When and why do a car drain ?

Maintenance of a car first involves regular emptying . This may sound harmless, but it contributes greatly to your safety. It’s not a thing to do when you’re in a good mood or when it’s sunny. When and why do the emptying of a car? We answer you.

Why is emptying important?

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Draining a car is very simple; it consists in replacing engine oil. Draining is important in that it improves the longevity of your engine. In addition, it also improves its performance. The engine of a vehicle is an assembly of diverse parts: pistons, valves, camshafts, connecting rods. These parts interact to ensure the smooth running of a car. In order for these parts to work perfectly, it is necessary that they are well lubricated : this is the role of engine oil.

To perform this function, engine oil must be changed regularly. Otherwise, it will become fouled. The consequence of such a state is the inefficiency of parts and the appearance of certain rubbing. In the long run, these friction can cause damage to the engine. To avoid such a situation, then regularly make your emptying.

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Indeed, this has many advantages:

  • Reducing the risk percentage for engine damage;
  • Prevents gripping dirt, dust around your engine and adjacent parts
  • A perfect remedy to slow down engine rust. Being in contact with moisture for a long time, the engine is not immune from rust;
  • A prevention for overheating of the engine. Indeed, the damage it generates is irreparable. This kind of repair is expensive;
  • Draining a car also retains power and ensures the longevity of your engine.

When do the emptying of his car?

This is the first question to ask, if the maintenance of your car is really important to you. Generally speaking, car manufacturers will tell you every year or every ten thousand to thirty thousand kilometers. Certainly, but this is not a unanimous recommendation, it varies from one car manufacturer to another and from one vehicle to another. In other words, the emptying must be made according to the number of kilometres traveled during the week, month or year. All considered, do it at least once a year is moresafe!