Where to spend a weekend in Paris?

When you live in Paris, the possibilities of weekends seem endless. With all airports nearby, TGV connections, national and international buses, hard not to find happiness. But where to go when you want to leave in the weekend around Paris , without going too far, while enjoying a pretty city?

I decided to offer you 21 ideas of destinations near Paris where to spend the weekend!

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Plan de l'article

1. Weekend in Provins

Provins is a fairly incredible medieval city , listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the 13th century ramparts, a dungeon, underground, a truly unique architecture and atmosphere, this is a city that is worth a visit especially if you like the photo! You will give yourself joy to heart.

How long to go? 1h24 in Transilien (line P) from Paris Gare de East.

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Where to stay? At the Demeure des Vieux Bains, a guest house with typical local charm. The hotel Aux Vieux Remparts is another good address on site.

Half-timbered houses in the upper town of Provins — Photo © Myrabella 2. Classic but effective: Deauville… or Trouville

Deauville is this great beach with its mythical promenade , the famous “Planches de Deauville”, and its colorful umbrellas. It is this city focused on horse enthusiasts. It is a great place to enjoy a thalasso not far from Paris.

Do not miss the visit to the beautiful nearby village, Trouville, more authentic and preserved , which can be reached by crossing a simple bridge.

If you don’t have time to dedicate an entire weekend to Deauville, you can offer a great experience with a Paris-Deauville flight by airplane from tourism, with free time in Deauville.

How long to go? 1h50 by train from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare.

Where to stay? The Hotel de la Côte Fleurie for moderate budgets, with its ideal location | For a more luxurious hotel, the Normandy remains a safe value… but I have a small weakness for the Manors de Tourgéville: the hotel is a little more off-center but it is very cozy, with a very nice indoor pool.

Trouville — Photo © Dennis Jarvis If you want to know more about preparing a stay on site, I wrote an article full of ideas to occupy a weekend in Deauville and another article dedicated to Trouville.

3. A weekend near Paris: the charm of Honfleur

Honfleur is located a stone’s throw from the popular Deauville… but I find it has a very different charm, keeping more of a village spirit. It is an opportunity to stroll on its pretty fishing port, discover the Old Bassin and the Enclos district , within the fortified city.

How long to go? 1h50 by train from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare (stop in Deauville station) and then a Deauville-Honfleur bus (line 20 from the bus station, about half an hour journey).

Where to stay? There is a real spoilt for choice, for small budgets as for luxury stays. On the budget side, look for example at the ibis budget Honfleur Centre. There are also quality 3 stars like L’Absinthe Hotel and La Maison De Lucie. On the top of the range, a must: the Ferme Saint-Siméon, where all the famous painters in the resort lived in Honfleur!

The Port of Honfleur You can find on the blog full of ideas to decide what to do in Honfleur.

4. Weekend from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel

Going to Mont Saint-Michel from Paris is a great weekend idea! It is located 350 kilometers from the capital. You can go there by train bus (about 2 hours for a TGV Paris-Rennes, then a little over an hour by bus).

It takes 3 to 4 hours to visit the Mont Saint Michel itself, much more if you also plan to explore the bay of Mont Saint Michel… and it’s all the interest to spend the weekend there!

I strongly advise you to book a night on site , for example at the Auberge Saint-Pierre housed in a half-timbered house from the 14th century. You can see the Mont Saint Michel in privileged conditions, early in the morning or at the end of the day after the departure of the tourist flow.

And to discover the places, you can book in advance a ticket to the abbey, visit must be done on site, but also a 3-hour walk, barefoot in the bay of Mont Saint Michel to discover its quicksand, tides and peculiarities.

The Mont Saint Michel — Photo © Davide Gabino 5. And why not Rouen?

Rouen is an absolutely superb city, with half-timbered houses , a sublime cathedral, cobbled streets and monuments not to be missed like Le Gros Horloge. Yes, the clock — next to a belfry — dates back to the 14th century, when we spoke Latin and when clock was a male word, “horologium”. The male stayed! The street that passes there (rue du Gros-Horloge) was the first pedestrian street in France.

And then, you can also visit the Jardin des Plantes and climb the 525 steps of the Côte Sainte-Catherine to enjoy a superb view of the city.

How long for go there? 1h10 by train from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare.

Where to stay? For a good value for money, head to the Ibis Rouen Champ de Mars, 20 minutes walk from the train station and 10 minutes from the city centre | For a great luxury experience in the heart of Rouen with indoor pool, head to the Bourgtheroulde Hotel.

