are inhabited.

Travelling to the Philippines means exploring dream beaches, diving into exceptional seabed and exploring impressive landscapes like calcite cliffs plunging into the turquoise waters of Coron or El Nido, or Chocolate Hills in Bohol. It is also an opportunity to meet the smallest mammals in the world, the tarsiers .

This video is part of a playlist to find on YouTube .

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In summary, a trip to the Philippines is a trip that mixes jungle, beaches, excursions and boat tours but also a lot of transportation to book in advance. We tell you everything about our itinerary and everything you need to know to go on a honeymoon trip to the Philippines .

Tips for Travelling to the Philippines

2.1. H20 Hotel Manila

When you go on a trip to the Philippines, it’s often in Manila that everything starts and ends. We tested the H2O hotel, (link booking to compare) very original or unusual near the Intramuros district of Manila, an exciting neighborhood to explore for its colonial architecture and its atmosphere of village in the city.

Indeed, the walls of the bedroom are actually walls of a giant aquarium . Original to start his honeymoon trip to the Philippines.

City guide Manila

2.2. Bluewater resort on the island of Panglao in the Philippines

Panglao is an island located south of Bohol and connected by 2 bridges. Direction the Bluewater resort, (link booking to compare) a beachfront establishment where we would really have stayed longer .

There are several categories of accommodation at Bluewater Resort. One can stay in one of the rooms all around a large swimming pool or choose to sleep in one of the few quiet villas. in a huge garden relaxing and landscaped .

We recommend booking one of their villas with their small private pool on honeymoon. Good to know: all excursions on Bohol and Panglao can be arranged directly via the resort

Our tips for staying in Panglao and Bohol

2.3. Atmosphere resort on the island of Negros in the Philippines

The Atmosphere Resort (link booking to compare) is the ideal accommodation for honeymoon trips. If you are looking for a resort near the sea, where you can go on a boat trip to learn scuba diving with a professional or just snorkeling with sea turtles, do yoga in front of the Sea, get a massage at the spa after an unforgettable day in paradise. We forgot to tell you that staying at the Atmosphere resort is also the opportunity to share excellent cocktails and meals in a romantic seaside atmosphere.

The island of Negros is also discovered in adventure mode through hikes in the middle of the tropical jungle. You can also visit the local market and go to meet the locals .

Finally, this facility helps Filipino children who are in the greatest poverty through an association. We have been visiting them. You can also meet them and help them during your stay at the Atmosphere Resort which sponds the association.

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Check out this blog post about our stay in Negros, Philippines

3. Go on a Honeymoon Trip to the Bahamas

Of course you couldn’t miss the Bahamas, its dream beaches and crystal clear waters in this TOP honeymoon travel destinations.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and 2300 islets all as heavenly as each other. Few are accessible but those that are open the doors to heaven for you. And contrary to popular ideas, life has been abounding in the Bahamas for centuries, giving way to an impressive cultural wealth .

We visited in March 2018 the islands of San Salvador, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, the Exumas, Stocking Island and finally New Providence is home to Nassau, the capital of the archipelago. A dream trip as we wish you to live it once in your life. And why not on the occasion of a honeymoon trip?

Here are 3 properties not to be missed in the Bahamas.

3.1. Guanahani beach resort on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas

The favorite of our trip to the Bahamas: the island of San Salvador or the climax of the dream destination! You will see more in our dedicated blog post how not to crack on a beautiful villa with a refined decoration facing a sandy beach held by an adorable Italian couple and which provides kayaks to get lost in the middle of a sublime lagoon nearby.

Do you have to be really hard not to crack?

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3.2. The Landing Historic Hotel on Harbour Island

Harbour Island is an elegant island in the Bahamas because you only travel on foot or by golf cart. The island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, the Sands beach we already talked about in our TOP 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world .

But staying at Harbour Island means living at the rhythm of its people. On Sunday morning, don’t forget to join the population in one of the island’s many islands to experience a moment of sharing and unforgettable emotions around the gospel.

The island is also home to great places to eat like the historic hotel The Landing that we will let’s advise.

Choose your hotel on Harbour island

3.3. Lumina Point Resort and Spa on Stocking Island

Just across from the capital George Town on the Exumas is the small dream island called Stocking Island. No vehicles on the island. The only way to get to the island is to board a boat . It is also with the resort boat that we arrive at Lumina Point Resort and Spa. A corner of paradise that offers habitats where once inside, you feel like you’re in a boat.

