What jacket with golden dress?

Gold is a timeless classic in fashion. Years pass, but it still remains present in many collections. Do you think it is not possible to wear gold in everyday life and that it is a color reserved for special occasions? Not necessarily! To wear gold well, only one rule: do not overdo it, you must bet on simplicity. Here are all my tips to find the right gold balance in your outfits according to your morphology. Promise, you willdare to wear gold!

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Article Summary

  • How to Wearing Gold: The 3 Golden Rules
  • With what to wear gold: the
    • Wear du Doré looks, yes, but not in all circumstances
  • Good Wear Gold: Shoes and Accessories
    • Other examples Golden Shoes and Golden Accessories
      • Flat Gold Sandals
      • Golden sandals with
      • heels Golden pumps Golden
    • bag Golden
    • belt
    • Golden jewelry
  • How to wear gold according to its morphology?
    • Wearing golden: Morphology in A
    • Wear of gold: Morphology in H
    • Wear of gold: Morphology in V
    • Wear of gold: Morphology in X
  • Make-up and golden

How to Wear Gold: The 3 Golden Rules

  1. Opt for a single golden piece in an outfit
  2. Do not confuse glitter (or sequin) and gold
  3. Adapt its golden look according to the circumstance (day or evening look)

Do you want to wear gold ? You are right, because the gold is timeless and it always ends up pointing at the tip of his nose! Contrary to what one might think, gold is not only reserved for Christmas parties or special occasions. The secret? Know how to dose to avoid a bling-bling look.

How to Wear Gold Every Day

Here we have a simple t-shirt, but made from a slightly shiny fabric that gives a successful golden effect. That kind of t-shirt goes with everything. Here you can imagine a golden t-shirt association with black leather shorts, a pair of black opaque tights as well as a pair of boots, ankle boots, derbies or ballet flats.

Source: Etam

Here we have a fine sweater with a tight yellow gold-colored chimney collar that highlights the marked sizes or fine. It is paired with leather trousers. It can be a nice outfit for everyday wear. You can also opt for a nice high waist leather skirt worn with the sweater inside or regular waist worn with the sweater over the skirt.

Source: By Marie

Here we have a golden beige sweater with round neck paired with blue jeans and a pair of black derbies. The mixture works hyper well. It is an outfit that you can easily wear every day. I’ll only complete the look with a stylish jacket or coat to add an extra touch of elegance to this casual chic look.

Source: Small Boat

To find the right balance,in everyday life, just choose one Goldengarmentand associate it with more “chic casual” clothes. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from opting for gold jewellery to complete your day looks.

How to Wear Gold in the Evening

Source: Samsoe Samsoe

Source: Violeta By Mango

If you want to wear gold in the evening, feel free to opt for a beautiful golden dress , or a golden jumpsuit. It’s always easier to let go when you go out, but take a train station not to look like a Christmas tree. For more elegance, for example, avoid combining your golden dress with a golden jacket. To avoid overloading your look, opt for a single gold garment.

On the other hand, you You can quite opt for pretty simple golden color shoes and accessories if desired. But avoid, of course, golden shoes with glitter, because this would spoil the look. You have to play the card of subtlety when wearing a piece as strong as a top or a sequin dress . With golden, the rule is always well dosed the amount of gold and the golden materials used. That’s why for this look, a simple pair of golden sandals made of smooth leather would have, for example, better suited than a glitter model.

Finally, do not associate directly in your golden glitter spirit! A golden piece is not necessarily glitter and screw-back. A gold piece is a piece whose color is reminiscent of gold. These are, for example, garments with golden sequins or silky golden clothes (satin, silk, velvet, etc.) whose fabric returns a certain shine, golden leather shoes or accessories made of gold or gilded metal.

With what to wear gold: the looks

Golden day lookn°1: In this photo, the model wears simple blue jeans, a dark beige jacket and a golden camisole. The golden garment is the camisole. Extra gold is only brought on shoes and accessories. It is an ideal outfit to wear gold in everyday life without being too extravagant.

Source: reformation

With the above outfit, you can quite opt for a pair of flat shoes, such as derbies, moccasins or ballet flats for example. For color, it’s like you feel it, but i would tend to say black or brown for derbies or moccasins and why not golden for ballet flats.

Source: Repetto

Golden evening look n°1 : For this evening look, here is a cute golden pleated dress. This is a cocktail dress that you can quite complement with a small pair of golden sandals and golden jewelry.

Source: Coco Pablo

Wearing Golden, yes, but not in all circumstances

This rule is valid regardless of what garment you want to wear. You need to adapt the choice of your clothes according to the place and occasion . Do not try the golden sequin skirt if you work in an office and your colleagues are in a tailor. I think you’ll understand…

This does you in no way prevents your personality from expressing itself, but do it so that you feel comfortable not to “detonate” in the decor. Adapt your style when the situation requires it, but feel free to take out the big game for an evening with friends, or a romantic dinner if the heart tells you about it.

Gold Day Look #2 : This is a classic look that is easy to wear during the day. We have a pretty khaki satin top, golden straight pants with small patterns, as well as a pair of golden sandals. The look is very nice and the colors blend really well with each other.

Source: 1.2.3

Gold Evening Look #2 : This gold velvet jumpsuit is perfect for an evening out. The velvet is very chic and allows you to wear gold from head to toe (dresses or combinations) without do too much.

Source: reformation

Well Wear Golden: Shoes and Accessories

You like gold, but you don’t dare to wear it in clothes? In this case, shoes and accessories will be your best allies. In this image we have, for example, a superb red dress with patterns associated with golden jewels and golden sandals .