Rouen from the Côte Sainte Catherine — Photo © Stibou5 6. Discovering Troyes

Troyes is a city of incredible architecture , you’ll take full view of it throughout your weekend (look at my guide on the city and this article about the historic Bouchon de Champagne district to get your mouth water)! There are a thousand things to observe while walking around: the Old Town and its typical facades, the many religious buildings (St. Peter St Paul’s Cathedral, St. Urban Basilica and above all the Church of St. Magdalen)… You can walk the most famous street of Troyes, the Alley of Chats, for a short return to the Middle Ages.

How long to go? 2 hours by train from Paris Gare de l’Est.

Where to stay? At Relais Saint Jean, in the heart of the historic centre of Troyes, which offers great value for money | At the Best Western Premier de La Poste & Spa, a hotel with Spa Nuxe located right in the city centre.

The Old Town of Troyes — Photo © AnniKawi 7. Weekend trip to Chartres

Paris-Chartres is less than 100 kilometers by car and there is still a city around Paris that is worth a visit. It is known for being an extremely popular pilgrimage place and some local monuments are there to testify to the affection of Christians for Charters: the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and its medieval stained glass windows, for example; Saint Peter whose oldest traces date back to the 7th century.

The architecture is also very nice, with local sights like the Maison du Salmon and its half-timbered!

How long to go? From an hour by car (depending on traffic!) or 1h15 by train from Paris Montparnasse.

Where to stay? Hard to make a selection of accommodation in Chartres so there are nice and reputable addresses! Here you can see the rates of the quality hotels and bed and breakfasts in Chartres.

For a wellness weekend without a headache, there is for example the Hotel Spa Grand Monarque, a 5-minute walk from the train station and the cathedral, with an indoor swimming pool. If you like bed and breakfast, take a look at L’Escale en Couleur, easy to reach on foot from the train station and 400 meters from the cathedral. The Cathedral Garden, overlooking the Cathedral (and garden, you may have guessed it!) is also a renowned guest house.

Chartres, on the banks of the Eure — Photo © Patrick Giraud 8. A weekend in Étretat

Étretat is really a perfect city for a 2-day weekend around Paris, you can also stay there a little longer if you are going to discover the Norman coast. On site, we eat very well, there are sublime cliffs to discover as well as very poetic landscaped gardens. Do not hesitate to read my article full of photos and good addresses to know what to do in Etretat!

How to go? By car, Étretat is about 200 km from Paris so there is often a 2h30 ride (depending on traffic conditions). Access is more complicated by public transport: a train to the Bréauté-Beuzeville or Le Havre train station (1h50 to 2:10 journey) then a taxi or a bus to Etretat (about twenty kilometers away).

Where to stay? Here you can see all the rates for hotels and bed and breakfast. My favorite is the Castel De La Terrasse, with sea view and fireplace to dine by the fire in winter.

Cliff from Aval to Etretat 9. Go to Disneyland Paris

How to go on a weekend near Paris while feeling like being in another world ? All you have to do is cross the Disneyland grid. There are those who love and those who hate… but it has the merit of disconnecting completely from everyday life!

I spent whole weekends at one time thanks to my annual Dream pass, I had to test almost all the restaurants… Between attractions, parades, sets where we constantly discover new details, we do not get bored!

How long to go? 45 minutes by RER (line A) from Châtelet-les-Halles.

Where to stay? If you have the budget, the Disneyland Hotel without hesitation for its perfect location at the entrance of the park and its lovely pool to relax! Otherwise, here you can see prices for hotels near Disneyland.

Also remember to book your 1-day 2 park ticket in advance or a ticket for 2, 3 or 4 days to fully enjoy the park.

Disneyland Paris — Phantom Manor 10. A weekend around Paris… and why not in Versailles?

Versailles, Versailles, everyone knows his castle… but there is much to spend a full weekend there! The visit of the castle and gardens easily takes a whole day . Start from the inside at the very beginning of the morning to limit the crowd (if you can’t avoid it) then explore the gardens, the King’s vegetable garden, the Little Trianon…

The next day, you can discover Versailles and its neighborhoods like the Notre-Dame neighborhood, or walk in one of the nearby forests (Marly Forest, Fausses-Reposes State Forest).

Remember to book a skip-the-line ticket with guided tour of the Palace of Versailles in advance or, if you don’t like guided tours, a ticket with audio guide to visit at your own pace.

On Saturdays and Sundays, it is also possible to attend an equestrian show proposed by L’Académie du spectacle equestrian in the Grande Écurie Manège of the Château de Versailles. You can book online here. After the show, you can spend about twenty minutes in the stables.

