What is a Messenger chatbot?

Facebook Chatbot: How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business

A Facebook page is the ideal tool for promoting your business and for reaching new customers. A Facebook chatbot is what allows the business to become available 24/7 for its customers.

According to the latest Facebook F8 conference, there would be more than 300,000 Messenger chatbots active on the Social Network. Even Oracle — a leading company in the IT sector — confirms ultra-positive estimates regarding Facebook chatbots , stating that by 2020 more than 80% of Italian companies will use the Messenger bot for the customer care sector. It’s not hard to understand the reasons for so successful! By integrating a chatbot to its corporate Facebook page, it will be possible to provide a continuous support service to its customers in a cost-effective and totally automatic.

A chatbot is, in fact, a real digital assistant able to understand human language and establish a sensible conversation with the user. Thanks to a Messenger bot for Facebook, each company will be able to provide assistance to its customers at any time of the day. This will reduce the human workload and entrust the assistance activity exclusively to the artificial intelligence system.

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To create a Facebook bot, you don’t need to know the programming language. There are many online programs that can generate messenger chatbots in minutes and automatically integrate them to the company Facebook profile.

Let’s find out in detail what a Facebook chatbot is, what its features are, how to create it for free and what are the benefits it could provide for your business.

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Facebook chatbot: what it is and how it works

What is a Facebook chatbot? It is an artificial intelligence system programmed to communicate in real time with people using human language. In other words, the chatbot can chat on Facebook Messenger with the users on the Facebook page and provide them with all the information they need.

The functionality of a Facebook Messenger bot can be varied: provide information, perform service tasks, guide the user through the purchase process or direct him to the return process. Chatbots provide 24/7 support. In this way, companies will find important advantages. First, the staff will be able to deal with different tasks as the bot will think about responding to the requests of the users. Below the activity can also be greatly improved in customer satisfaction: users can receive information directly on Facebook without waiting hours to communicate with the service customers.

How does a Facebook Messenger bot work? It’s simple. It will be enough for the customer to click on the direct chat on the Facebook page of the activity to start a conversation, just as if it were a normal chat with friends. The chatbot is programmed to understand the questions the user asks and to provide solutions. In what way? At the time of creation, a series of keywords are set up that the chatbot will need to identify in conversations. Each keyword will be answered. In this way, the bot identifies keywords in each user’s requests in order to provide reliable and adequate answers.

An interesting feature of Facebook chatbots is about marketing. In fact, there is possibility for the page administrator to view all the profiles of those who have interacted at least once with the Messenger chat. This makes it easy to identify your potential customers and structure personalized marketing campaigns.

Do you want to start using a Facebook chatbot? Find out which are the 10 best tools for creating a chatbot ! All platforms, after generating the bot, will allow you to automatically link it to your company Facebook page.

Chatbot Messenger Facebook: 5 Benefits of Having One

Here are 5 benefits that a Facebook chatbot can provide for your business:

  1. Customer care available

Adding a Messenger bot to your Facebook page guarantees a significant improvement in customer care. In fact, through the chatbot, support would be available 24/7 every day of the week. In addition, a AI system provides responses to customers in real time. There will be no longer waiting pauses between calls at the customer center, just start a chat and wait a few minutes for each response.

  1. Improving Business Reputation

The immediacy and relevance of the responses provided by a chatbot are essential features for increasing a company’s web reputation . Many users particularly appreciate the activities that provide an instant messaging service. According to a recent Nielsen survey, chats and messages are considered the preferred methods of communication by users. Willingness and immediacy in providing information and answers are two fundamental cornerstones for building an optimal web reputation.

  1. Economic and Resource Savings

Interact with Your Own users through a Facebook chatbot allows companies considerable savings, primarily in economic terms. Creating an efficient chatbot for your page takes, in fact, a few minutes and is completely free of charge. In other words, to create a Messenger bot, it will be enough to rely on one of the many free online platforms. In addition, a Facebook bot allows the company to invest its human resources in areas different from customer care. In fact, always answering customers (almost always very repetitive) questions is not considered a particularly compelling job. Entrusting this task to a chatbot can be critical to stimulating its employees and investing resources in other industries.

  1. Guided customer journey

Real-time interaction with a Messenger chatbot allows the activity to program guided routes for its users. A virtual assistant can, through scheduled answers, direct potential customers to specific business actions. Many activities use chatbots to guide you through the lead generation process or the journey before the purchase.

  1. Customizing offers

The integration of a Messenger chatbot within its corporate Facebook page allows the business to acquire specific information about each user. In fact, users themselves will provide information about their preferences through the requests made to the chatbot. In this way it will be possible to create particularly targeted and personalized offers and promotions. In addition, Messenger bots allow the Facebook page administrator to locate all profiles of users who have started at least one conversation with the chatbot. This functionality also contributes to the creation of “tailor-made” promotional messages for each individual user.

Facebook chatbot: 3 examples of success

Let’s discover 3 Business Messenger bots that were particularly successful in 2019:

  1. Kayak

Kayak, a well-known travel company, has implemented a chatbot on its Facebook page that can help customers book their holidays. Simply write to the bot the destination you want to reach: the system will start asking questions to identify the variables of the journey and select the optimal solutions. The chatbot is not only useful in the booking path: it is an essential tool for increasing customer engagement and trust. In fact, after completing a booking, the bot will send the user details about the weather conditions and useful information for the trip.

  1. Burberry

Burberry is also a reality from which to take an example in the Facebook chatbot field, especially for activities operating in retail. The leader in the apparel industry has created a Messenger bot that can perform customer care functions and provide advice to its customers. The Burberry bot assumes the function of a real personal shopper, able to help the user in their purchasing process. Also in this case, the Facebook chatbot, through its advice in real time, becomes an essential tool for increasing customer entertainment and trust in the brand.

  1. HealthTap

HealthTap is a leading U.S. company in the medical sector. Again, the implementation of a Facebook chatbot allowed the company to achieve significant results. The HealthTap Messenger bot assumes the function of ‘helper’ for users. The mechanism is simple: users turn to the bot for understand what could be the cause of your physical problem. Below the system responds by identifying — based on the symptoms indicated — the possible source of the problem. The bot provides advice to the user about the doctor to contact and, upon request, is able to search for the contacts of the nearest specialists.

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