The rooms are arranged slightly in height on a hill very easy to access from the pontoon, you do not hide the beauty of the landscape especially at sunset and sunrise. On the catering side, the kitchen is excellent. The property also has an incredible white sand beach.

Lumina Point resort rates and availability (link booking to compare)

4. A Honeymoon Trip Cruise Mode Expedition to Patagonia

If you are looking for an unusual and unforgettable destination for your honeymoon, then the Terra of Fire cruise between Chile and Argentina is for you and your loved one. And yes, you can have sun in the south of the American continent even if we agree that it is less guaranteed than on an island in Indonesia ^^ But what a trip!

The expedition cruise in the Land of Fire between fjords, glaciers and canals lasts 5 days. It is therefore also an opportunity to travel to Chile and Argentina because you will necessarily pass through Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

You’ll explore the southern tip of South America and more precisely a land of legends, the Patagonia of the fiftieth howling aboard this beautiful Chilean flagged liner, the Stella Australis. And hold on, the highlight of this 5-day cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia is the legendary Cape Horn !

View this blog post: Cruise in Patagonia

Here is a taste of what awaits you on video.

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5. Go on a honeymoon trip to

Quebec is a destination we have long dreamed of. Since 2016, we have made up well in 4 trips there. We have literally fallen in love with the different regions of the most French province, the Canadian provinces and the LaurentiansQuebec in particular.

Quebec can be visited all seasons outside June and July due to mosquitoes. As for northern activities and outdoor activities in Quebec, there is something for all tastes and seasons .

Under the snow and a beautiful winter blue sky, you can learn the joys of winter by snowmobile, dog sledding or snowshoeing in huge forests to meet wild animals. You can also skate on frozen lakes, enjoy well sure of the benefits of spas and northern baths and of course sleep in charming outfitters often located by the lake. Immersion in Canadian culture and authenticity guaranteed.

Under the summer blue sky, you can enjoy Quebec on the nature side by staying in outfitters. The activities are of course totally different. You can practice all the water and outdoor activities imaginable. Hiking or horseback riding, kayaking on the water or aboard a rabaska, the traditional Canadian boat, in a zip line or on a seaplane, you can experience all the sensations while travelling to Quebec.

And then there are of course Montreal and Quebec City (access to our city guides) which are 2 totally different cities and very welcoming both. 2 cities to visit absolutely during a trip Honeymoon in Quebec .

Here are some beautiful places to sleep in Quebec:

5.1. Queen Elisabeth Hotel Montreal

Our favorite hotel in Montreal. Located right in the city centre, the Fairmont Le Reine Elisabeth Hotel is a hotel that knows how to take care of its guests from welcome to small intentions in the room. The service is impeccable and the breakfast is amazing.

More information and rates on the Fairmont Le Reine Elisabeth website and do not forget to go for a tour on booking to compare hotel deals.

We talk about this and others in this blog post dedicated to hotels and apartments where we slept in Montreal.

Tips: Where to Stay in Montreal?

5.2. Hotel le château Frontenac in Quebec City

Château Frontenac is the ideal hotel for a honeymoon trip to Quebec. Just take a look at its architecture and feel like you’re going to enter the castle of a princess.

This historic hotel is the perfect image of the Fairmont Group, which manages all the historic hotels that had been built along the railway line that currently runs across Canada. Perfect service, succulent breakfasts, spacious rooms, some of which allow you to enjoy the St. Lawrence River that flows below Quebec City. Not to be missed on honeymoon trip to Quebec .

5.3. The Windigo Village in the Laurentians

Quebec and The Laurentians in particular offer charming accommodation in the middle of nature called outfitters. We have already tested a lot of them. Located by the lake in forested areas of several tens or hundreds of hectares, these accommodations invite contemplation and healing as well as outdoor activities and water activities .

Our recommendation for a honeymoon trip? The Windigo Village, which is in fact a group of upscale accommodations and also hosts weddings. All the images that can be seen in the head of Canada are gathered .

Article about our stay at the Windigo village in the Laurentians

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In conclusion of this TOP 5 honeymoon travel destinations and honeymoon trips around the world,

We once again went around the world through this blog post. Know that you can still find beautiful ideas of distant destinations and dreams in this post from our travel blog:

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