How long to go? 45 minutes by RER (line C) from Saint-Michel Notre-Dame.

Where to stay? Trianon Palace, facing the castle, with its swimming pool, spa and restaurant opened by Chef Gordon Ramsay | The Sofitel Le Louis Château de Versailles, 5 minutes walk from the castle… and a 2-minute walk from the Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche RER, convenient for an easy break without a car from Paris | The Hôtel du Cheval Rouge for limited budgets, halfway between the RER and the Château de Versailles | Bed in Versailles — Villa de la Piece d’Eau des Suisses if you prefer the guest rooms a little more intimate. A tip: book VERY early because the hotels closest to the castle are sometimes stormed several months in advance.

The Orangery of the Palace of Versailles — Photo © Panoramas 11. A weekend in Chantilly

Chantilly is a convenient base for a thousand reasons: go visit the Parc Asterix, which is just 20 kilometres away; discover the Chantilly Castle, the Grandes Écuries and the surrounding park with its “Vegetable garden of the Princes”, half animal park, half botanical garden… It is a city oriented towards nature lovers, with many possible horseback rides, the Chantilly Forest and the Ponds de Commelle that are located there.

How long to go? 25 minutes by train from Paris Gare du Nord.

Where to stay? Chantilly is the perfect place for a weekend cocooning with two ideal luxury addresses: the Château Hôtel Mont Royal, with spa and indoor pool; the Auberge du Jeu de Paume, with indoor pool, located less than 10 minutes walk from Chateau de Chantilly.

Another address to consider is the Hyatt Regency Chantilly. Last year, you were several to book in this hotel, which has a magnificent indoor pool, and give me good echoes, so I decided to integrate it into this selection!

The Chantilly Forest — Photo © David Baron 12. A weekend in Reims

If you like champagne, historical monuments and especially champagne religious buildings (cathedral, basilica), Reims should please you! In addition to discovering the city, you can make a real tour of the great houses of Champagne: Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Pommery, Mumm and Taittinger to name a few!

If you don’t want to manage logistics or do not have a car, you can watch this full day of discovery of champagne: in a small group of up to 8 people, it allows you to discover from Reims the Champagnes Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon and Taittinger.

How long to go? 45 minutes by train from Paris Gare de l’Est.

Where to stay? The Holiday Inn Reims Centre offers a good value for money, with a big plus: a restaurant with panoramic views of the city and especially on the cathedral. You can also take a look at the Logis Hôtel Au Tambour, a 10-minute walk from the city centre, which has a small heated outdoor pool.

The Palace of Justice of Reims — Photo © Referee Book 13. A weekend between Gisors and Giverny

Gisors, in Normandy, is also a point of interest for a weekend around Paris. The city itself has a beautiful castle , where the Templars could have, it is said, hide their treasure. It can also be the starting point for walks in the Vexin, about fifteen kilometres away. Choose rather for a wellness and oxygenation stay!

It is also worth pushing to Giverny to discover the property of Claude Monet , with his water garden that inspired the painter. The visit itself is usually the matter of a few hours so can easily combine with a stay in Gisors: both places are located about forty kilometers from each other.

If you don’t have time to spend a whole weekend at these places, there are tours to Giverny from Paris (see rates and availability here). Some combine Giverny and the Château de Versailles.

How to go? By Transilien (line J) in approximately 1h35 from Paris Saint-Lazare train station; by car, count 1h30 (depending on traffic conditions) from Paris.

Where to stay? A stay in Gisors offers the opportunity to think about oneself… so take a look at the Domaine des Prés du Hom, 5km from Gisors: a beautiful 19th century residence on the edge of a stream | Le Château de la Râpée, 5km from Gisors also, with its outdoor pool and good table | The B&B Le Puits D’angle which has a indoor pool and a very welcoming decor, 9 km from Gisors.

Gisors in Normandy — © Tristan Nitot 14. Leading the life of a castle in Vaux-le-Vicomte

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is famous… and it is located about 50 kilometres from Paris only! The full castle tour can take a day if you take the time to discover both the interior and the French gardens. From spring to early autumn, Vaux-le-Vicomte also organizes candlelight evenings, where the castle is lit by a few thousand candles.

You can also make a jump to Melun, especially to discover an unusual museum: the National Gendarmerie Museum!

I devoted a long article to visiting the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte.

If you like to lead the castle life, there are also excursions from Paris that combine a day tour of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte and that of the Château de Fontainebleau (see prices and dates available here).

