What topics of conversation to discuss with a girl ?

Today you will discover the main topics of conversation to use with a girl to flirt with her.

Between apps, dating sites, evenings with friends, parks, on the street or in the bar.

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There is always an opportunity to meet a beautiful girl to flirt.

Here are some ideas that can help you seduce a woman.

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Talk about trips

Would there be better topic to talk with a girl than the one on the trip?

Especially in summer, the opportunity is conducive to it in any case.

The summer season is an invitation to escape, to travel.

So you can take advantage of it to evoke one of your fabulous trips to this girl you want to seduce.

Talk about it by putting emotion in it.

Every word, every sentence, should invite him to discover this place where you have been. Tell him about your vacation, the different destinations you’ve been to.

Then you can easily find the way to express your feeling to him.

Talking about leisure

Hobbies are a topic of conversation that you can start with a girl.

You told him about your vacation.

Maybe it’s time to allow her to talk about her too so as not to look narcissistic.

Ask him what his hobbies are, the things that please him.

This will allow you to learn more about this girl that interests you so much.

You will be able to bounce back every time something marks you so that you have more details.

By letting her talk about her, you’ll make her notice that you show some interest in him.

Talking about dreams

It’s not about telling him about the nightmare you had the day before or telling him that you dreamed of this encounter!

Talk about your dreams and let her tell you about her. This is a topic of conversation to talk about with a girl.

With humor, you can ask her what dream she would like to see come true if you had the power to make it real.

For example, you would say to him, “If I were a magician and I had the power to fulfill your dream, what would you like? If she answers, for example, “go to the other end of the world”, you can add up to it “I see myself being the king and you, my queen”.

Talking about couple

Talking about a couple during a conversation with a girl you want to hitch does not mean making her a marriage proposal.

Evoking with her relations between men and women.

You may have had experiences, your friends too, or people you know.

There are many anecdotes you can find here to make the discussion with her.

However, avoid telling her about your failures in love as if you want her to complain about you.

This might bring your odds down.

You will find over the course of the discussion, a way to introduce if she would see you both as a couple.

These were some topics of conversation to discuss in order to hit on a girl.

You can also talk about sports, childhood, sex, etc.