What decoration to do with candles?

Candles are part of those life-changing inventions that bring a lot of well-being. With their soft light and varied scents, they help to embellish the life and decor of the house. We give you here some interior decoration tracks made with candles, to brighten up the table, prepare Christmas or just make a little paradise of decoration.

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  • Candles and relaxation
    • Yoga and meditation
  • Candles and candle holders DIY
    • Hanging candles on the ceiling
  • Decorate your bathroom with
    • candles 5 senses in awakening
  • Candles in a dining room or in a living room
    • A fireplace filled with candles
  • The Scandinavian decor
    • in the spotlight Your winter garden with candle
  • light Metal tealight holders:
  • design

  • Romantic evening decoration with candle
    • An evening between girlfriends: mood candles
  • And for kitchen decoration?
  • Wedding decor ideas: white candle

Candles and relaxation

The candle is well known for having this relaxing effect on the mind and body. With the various shapes, colors and fragrances they have, candles contribute to well-being. By creating an atmosphere, it can promote relaxation by the senses.

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For a zen decoration at home, in the dining room or even in the bathroom, the candle is the decorative accessory to have at home all the time, to bring softness and zen.

Yoga and Meditation

For all those who practice a little meditation and yoga, for example, candles are essential. Ideal for creating an atmosphere of zenitude conducive to concentration, relaxation and entry into meditation, candles come in all kinds.

In order to make the most of your candles and interior decor, it is always advisable to have a rather neutral decoration. The candles then activate the new atmosphere with their colors, warmth and scents. Your decoration can be made of white or cream walls, or even light blue, to then be enhanced by the colored candles of your choice.

DIY candle holders and candle holders

For your decoration, nothing like a small DIY session. DIY, very popular in recent years, consists in making accessories yourself, in the case of interior decoration, here.

So you can make your own glass tealight holders and 100% personalized candle holders to your taste. Candles support tealight holders enough air passes to power the fire. Feel free to take a few glasses in flea flea flea shop and redecorate them with special glass paint. You will then get unique and handmade tealight holders.

Hanging candles from the ceiling

Candles can go anywhere in the house, as long as you are careful to protect the surroundings. The container that contains them can even be a hanging bottle with chains on the ceiling, for an original creation and a guaranteed effect.

Glass bottles of colors are even more beautiful and fascinating! Be careful and take care that the wax from the candle does not flow.

Decorating his bathroom with candles

The bathroom is the place par excellence where candles will please. Who has never dreamed of a little relaxation session in the bath, in an atmosphere sifted to the glow of the candle?

Take, for example, pieces of wood that you braided together in order to make decoration to put around the candles. You can also assemble several large candles together with a string or surround them with cinnamon sticks for a guaranteed visual effect.

Arrange stone pebbles around the candles to perfect the Zen atmosphere, and some natural elements of your choice, such as shells , sand, pine cones or dried flower petals. With marine scents, you will have the final bouquet of your bathroom decor with candle.

The 5 senses in awakening

When you enter a room filled with lit candles, it’s the whole atmosphere that changes. We are in a solemn and soft atmosphere, cozy, warm and conducive to calm. Candles housed in pretty tealight holders Custom design allows the flame to be protected while dancing and projecting shapes and colors on the walls.

A treat for the eyes! Candles are also powerfully effective in promoting relaxation by their scent. Vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, lemon, honey… And finally, to complete the picture of the senses in awakening, you enjoy the sweet warmth of the candles and the colors that blend together.

Nothing better to relax in the bathroom after a good day at work or for a romantic evening.

Candles in a dining room or in a living room

In living rooms, candles are also remarkably used for decoration. By putting candles on a table, you redo the decoration in an instant without having to change everything.

Whether it’s for Christmas or another occasion like a family party, a birthday, an evening with friends or lovers for Valentine’s Day , candle decoration is highly appreciated.

Place candles in the center of the table runner and choose the colors and scents that lend themselves to your event. Candles can at the same time serve as a home fragrance for any occasion.

A fireplace filled with candles

If you have a fireplace but it is not in a condition to be used, take advantage of this fireplace to have a large number of candles in variegated . Choose from all sizes, shapes, scents, colors: the effect will be guaranteed and your decoration will undoubtedly be the object of compliments!

In a fireplace, candles are absolutely not likely to be a problem, since the fireplace is made for. More reason to highlight it. Your interior decoration can’t be perfect without all these candles!

Scandinavian decor in the spotlight

Interior decoration in Scandinavian style has made a lot talk about her in deco trend. Inspired by the Scandinavian decor, you can brighten up a veranda with candles using white or silver candles , a light wood atmosphere as well as natural elements such as wood, branches, moss…

Feel free to install cups or large plates with large candles in the heart, to create points of heat and light that will create an almost fairy atmosphere and decor in your home.

Your winter garden in the glow of the candle

And why not create a real winter garden with your candles? These small places that are conducive to reading and relaxing deserve to be highlighted with candles.

Feel free to get out of the frame by placing candles in unusual containers, such as ladles, cups or even kitchen whips. It is originality that counts in decoration, whether for Christmas or for your home decoration all year round.

Outdoors also, candles are welcome, in special metal and glass tealight holders and candle holders.

Metal tealight holders: design

If you don’t like DIY too much, opt for a hand-made candle holder. The beautiful brushed metal tealight holders will feel with their design and the light they throw on the walls.

To find the candles that suit you, you can stroll through the decoration shops or find your happiness on the web. Of all sizes, shapes and colors, you will find the Candles that will radically change the mood of your home decor.

Romantic party decoration with candle

A romantic evening idea with your companion or companion? Place candles everywhere in your home or apartment, with durable glass, ceramic or stone cups.

Arrange the petals of your favorite flowers and let the atmospheres be created and the fragrances emerge from your candles. Candle is a symbol of fire, warmth, love, and also the assurance of a successful evening!

Feel free to place it on furniture by protecting them well, in tealight holders designed for. Tealight candles must absolutely be placed in containers that do not heat up . By placing these little candles there and there in your home, you will have a simple and pretty decoration that puts strongly worth the furniture and the rest of the decor.

An evening with girlfriends: the mood candles

As you will understand, candles are ideal for any occasion, why deprive themselves of them? They warm the mood! If you have an evening with friends or girlfriends, plan candles for a mysterious , warm, sweet and lively atmosphere.

And for the kitchen decor?

In a kitchen, too, you can quite place candles in strategic places. These will recreate the lively and warm atmosphere: perfect for cooking, a place that lives. You can create small fireplaces of candles with more pronounced scents in the kitchen.

Lemon, orange, cinnamon, and even biscuit, or honey… The fragrances of candles often make the mood. Fragrant candles are perfect for masking the strong odors of kitchen, do not forget about it! They can help purify the air, but don’t forget to ventilate your home often to renew the air.

Wedding decor ideas: white candle

For a wedding, it goes without saying that the candle must be present. Often artificial candles are found to avoid accidents. However, being careful, a wedding table decoration with a beautiful wax candle makes all the difference.

For your wedding or for that of a friend, offer the exclusive decoration with the candle: you will see that the atmospheres change. Bring the finishing touch with flowers: whatever the room, your decor will make a sensation. The candle, especially at a wedding, brings cheerfulness and good mood , while remaining a symbol of peace, longevity and sweetness.