What is a morphology in 8?

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  1. Recognize your silhouette and identify its strengths

How do I know if you have a morphology 8? It’s easy, you are probably medium to very luscious, your hips and shoulders are on the same alignment and you have the waist strongly marked!

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Rejoice because you are the female morphology par excellence! You understand it, you have by nature an advantageous silhouette ! But be careful to know the fundamental rules to know how to highlight yourself without falling into the too much or even vulgar side. For example, you must know how to subtly emphasize your chest or your marked waist but without disclosing too much; that’s why it is better to avoid the total tight-fitting look from head to toe! Enjoy your shapes and be proud of it, I tell you what parts will make up your ideal dressing room and how to choose them!

  1. The essentials of the woman’s dressing room 8

So I want to unveil the 44 rooms that will make up your ideal dressing room! My method is part of an objective, that of getting to know each other better, so to better choose the pieces that fit you and especially with a limited number of clothes . I propose below my own selection of fashion essentials, ideal for your body shape as well as tips and inspirations to mix them easily with style! Let’s start with the shirts… Sources: Pinterest, @sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris, @audreylombard

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  • Denim shirt: Give preference to a fitted but not too tight. For the color of denim, give preference to rather light jeans if you are in cold and raw tones if you are on the contrary a woman with hot colorimetry.
  • The white shirt: Choose it neither too curved nor too oversized and very simple, without detail! Possibly a patch pocket on the chest but only one, to avoid adding volume. Give preference to it in 100% cotton and not too long in length to be able to fit it in the pants or skirt without having an effect too bloused!
  • Striped shirt: We will prefer it in shades of blue and white or gray and white. Lines should always be vertical to slender the figure. We put on beautiful materials such as cotton or linen.
  • Romantic lace blouse: Lace should be thin and delicate drawing for a successful effect. We do not hesitate to invest in a more expensive piece if you want the embroidery to be of quality.

Source: Pinterest, @sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris, @audreylombard

Given your morphology, give preference to jeans with a high or semi-high waist and a rather straight or flare model. This one will sublimate your marked waist and slimmer your figure. For those who have a bounced buttock, prefer a cut with a fork long enough to not let your underwear appear and feel comfortable. In terms of style and jeans, I recommend that you have in your dressing room the following 4 essentials: black jeans, raw, light grey and imitation leather.

The latter will make your silhouette very feminine and glamorous provided you play it with a contrast of materials such as the big knit, the sweatshirt or even the very romantic lace.

My advice: It is not worth investing too much in your jeans, I advise you to look for the brand that offers models that highlight your figure and in which you feel comfortable. Once the brand and model are found, stay faithful and buy it in the right colors to perfect your wardrobe with essentials! A little trick to preserve the color of your jeans as long as possible: wash them upside down with a specific detergent.

  • Black jeans: It’s the ideal pants that know how to get forgotten! It adapts to all your outfits and its big advantage is its dirty color.
  • Raw jeans: To wear casual with a pair of sneakers or chic with heels, raw jeans is a must have in your dressing room!
  • Light grey: Despite the fact that it does not stand the slightest task, it brings a casual touch and makes an outfit very stylized when paired with a pair of white sneakers!
  • Imitation leather: We opt for a rather slim cut but without too much detail like zips, studs that accentuate the rock side! We calm the game by the way by wearing it with a t-shirt basic white or lace blouse.

Source: Pinterest, @Sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris, @audreylombard

Even a symbol of simplicity, it remains that choosing the right t-shirt is a delicate matter! For a morphology 8, give preference to the T-shirt with a V-neck or neckline that will highlight your shapes. Prefer the short sleeve that will bring more style to your outfit and a length at the hips or beyond! You can easily fit it into your jeans or skirt by marking your waist! The t-shirt is today a piece that brings a lot of style to a silhouette. Its sportswear side breaks the codes of a look that can sometimes be too strict or wise; and conversely by choosing it with delicate details like lace, it brings a sexy touch to a sometimes too casual look. Among the essentials: the white and gray T-shirt V-neck as well than white and black caracos with lace yoke.

My tip: Finding the perfect white or gray t-shirt made of cotton or natural material like linen without ruining is not a simple thing! Because we like to renew your basics regularly, I strongly advise you to go for a tour of the sportwear department at HM! They offer very nice models and at low prices! To bring more style to your outfit, I advise you to overcut your t-shirt and do not hesitate to roll the sleeve.

  • The white and grey V-neck t-shirt: We put on quality materials such as 100% cotton or linen and we pay attention to delicate washing to preserve them to the maximum!
  • The black and white lace camisole: We choose it with a pretty lace and a neckline deep enough to match it with a big knit.

Sources: Pinterest, @sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris,

@audreylombard To enhance your figure, I recommend essential pieces to choose rather fitted and close to the body preferably, to highlight your waist: the short and fitted jacket, the beige cross jacket, the Khaki Saharan and finally the timeless black blazer that will bring style and class to your outfit.

My advice: No need to invest in an overpriced leather biker jacket! I recommend the model of Zara in imitation leather whose cut is just perfect: not too long and fitted enough to avoid the biker side sometimes too masculine! Wear your jacket according to your desires: in a jacket with a lace or romantic blouse or under your wool coat!