How to go? By car, from Paris, the journey takes about 50 minutes (depending on traffic conditions). You can also reach it by public transport by taking the Transilien line P from Gare de l’Est in Paris, the journey takes approximately 35-40 minutes to the station of Verneuil l’Etang, where shuttles serve the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in certain seasons.

Where to stay? At the very pretty Closerie des Trois Marottes, guest rooms full of charm in Melun.

The beauty of the castle of Nicolas Fouquet 15. Weekend disconnection in Fontainebleau

Want nature, fresh air, walks in the forest? Direction Fontainebleau, for a weekend of disconnection! We can walk, go for walks riding in the forest, go relax at the spa Les Bains de Marrakech…

You can book your skip-the-line ticket to the castle in advance.

How to go? Fontainebleau is less than an hour from Paris via the A6 motorway. It can also be reached by train, via the Transilien line R from Paris Gare de Lyon. The journey takes less than 40 minutes. Then there is a bus to reach the castle.

Where to stay? At l’Aigle Noir Hotel, 18th century residence located 100 meters from Fontainebleau Castle | At the Hotel de Londres, less than 5 minutes walk from Fontainebleau Forest and Castle | A La Demeure Du Parc, which is also a stone’s throw from the forest and the castle.

The castle of Fontainebleau — © Phillip Grondin 16. A weekend in Brussels

And why not Belgium? It only takes 1h22 to reach Brussels from the Gare du Nord in Paris, what to change air easily during a weekend in Brussels . The typical Flemish architecture, the Grand Place, many museums, you don’t risk getting bored!

On site, you can book a guided tour with a local to stock up on good addresses and anecdotes about the city… or plan a day trip to Bruges, a city with crazy charm!

How to go? In Thalys, the train is direct from Paris Gare du Nord and arrives at Brussels Midi station in 1h22. The city is then very easy to visit by public transport.

Where to stay? The Le Seventeenth Hotel is often an excellent value for money and is located right in the centre of Brussels, a 2-minute walk from the Grand Place | For a larger budget, Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo is an excellent choice, located halfway between Manneken-Pis and the Grand Place, right in the center.

The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium 17. Direction Dijon!

It is very easy to reach Dijon to spend a weekend near Paris without spending too much time on transport. The city has a lot to offer visitors: located in the heart of the beautiful Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region , it is known for its gastronomic heritage (the famous mustard but also the cream of blackcurrant of Dijon, among others) and its beautiful architecture. Climb to the top of the Philippe le Bon Tower for a panorama that dominates the city!

You can also make a jump to Beaune , her neighbor, about 40 kilometers away. Very pretty walled town, you can visit the Mustard Fallot, an institution!

There are walking tours of Dijon at a very low price, convenient to get acquainted with the city upon arrival. If you have more time and budget, the agency Authentica Tours offers 5 hours of stroll around Dijon, to discover the most beautiful cities and sights of the area: Semur-en-Auxois, the Abbey of Fontenay classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain…

And if you like oenology, you can leave for 7 hours of discovery of the Route des Grands Crus of Burgundy (prices and availability here) with tasting of 9 to 12 wines and visit Beaune. There is also a lighter version of this release, over a duration of 5 hours and with tasting of 5 to 7 wines (see prices and dates here).

How to go? The TGV Lyria connects the Gare de Lyon to Paris to the train station of Dijon in just 1h34, ideal even on a short weekend!

Where to stay? The beautiful Vertigo hotel, right in the centre of Dijon, promises a stay full of pleasure with its indoor pool and spa Nuxe. It is less than 10 minutes walk from the train station | For small budgets, the Hôtel des Halles offers good value for money, 10 minutes walk from the train station and next to the city center!

Place du Bareuzai in Dijon 18. A weekend in Brittany… in Rennes

You’re going to say, “You’re doing off-topic, we said a weekend around Paris and you talk to us about Brittany.” Or, worse still: “Ah, it’s the Parisians, to believe that all of France is revolving around Paris”. Well not at all… On the other hand, the TGV has significantly shortened travel times and Rennes is only a flea jump from Paris !

What a better opportunity than to spend a weekend in Brittany! Rennes has a pretty historic center, parks, museums, good restaurants and bars to go out… all bathed in Breton culture!

How to go? The TGV takes you from Gare Montparnasse to Rennes in 1h25.

Where to stay? The Hotel de Nemours has a very good location in the center, close to a metro, to visit everything easily, with a budget per night usually correct if you take it in advance | Watch also carefully Le Sévigné, it is very easy to access on foot from the train station and very well placed, in the city center | For generous budgets, direction without hesitation the BW Premier Collection Le Saint Antoine Hotel and Spa, a stone’s throw from the train station and the city center.