Source: Sezane

For the handbag, on the other hand, you can calm the game a little and opt for something other than gold. A navy blue, dark green, dark red, brown, black or white bag would not suit example very well. Nevertheless, if you want to play the gold card thoroughly for an evening, it is possible! But I invite you in this case to opt for a gold a little different from that of your shoes and jewellery. A Gold bag or agolden clutch with sequins or sequins could be suitable for example.

Source: Antik Batik

Other examples Golden Shoes and Gold Accessories

Flat Gold Sandals

Do you prefer comfort and simplicity? Think of the flat goldensandals . Sublime in summer, these pairs of shoes will bring out your tan and will be perfect with a white outfit. As easy to pair and comfortable, you can wear them with shorts, skirt or light dress.

Source: Sezane

Golden Heeled Sandals

Gold heeled sandals combine perfectly with 7/8th jeans for a casual chic look. But also to a dress or skirt for a more sophisticated look. Most of the Cocktail dresses fit especially well with this kind of shoes.

Source: Purtrend

The golden pumps

Do you like heeled shoes ? The golden pumps will bring elegance to your outfit and look. If possible, prefer golden pumps with open toe (peep toe), they are often more refined than those completely closed.

Source: High Jane

The golden bag

What could be more glamorous than a golden bag to complete an outfit. Clutch bag, handbag, shoulder bag, you are spoilt for choice. Avoid golden that pulls too much on yellow and prefer shades in “gold” tones instead.

Source: monshowroom

The golden belt

A belt Golden can make it possible to accessorize the simplest outfit. On a tunic, on a dress or on jeans, it will bring a touch of color and glamour. The belt can easily be matched with a gold jewel, but for shoes be careful. I advise you to mismatch the color of your belt and shoes if your belt is all golden. Mismatch the color of the belt with the color of the shoes gives style. On the other hand, if it is only a golden buckle, then you can opt for a pair of golden shoes.

Source: monshowroom

Source: Sezane

Golden jewellery

Do you like jewelry? Nothing easier to accessorize an outfit with a few touches of gold. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, make your choice! Prefer jewellery in Gold plated or gold-plated, as they keep themselves and resist better over time. Costume jewelry turns black very quickly, which is not elegant. You can accumulate several necklaces or bracelets, but know how to keep some finesse. Do not overload your jewellery look at the risk of spoiling everything.

Source: Amaya’s workshop

How to wear golden according to its morphology?

To wear gold well, here are some tips on the type of clothing to choose depending on your morphology. If you do not yet know your morphology, do not hesitate to check out this article so as not to be mistaken.

Wearing gold: Morphology in A

If you have an A-shape shape , focus on the top of your figure instead to expand your bust. Choose so nice tops or blouses that will highlight you. For example, opt for a golden top like this one with a cowl collar (unless you have a strong chest), because they give the bust size. If you have a very developed chest, prefer tops with a more classic neckline like a square or V neckline


Source: Pinterest

Wearing gold: H morphology

Do you have a morphology in H ? Straight cuts fit you wonderfully. This pretty black and gold evening dress is ideal to highlight your figure. It will suit you all the more if you have some curves around your belly that you want to camouflage.

Source: La Redoute

For everyday use, a golden flowing top not tight like it would also be perfectly suited for H morphology


Source: Promod

If you have an H shape and you have a thin waist, you can quite opt for cuts that mark the waist. Here we have a golden tank top close to the body worn inside straight beige plaid trousers.

Source: Mango

Wearing gold: V-shaped morphology

For a V-shaped morphology , a beautiful, flowing, flared golden skirt like this one is perfect. Combined with a flowing ecru blouse like this, it flatters your entire figure. Long skirts look very stylish and lengthen the figure.

If you are very tall, you can afford to be flat under your long skirt long. But if you are of medium height, I strongly invite you to wear high heels with a long skirt. Wedge heels pair especially well with this kind of skirt and are very comfortable.

For a V-shaped silhouette, the skirt is worn rather normal waist or low waist. On the other hand, if you have a thin waist, you can quite choose to wear your high waist skirt.

Source: monshowroom

If you are V and small, long skirts can tamp your figure. In this case, it may be better for you to rather unveil your legs with, for example, a golden flared mini skirt. Here we have a flared golden mini skirt that brings a little volume and which draws attention to the lower body. And we have a dark grey silky fluid top that softens the bust a little.

Source: Zara

Wearing gold: X-morphology

If you have anX morphologyyou can wear gold on the top or bottom of your figure. Nevertheless, if you opt for gold on the bottom of your figure, prefer a flared cut if you have pronounced hips. Think like every time to mark your size if possible to enhance your figure in X. The last outfit proposed to enhance a silhouette in H can for example quite value you.

Source: Pinterest

Make-up and golden

Whether you have matte skin or light skin, golden or copperyeyeshadow will highlight your eyes. For a successful effect, bet everything on a glowy complexion and nude lipstick so as not to too charge your day makeup. On the other hand, for an evening, you can let go a little more by betting on a lipstick plus peps of red color for example.

Finally, you can also opt forhighlighter to bring a touch of golden light. It can be applied with a brush at the temples, shoulders and collarbone. It exists in different forms: powder, liquid, and even stick. Nevertheless, be careful not to abuse it. The faceted ball effect is not very elegant. Your highlighter must be applied subtly and not visible at 10km!

Source: Bobbi Brown (left), Chanel (right)

And you? Do you often wear gold? Tell me everything in the comments!

Kisses my sweet and never forget that you are beautiful and desirable 🙂