What is the best store to make a birth list?

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By storing my papers I came across my contract and my birthlist file that we had opened for Stitch now 5 years ago, I remember that day as if it were yesterday I was with my mom, mom and sister (my husband at the time preferred to leave us between daughters). We had been around the store to choose and find out what I was going to need for our baby, at the time I was a novice, in hindsight I think, if I had known…


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It is not obvious to know where to open your list, there are many shops that offer this service, now whether directly in shops or on the internet. The advice I would give you once you know more or less what you want for your baby is to go to each store (or look on the net) the contacts they offer to not have bad surprises after (obligation to purchase, refund…)

For the birth of Stitch we had made the choice to open it around baby , it was the shop that matched us most at the budget level, but also items that we wanted, I do not know if it changed a lot I know of girlfriends who also went through their home last year for the birth of their child and who were pleased with it.

What I liked:

  1. I was able to open it as early as my 7th month of pregnancy
  2. There was a choice between two lists (priority and secondary)
  3. We could connect directly to the site with our IDs and change what we wanted (except the priority list)
  4. The list is closed 60 days after the birth of a baby
  5. At the close of the list a voucher is given as a gift of 5 or 10% depending on the total items.

Priority list what is it?

These are the items that you feel essential for baby and that you are sure to take (even if we do not offer you them on the list) and for this a deposit check asked you (it will be given to you at the close of your list)

The secondary list?

Unlike the priority list are items that you will not “force” to take, however the shop does not guarantee you to have them even if you decide to take them…

To offer on the list?

Family, friends, can choose the item (s) they want to offer you from the list or they have the opportunity to participate so that future parents can choose for themselves the item they need.

On the internet?

Future parents can watch the evolution of their list via the site with their identifiers and know who offered what

Family, friends… can also participate on the list via the site directly to find the list they need only the family name of the parents, also put the postal code of the shop. (parents are also given a code to find them more easily).

On my list I had put a little all the prices too (especially in secondary) so that I could if necessary “put” them into participation and thus pay my priority items if I had not been offered them.


Mattress — cocoonababy- the fitted sheet for the Cocoonababy- listen baby Beaba — the worn baby Babybjorn- Babynomad size 1 — deckchair up down — Waterproof mattress protector — Winnie mobile — Enchanted Winnie Tigger — red and black umbrella — Winnie pacifier -changing bag red and black — baby bottles (2) — studs — front and ear thermometer — scissors — brush and comb — bath thermometer — chocolate nomad bed — park — comforter- microwave sterilizer.

Secondary (in yellow what I took)

high chair — bath asparagers — soft bb amplitude bath duo — 6 bottle drainercar seat activitydragonfly teething rattlemosquito net — baby on board — ergonomic bathtub white (that went with the bath duo) — bibs — pack of 6 diapers — cup Anti-leak — First Meal Spoon — Anti Flat Head

In hindsight and two children there are many things I would not have taken or modified or added to my birth list like:

The baby carrier babybjorn , it was really not practical and Stitch was not well in it and I was hurting my back horrible, I very quickly put aside, I had to use it only 2 times, if I had known I would have bought an ergo baby that (I bought cheaper than this one, for the birth of Tigger and he served me well and tightens me well for my 4 and 2 years old) and I would have added a carrying scarf.

The high chair when I saw the prices, I looked on the net and on the right corner I found one brand plus peg perego at 30€ as new I did not take it on my list.

The chocolate babynomad who had to serve us twice great maximum, I sold it in the empty attic 3 months after his birth.

The Winnie mobile , if I had known I would not have put it on “priority” we saw it later at 30€ (more than 60€ around baby).

Listening baby, too complicated, too interference that is where we see that it has evolved well in just a few years.

The winnie ear and front thermometer plus a “gadgette” I would have been at the pharmacy for the same price I would have had a better performing one and where I could have had more confidence (this one walked once in two).

After the fact I realized that I enjoyed myself more than my baby, but hey it feels good too, then the majority of things have been reused for Tigger…

What I really do not regret is my park, the cocoonababy, the babynomad blanket, the mattress, the sterilizer, the deckchair and the inclined plane that I still use now when they cough…

I would also make you a small top of my essentials if of course it interests you (do not hesitate to tell me in comment).

And you, did you a birth list? at whom? how did it go?