What product to put in an Intex pool?

When talking about maintenance of a pool, you need to know what exactly we’re talking about. The maintenance of a pool is necessary, even for swimming pools that have a self-cleaning system (filters, robots). Care must be taken to act on 2 fronts:

  • put in place preventive accessories to limit dirt, such as protective tarpaulins or effective filtration systems
  • regularly clean the liner, with suitable accessories to prevent damage

However, for the complete maintenance of a pool, it is necessary to have adequate equipment. Without this basic equipment, you would not be able to properly maintain your Intex pool. Let’s see together what these cleaning accessories we will need to thoroughly clean our Intex pool.

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Swimming pool cleaning accessories

For cleaning your pool, you will need to take products soft, non-aggressive. It is necessary to avoid all that is abrasive at the risk of damaging everything very quickly. Here are the basic tools you will need to clean your pool:

  • Special liner sponge (you can just as well use a conventional non-abrasive sponge)
  • Pool cleaning brush: this is a suitable brush, attached to the end of a telescopic pole. Use this brush to rub the bottom or sides of the pool
  • The pool robot (or pool vacuum cleaner): as the name suggests will allow you to clean the water and bottom of your pool

Steps of pool cleaning

To clean up your above-ground pool, you can follow the following steps to guide you.

  1. Clean the surface of the water: Remove floating leaves every day to the surface of the water using a telescopic handle landing net.
  2. Clean the water line: the water line (around the water that marks the inner turn of your pool) must be cleaned once a week. For this, you will need to take the sponge previously advised to remove dirt. Do not rub too vigorously at the risk of damaging the liner.
  3. Clean the walls and bottom: Using a telescopic handle cleaning brush, also clean the bottom and sides of the pool once a week.
  4. Clean filters: If you have skimmer or pump pre-filter filters, you will need to clean them every time they are loaded, so as not to damage your filtration. Do not wait until they are clogged.

Finally, if manual cleaning is not enough, you can use products for that it is perfect. Be careful to read however the documentation of the products you use, check that it is compatible with your type of pool and occupants!

Cleaning after wintering

After reassembling your pool in the spring, before it restart, it will be necessary to do a small cleaning of the pool. Pass the broom brush in order to rid the liner of all impurities. Do this well before getting started, at the risk of clogging your pump filter.

Your above-ground pool requires as much maintenance as a buried pool. It is essential to do the maintenance regularly. In any case, I recommend that you avoid leaving your pool in place for the winter, not only to limit the acceleration of its aging, but also to avoid having to put aggressive products to catch up with the water that will have crouched in your pelvis.

To go further

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  • Know the swimming pool regulations to avoid unpleasant surprises!