What’s the best chatbot?

We’ve already told you about chatbots and their functions, but how can they be really useful to companies beyond their different functions? Let’s discover together some of the best Italian chatbots. What makes chat bots a truly innovative invention and above all what is the competitive advantage they can bring to companies that decide to employ them and integrate them into their activities?

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order to make you better understand the potential of a tool such as chat bots, we will bring you, for example, some uses that have been made among the companies in our territory that you will are made use of the help of Italian chat bots In .

They are certainly a tool that has not yet reached its full potential, in fact we are proud to be one of the first agencies to deal entirely with development and creation. of chat Italian bots .

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Although they are not at the peak of fame they are certainly very much used , so many sites have rudimentary chat bots with very basic capabilities.

Who knows how many times you have happened to meet a chat bot browsing your favorite online stores !

However, often these chat bots are poorly developed and do not cover a cent of the functions and complexity that a chatbot worthy of the name can boast.

In this article we will show you what are the main skills of chatbots, comparing them with the advantages that they have managed to bring to Italian companies that own the best chatbots present in the Italian market .

But let’s go step by step to find out how chat bots were born , how they work precisely and what are the competitive advantages they can bring. and, above all, because the Italian market would benefit.

First of all: what are chat bots? When did they arrive in the Italian market?

The concept behind chat bots (or chatbots) is very simple. In fact, the chatbot consists of an algorithm, or a software that communicates with you. Somehow comparable to a virtual assistant prepared on certain topics that can provide you with automated support if you need it.

The name is already quite explanatory of the functions of Chat Bot .

From English Chat, which means talking, chatting and bots, robots then. In fact, our interlocutor is not a woman or a real man, but a robot, an automaton, an automated mechanical component to interface with the requests of a human.

In fact, with this virtual robot We can have conversations, we can chat, talk, get answers to specific questions, get updates, and more.

But this only happens if the chatbot was developed in the best way .

The best Italian chat bots in fact consist of a complex network of possible beat and response schemes to better adapt to the conversation in progress.

To make the conversation more ‘human’ .

But we’ll talk about this later. When are chatbots born ?

We will all remember the early versions of Word, here in those worksheets was presenting one of the first and most popular chatbots . Do you know who we’re talking about?

That’s right! Clippy, the paperclip that popped up on the edge of the page and offered to give you assistance.

As basic as it is rudimentary that was one of the first chatbots to show up in the world and gain wide popularity.

However, Mark Zuckerberg gave authoritativeness to this instrument when, at one of the annual conferences with developers, he introduced messenger chatbots to the world. Software that use Facebook’s messaging service as an interface to perform a detailed and predetermined set of tasks .

What are the tasks that a chatbot can generally carry out ?

Considering that they are software built on artificial intelligence, they can simulate an intelligent conversation with those who activate them, so they can be used for the most different goals.

In addition, they can use not only Messenger, but all major platforms of messaging , such as Slack and Telegram.

The most common tasks these messenger bots can perform range from customer care to disseminating offers, or promotions and news. They can activate a specific service or provide assistance with buying on an e-commerce.

The feature that however makes these chatbots unique and advantageous to those who decide to use them and their complete autonomy and constant presence.

Active 24 hours a day .

We could see modern chatbots as personal and personalized automated robot secretaries , which are also free and scalable, who can carry out a wide spectrum of activities: from giving information on the weather situation until you buy the correct pair of shoes.

Let’s start from the basics: how do we choose the best Italian chatbots?

I The best Italian chatbots represent the real meeting point between the most popular messaging app in the world and artificial intelligence.

If we think that more than 2 billion messages are exchanged every month on Messenger every day, both between people and companies, it will be easier for us to understand how the impact of these is substantial. software on the market how significant their impact on the economy can be.

Many companies, the most advanced, have in fact already seize this hidden potential and have started to develop the first Italian chatbots on their sites for on-site assistance, apps based on the concept of chat robots related to their specific brand or elaborate chat bots that contact potential leads directly on Facebook Messenger for highly effective re-marketing operations.

If a company knows that its customers using Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger cannot ignore the need to adapt their communication to these tools. Many still rely on email marketing over chat bots, but we know there are differences between the two methods of communication .

A chatbot could provide assistance to each customer, or potential customer, at any time and without the need for human intervention. This allows businesses to retain customer loyalty faster and more easily.

The best Italian chat bots that we will see in the next paragraph are all those chat bots that reflect the characteristics described above.

I’m not an app, an addition that the customer hardly decides to download. Therefore, not an essential, but an implementation to an already widely used tool, Facebook Messenger.

They are virtual assistants who, if properly programmed, can cover all those needs of intervention with a user covering a spectrum of action ranging from requesting information on the weather situation ordering takeaway with a message, passing through information on events until you get discounts or book tables at the restaurant or cinema seats.

What are the Italian chat bots that bring the most benefit to companies and customers?

In Italy, some of the major institutions have chatbots and now we will quickly analyze the 5 most popular Italian chatbots in our country.

The first of the Italian chatbots we will tell you about is the chatbot of the company that most of all is close to moms and dads: we are talking about the ChatBot Fissan. This auto assistant is capable to provide advice and helpful tips to parents who need support in caring for their children.

Another Chat Bot Messenger that probably many would have had the opportunity to use is that of Meteo.it. With a few messages it is in fact possible to obtain detailed and reliable indications on the weather conditions of any location, wherever you are.

For sports enthusiasts, however, could not miss a dedicated chat bot. The TV channel that is responsible for keeping us updated on the situation of Italian sports has developed its personal chat bot, that of Fox Sport Italia. Thanks to this software it is possible to obtain information about sporting events, news and updates regarding all the major leagues and rankings, plus all the news most hot in the world of sports.

How not to mention the chat instead bot of the largest Italian information site, La Repubblica , able to keep us updated in real time with news from all over the world.

Finally, an all-Italian successful start-up, Alfonsino. A project active in many cities that aims to collect orders and deliveries from the best restaurants simply with a chat on their Messenger chat bots.

In short, there are already many Italian chat bots that we have not mentioned in this article, but we are sure that in the coming years there will be more and more potential and more and more potentialities extraordinary.

What are you waiting for?

Deploy your business now with a chat bot and watch your customers grow dramatically!