What tights to wear with a black dress?

The little black dress… each has its own in her dressing room. It is a timeless outfit that can be worn for any occasion. But here, it’s sometimes a puzzle to find out which color of tights to associate with a black dress . Here are some fashion tips that will help you perfect your look.

Tights and black dress, a winning match

Do you like your dress, but you don’t know what tights to wear it with?

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Be aware that, regardless of the season, you can always compose this look. Tights have the advantage of highlighting your legs and giving more chic to your outfit. In winter, they are definitely the essential accessory for you to wear a dress or skirt while keeping your prawns warm.

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Black blends with everything. On the other hand, the sticky composition with black dress is not unanimous. Choose your tights function of the style of the dress. It is obvious that you will not be able to wear the same models with an evening outfit and another intended for going to work.

In order to create a modern and stylish look , it should be remembered that the tights and the black dress are both complementary. If you choose a basic dress, the tights will be the accessory that will bring more pep to the ensemble. Conversely, an eccentric outfit will preferably incorporate a more classic tights.

Harmonize a pantyhose with a black dress

For a black dress, colored tights are safe values that allow you to add a little cheerfulness to the outfit, even when chosen opaque. If you like sobriety, the 80D Bordeaux Tights from VOG Store is the perfect example. To vary textures, opt for Soft Hot models. They are available in different colours: grey, navy and brown. They suitable for a choice of light or flowing clothing to achieve the contrast of materials.

Dare the total black look

Be trendy in a total black look! For this, it is essential to unveil a little skin. Thus, you bring more light into the outfit. For a very covered and closed dress, the thin tights will avoid the mass effect and blues blow. With a short or neckline dress, the opaque tights are more suitable to stay in subtlety.

If you want to bring modernity and glam to a pantyhose with your outfit, bet on fantasy. It allows you to get out of the ordinary and vary the looks. Of course, it is necessary to adapt the choice of patterns according to the context. To guarantee style and elegance, the bib tights are a versatile model. It goes well with pumps or sneakers.

Pantyhose with a black dress can be worn in different ways according to your dress style. The rule is simple: it is necessary to reveal enough not to tamp, but not too much to avoid lavulgarity.