Palais Saint Georges in Rennes 19. Lyon, a city that has a lot to offer

We stay less than 2 hours by train from Paris, who would have thought it? Well, certainly, 1h57 so we still start to move away a little;) Nevertheless, how to pass by Lyon? It’s almost frustrating to stay there for a weekend, by the way, so it’s better to keep the destination for an extended weekend or a full week.

A superb old town, many museums, the famous Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière on the hill of the same name, the Roman Theaters of Fourvière, the extraordinary trompe-l’oeil of the Mur Des Canuts, the Traboules… not to mention a gourmet gastronomy and what to go out throughout the year. Impossible to dream better for a weekend full of discoveries !

To save time and fully enjoy your weekend, you can book a guided walking tour with a local: for 2 to 6 hours depending on your choice, he will concoct you a program according to your expectations and share with you his tips and good addresses to discover the city.

Note that there is a City Pass in Lyon (bookable here): you choose the duration (between 1 and 4 days) and you have free access to transport in common, 23 museums and a cruise on the Saône.

How to go? The TGV, again, to catch at the Gare de Lyon (that of Paris!) to get to Lyon train station (that of Lyon!). To lose his Latin… but in 1h57, the turn is played!

Where to stay? Too many great hotels in Lyon to quote them all, I advise you to take a look at these lodgings highly appreciated by travelers!

Among the very good addresses on site are the Hotel de l’Abbaye, a 4-star hotel in the city center | Le Jardin de Beauvoir, a quality bed & breakfast located in Old Lyon.

Weekend near Paris: why not Lyon — Photo © Net Circlion 20. East, direction Strasbourg

One last suggestion for the road, the pretty Strasbourg whose architecture makes me crack! The district of Petite France, the Cathedral, museums dedicated to the city and Alsace, some of the many good reasons to visit Strasbourg!

Strasbourg gains a touch of magic in addition to the holiday season, with its magnificent Christmas market .

Strasbourg offers visitors a Strasbourg Pass, valid for 3 days : it gives you access to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg and its astronomical clock, a cruise on the Ill, a free admission to a museum and 50% on the second. You can buy the pass online here.

The city is also an excellent starting point for excursions in the area .

  • Discover the beautiful villages of Ribeauvillé, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg and Eguisheim on this full-day tour from Strasbourg.
  • Or opt for this somewhat different route passing through the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg and Colmar.

Of course, if you have a car, you will have more freedom to go explore the surroundings of Strasbourg!

How to go? Just take the train at Gare de l’Est in Paris and 1h48 later, your feet will be able to walk the ground of Strasbourg for a well-deserved weekend!

Where to stay? LIFE RENAISSANCE — New Concept aparthotel, right in the heart of the Petite France district, are perfect for visiting the city | If you prefer a hotel, don’t miss the Golden Tulip, which allows you to do everything on foot and offers indoor pool and wellness centre | Finally, for a luxury stay, head to MGallery By Sofitel Cour du Crow: The hotel is built in a renovated 16th century building, a 5-minute walk from Strasbourg Cathedral.

Weekend in Strasbourg — Photo © Valentin R. 21. One weekend in Lille

I lived in Lille a few years ago… and it’s a very good weekend idea not far from Paris. Go and discover the pretty Grand Place, stroll through the streets of Old Lille with its typical architecture… You can also climb to the top of the belfry of the Town Hall (which is the highest in Europe with 104 meters high) for a breathtaking view of the city.

Lille is also rich in museums, especially for art lovers, and on Sundays you can take a tour of the Wazemmes Grand Market.

On site, you can book a guided walking tour of the Old Lille to learn a host of anecdotes about the city (prices and availability here)

How long to go? 1h05 by train from Paris Gare du Nord.

Where to stay? L’Arbre Voyageur, a charming hotel in Old Lille with very Modern and delicious breakfast | Hotel Kanaï, right in the centre, to do everything on foot | La Valiz, a very modern decor hotel ideally located between the train station and the Old Lille | L’Hermitage Gantois, for a luxury stay in a 15th century building located 10 minutes walk from Old Lille, with spa and indoor pool.

Rue Saint-François in Lille — © Velvet Want to know more? I told about a day spent in Lille on the blog, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city!

Here, we come to the end of this list that could have continued for a long time so many pretty cities to discover. I hope it will give you ideas for organizing a weekend not far from Paris. If you want to take advantage of your stay to discover Airbnb accommodations , do not hesitate to use my referral link: you will have up to 34€ discount if you book for the first time with your email address. A useful boost to control your budget! Come on, when do we book?