What dress to wear in winter?

Winter arrives and brings its icy atmosphere. So you’re thinking about storing your little dresses, skirts and shorts? Thanks to the tights, you could continue to wear them without fear of the cold. However, you have to choose the model of tights to wear in winter to keep your gambettes warm!

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The tights, the undeniable accessory in winter

Tights are your best allies in winter. In fact, they lend themselves to all seasons, because you can even wear tights in the summer! Use this accessory to achieve a glamorous, chic and especially stylish look even when the cold is at its peak. This will allow you to expand your look inspirations for everyday or special occasions.

Even when the cold is at its peak, we dare short outfits, even for the most chilly ones. Instead of always wearing pants, you could leverage your entire wardrobe to Compose a winter style that will highlight your assets.

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A single tights allows you different possibilities of look composition. No worries to harmonize colors if you choose a black opaque tights pattern. For those who like bold and more playful styles, fancy modelsCredit: Nolwenn_Creme are suitable for perfection. They give a touch of madness and pep to the outfit as a whole.

When temperatures are lower, putting tights under your jeans is a clever idea for extra warmth. By the way, it is an ideal composition to afford a rock glam look.

Choosing your tights well in winter

It’s not easy to choose your tights right in winter , here’s what you need to know to create your look with these bass temperatures!

Respect the denier

Yes, it is not enough to adopt any tights to be able to protect your gambettes from the winter cold . There are models designed specifically to give you more warmth.

When it comes to tights, you need to know how to read the codes. To choose your tights according to the season, denier (D) is the reference to analyze . The latter indicates the finesse of a tights, but also its opacity. The lower it is, the thinner the tights will be. Figures start at 10 and can be up to 100 D. For winter tights, models with a minimum 40D are recommended. Also, you can allow yourself to wear thicker tights under short outfits or with low coverage shoes like our 80D 3D tights.

Colors and materials

We usually prefer black for the choice of tights. And yet, there are different possibilities of shades. They bring more cheerfulness to your outfit. When you compose a look with more neutral pieces, colored tights allow you to brilliantly enhance the whole.

In the choice of material, you can vary the textures with lycra or microfiber models. Acrylic tights are also a good choice for the winter. They bring more heat. At VOG Store, they are available in different colours.

To keep your entire wardrobe during the winter , wearing tights is highly recommended. Give preference to thick and opaque models to protect your gambettes from the cold and to wear your outfits with chic and style.