  • The Perfecto: Some modes are eternal and the biker is part of it! This is the room to have in your dressing room when you want to have style in your looks. For your silhouette with harmonious curves, better to choose a fitted and fitted fit and if you are small give preference to it short at the hips, it will lengthen your figure.
  • Beige cross jacket: Choose it with a double breasted button to be able to wear it closed in uniform mode or open with pretty jeans for a more casual effect.
  • Khaki Saharan: This is the piece to choose from the hips and a little loose. Wear the rolled up sleeves with a white V-neck T-shirt. We do not hesitate to please yourself on the details that will feminize her like embroidery or rhinestones.
  • The black blazer: Choose a slim fit and why not play on the volume with a slightly protruding shoulder for the 80’S side.

Source: Pinterest, @sosoomao, @sincerlyjules, @meleponym

The skirt is the piece that will sublimate your well-drawn and ultra feminine figure provided you are well choose it! Opt for a skirt that will mark your waist, your major asset! So choose it rather high or semi-high waist and preferably straight, just above the knee length, which is more trendy! Do not hesitate to buy 4 models of skirts or shorts with which you will make your next looks very easily: the straight high waist belted skirt, the high-waist buttoned skirt, the faux leather skirt and finally the high waisted shorts.

My advice: You chose to show your legs and it’s so much better! I just remind you of a basic rule that is to keep a balance in your figure and especially not to show too much to avoid falling into the side too sexy or too much! Combine the skirt with a shirt, a blouse or even a maxi knit for the model in leather or imitation leather. This will bring style to your look while calming the game!

  • The straight belted skirt and High waist: Sure, it gives a chic look to the silhouette and can be worn with a pair of boots as well as sneakers!
  • Buttoned high waist skirt: Choose it instead in black or black colors, easier to match for a trendy look.
  • The faux leather skirt: We don’t hesitate to choose it with a zip detail in the middle that brings style. Surely wear with a wiser piece to calm the game and sneakers or flat boots!
  • High-waisted shorts: The shorts bring a touch of masculinity to the silhouette and makes it particularly chic! It is chosen belted with a large knot preferably. You can even choose it from a sexier material like imitation leather!

Source: Pinterest, @banso73, @sosoomao, @Sincerlyjules

You have understood your neckline and your waist are your strengths! In general, the wrap sweater is thus the cornerstone of your wardrobe! But nothing prevents you from opting for a pretty big grey knit sweater, a trendy sweatshirt or even a waistcoat that you can belt to mark the waist.

My advice: Given your morphology, do not hesitate to overcut the sweaters or vests rather than choose them ready of the body! You will then come to mark your waist with a nice belt, this will give your look style while emphasizing yourself!

  • Grey knit maxi sweater
  • Trendy sweatshirt
  • Big Gauge Vest

Source: Pinterest, @navy .paris, @sosoomao, @meleponym

Maxi dresses with floral print, short dresses with animal print or black jumpsuit: your silhouette allows you to spoilt for choice! The main thing is to highlight your bust and waist with a nice belt to wear on the dress or on a mesh if you like layering. The sweetheart dress is the piece that enhances your silhouette par excellence. The V-neck and belt highlight your pretty neckline and slim waist. Prefer a silky or fluid material that will bring chic to your outfit while remaining very comfortable. Short or maxi and printed, have fun, you have the choice in terms of style!

My tip: If you want to play the floral printed maxi dress, so prefer it with the marked waist and a nice leg slit for more femininity. In order to calm the play of a floral print too marked, do not hesitate to wear it with a pair of white sneakers and overlay a knit or sweatshirt!

  • Floral Maxi Dress
  • Print animals short dress
  • Black jumpsuit

Source: Pinterest, @sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris, @audreylombard

As for the choice of coats, again give preference to fitted cuts or belted! It is these models that will highlight your shapes most. Prefer a model that could also be worn open with a pretty neckline to bring elegance and femininity to your figure. Here are the essentials you need to have: the must-have beige trench coat, the black or navy belted wool coat, the men’s camel fitted coat, the beige belted wool coat.

My tip: I recommend the camel coat, which I think is a basic wardrobe. Although it is more suitable for women with warm colorimetry, I advise everyone as it brings style easily to your figure. To do this, wear it over a shirt or jacket in jeans especially for women with cold colorimetry (remember that the important thing is to wear the right colors close to her face) as well as a pair of white sneakers Stan Smith style! You have thus a trendy look assured and ultra easy!

  • Beige trench coat
  • Belted Wool Coat
  • Men’s Fitted Camel Coat
  • Beige Belted Wool Coat

Sources: Pinterest, @Sincerlyjules, @meleponym, @navy .paris, @audreylombard

In order to bring style easily to your looks, we therefore put on visual accessories and in the current trend! In terms of bags, we invest in a large chic black bag ultra practical, a black quilted bag with gold chain, a camel satchel bag and finally the must-have leopard print that can also be found on a pair of flat boots! For shoes, the must-have pair of camel boots Isabel Marant style but also the studded boots to bring a rock touch to your outfits! The white sneakers are also perfect to bring style to a proposal that is sometimes too classic or romantic.

My advice: For your bags, do not hesitate to visit Mango which offers beautiful imitations of models of the biggest brands at low prices — about 39 euros! No more reason not to follow trends by having fun!

  • Leopard flat boots
  • Isabel Marant Camel Boots
  • Black Studded Boots
  • White Sneakers

Do not hesitate to visit my Youtube channel to discover even more fashion, morphology and colorimetry tips here!