What is the point of making a marriage contract?

The beautiful adventure for two begins after a marriage application. The latter is a very special event for two people who love each other and want to unite for life. But it is especially an adventure that begins with preparation. Outside the party, he administrative procedures such as the marriage contract must be carried out.

Why establish a marriage contract?

The marriage contract is an agreement between the two spouses determining the status and fate of their property during the wedding. It is a written and signed legal act. This document can bring multiple advantages. For example, it protects the heritage of spouse. In case of separation, it is easier to divide the goods into according only to what is in the contract. Then you need to know that the latter also avoids inheritance conflicts between the Children conceived at different weddings.

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By elsewhere, draw up a contract for Marriage helps to protect themselves from possible problems between the bride and groom.

The various types of marriage contracts

If the bride and groom decide to establish a Marriage contract, they need to choose between the different types. All first, there is the Community or universal system in which all couple are pooled. There would be no distinction between property acquired even those that come from inheritances and donations. In the case of a separation, you just divide the goods into two. And in case of death, the remaining spouse recovers all the property without inheritance costs. Then, we can also talk about the contract of marriage to acquires. The latter applies if no steps are carried out by the spouses. This is a contract said by default assigned ex officio. By choosing this type of agreement, one can avoid make formalities that can be costly.

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In addition, the bride and groom can also opt for the marriage contract with a regime of separation of property. In the latter, each spouse retains ownership of the property acquired before wedding and half during the wedding. They also bear their debts personal.

Marriage contract: speaking to a notary

In order to establish a marriage contract, it is better to go to a notary. He is the only professional able to satisfy the expectations of the newlyweds. He will also be able to advise them on the matrimonial regime to be adopted according to preferences. Once the chosen scheme, then he will draw up a personalized marriage contract.

For information, this contract wedding should be drafted before the celebration of the wedding. It does not take effect only on the day of the celebration. So, if it is decided to establish it after the marriage, contract will be anul.