Where to put a chatbot?

Where are we going to end up?! The robots will steal our work! Cit. Middle Italian

Yeah, that’s right, dear Italian Middle. If I were you, however, I would not talk about it in the future, because this perspective is already present. In fact, it is increasing more and more. All we have to do is make friends, these robots. Today I want to talk to you about one of the many Facebook news of recent times: the Chatbots.

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A Chatbot is an extension to the messaging functionality of your Facebook page. The Chatbot could be defined as your virtual assistant, who can support a conversation through Facebook Messenger with the users of your Fanpage completely automatically 24 hours a day, allowing you to focus on other higher value-added activities. Who worked in customer care, like I did in past, he knows how frustrating it is to always answer the usual questions of users. So why not get a Chatbot that does it for us in real time? You can also combine a Chatbot with a Facebook Ads Messenger campaign for stunning results (it depends on the goal, and your target), I’ll talk more about it in detail in this video. If you’re reading this guide, you probably manage one or more Facebook pages, yours or your customers. With this guide I want to save you from the many € thirsty ‘crows’ who want to speculate on everything, and who are out there right now with the hope of providing you with magical solutions or courses FOR A FEE to create a Chatbot, which can be implemented totally free of charge What are Facebook Chatbots? . And also pretty easily. Yes, you got it right, 100% FREE and in just 10 minutes. Obviously, it is possible to implement a Chatbot so easily thanks to a service online that I found, and that I think it is useful to share with anyone who wants to take advantage of this ‘virtual assistant’ on their Facebook page.

How to Create a Facebook Chatbot? Step 1

Go to www.chatfuel.com and click on ‘Get started for free’ or ‘Log In’ at the top right. From here, simply follow the steps indicated to log in through your Facebook account and choose the page to link to the service.

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Step 2

Now that you are on the Dashboard, click on “ ” symbol to create a new Bot.

In the next step you can create a Chatbot starting from the sample templates :

  • Skeens Steakhouse: content rich template.
  • Bot tutorial: template with all the various features that you can implement.
  • TechCrunch: a template similar to TechCrunch’s Chatbot, to discover RSS, search for content, and more.
  • Blank Chatbot: template without content, to start building your Chatbot from scratch.

For this example, I choose the Tutorial Bot. Thanks to this template you will have the opportunity to explore all the features that can be implemented for your new virtual assistant.

Step 3 — Structure

What you see on the left is the Chatfuel menu that you see on the left: we will focus mainly on the first two sections, Build (now replaced with Automate) and Set up AI. In the Automate section you can structure the conversation of your Chatbot. Then decide on the welcome message, set up quick responses, insert links. Blocks: Blocks make up the real structure of the conversation. The blocks are ‘answers’ that are given to the user and can be linked to links in the other blocks. Welcome message: This is the welcome block, set the message that the user will see at the beginning of the conversation with the bot. You can add links to the welcome message or other elements such as images, default answers or plugins to connect the tool to others such as Zapier, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Chatfuel itself provides an example of the various blocks that can be created and connected to a link:

Sequence: a great novelty introduced is the Automations. Now your Bot can behave just like an automatic responder of email services like Active Campaign, Mailchimp, etc. you can create a sequence of predefined messages, and define how often a given message will be sent.

Step 4 — Artificial intelligence

Once you have created the structure of your conversation using blocks, and then creating the various links between the contents, all you have to do is set up Artificial Intelligence, that is, a mechanism automatic that recognizes what the user asks for and provides a relevant response. In the Set up AI section, you can enter default responses following user requests that contain certain terms. For example, if the phrase written by the user is the word ‘shipment’ or ‘delivery’, the Chatbot will give an answer explaining all the details of the shipment, such as in this example:

And here it is in the practice:

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* Chatfuel 2018 Updates *

Grow section

During 2017 and 2018, Chatfuel significantly increased the range of automations and functions. In particular, the navigation menu on the left has been added the ‘Grow’ section, in which you can find different tools to bring traffic to your Bot in Messenger and then grow your list. Here’s what you can do: “Customer Chat Plugin for your website” allows you to insert a Plugin with a sort of ‘live chat’ within your web pages. Whoever writes from there will connect to your Bot on Messenger, and then start a new conversation.

“Acquire users from comments” allows you to automatically send a message personal to people who comment on the posts on the page. It’s cool, huh? 🙂 “Acquire users from your website” allows you to insert a button on your website through which to send material through Messenger to visitors. For example, you can propose a free guide, downloadable through Messenger. Another way to get permission to contact your visitors, and avoid losing them forever! 🙂

* A guide will be published soon with all the news and the new graphics of Chatfuel *

Now all you have to do is try to build the Chatbot for your Facebook page. You can really indulge and give space to imagination: thanks to the beautiful free service, rich in functionality, provided by Chatfuel you have the opportunity to experiment with different types of conversations with yours users! Don’t forget to let me know how it went… Until next time! And now… all you have to do is start to practice! As a first step, I recommend that start with these 2 FREE LESSONS a BONUS document taken from my brand-new “Pay Per Click for Small Medium Businesses” course. Go here and request them for free: https://www.fabiofaccin.com/lezioni-gratis-ppc-per-pmi/