What color to warm the gray?

. Grey is the choice of choice to avoid Fails in taste when it comes to decorating. Thanks to its many shades, it adapts practically to any style. However, this neutral color is used with caution, at the risk of creating a cold atmosphere at home. Choosing materials and color association are essential to bring out strengths

In what rooms to put gray?

Gray settles in any room in the house, provided you choose the right shade. To create a cocooning mood in the bedroom, a well-matte felt gray is ideal. Less bright than white, this shade of gray brings serenity to the interior. Its softness soothes the atmosphere in the room, making it conducive to rest .

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A darker gray is suitable for the Kitchen with an emphasis on wedding and clever combinations of shades and materials. Charcoal grey adheres perfectly to it for a modern look .

In the Dining room, the gray “Flannel” slightly satin allows to create a sober and chic atmosphere. This room is ideally bright, a lighter shade will put the elegance of gray forward.

bathroom will be For on its part, the dressed in a deep gray. Combined with a minimalist decor, this shade makes it possible to create Zen atmosphere in the room.

  • White bathrooms with grey linen and light wood — Centrakor

The living room is not outdone for a very trendy design result. Grey Teal finds its place in combination with equally chic accessories. The walls can also be painted in “Sand” grey with a silver finish. Darker or lighter shades, but also textures can be added to warm the mood and break the monotony of the decor. The living room can play on shades of gray to create a neutral atmosphere. Adding color accessories allows you to add a few tangy touches.

Wooden bench with grey and yellow cushions — Zara Home

The has Grey “Lounge” a character Luxurious in a large room like living room. The gray “New York Loft”, as for it can be used by small keys from the main entrance for a call comfort and quiet.

What materials do grey associate with?

While grey is a timeless shade par excellence, it is also a cold-trend color. At the risk of creating a sad atmosphere, it is essential to combine it with warm colors. Thus, materials play a primary role in a gray decoration. They allow to delay the effect of gray and energize the decor.

The materials are chosen according to the style to be introduced. For a cozy atmosphere, it is necessary to give preference to those that warm up. Wool and Cotton will be able to dress the bed linen, while velvet and fur will cover the armchairs and the floor. Raw materials such as wood and concrete also make it possible to punctuate a decoration in gray. Fans of the rustic style will opt for natural materials and completely bare wood, while fans of industrial style will choose a brick wall. Those who love the Bohemian style also find their happiness in grey by adopting a cozy floor such as parquet and wood recycled furniture. An old-fashioned armchair or tableBreak a monotonous grey decor with a red carpet — GDP can also be combined with gray for a chic vintage vibe.

  • Tangier Rug Grey and Black — Edito


  • atmosphere with a grey decoration — Alinea

With the gray color, you need to know how to bet on decorative accessories. Do not hesitate to put full view of it, especially in large rooms. A wool or fur carpet, cushions , a metal floor lamp, a large artist’s painting, mirrors or ethnic sculptures make it possible to break the exclusivity of gray that sometimes turns out dull.

However, the minimalist atmosphere can also accompany gray in all its glory. In this case, a velvety deep gray will be in the spotlight with a minimum of well-chosen items.

With what colors and patterns to match gray?

In order to avoid a gloomy mood, other shades also invite themselves in a gray decor. When the gray tint is dominant, the addition of bright colors helps to energize the atmosphere. Trendy colours include lemon yellow, orange, red and turquoise blue, which combine perfectly with the gray tint. Other less bright tones such as khaki or powder pink are also on the list, especially to create a soft mood. Similarly, it is possible to accompany gray with a shade of whiteEnhance your decor with patterned cushions and designer lighting — La Cerise sur le cake for a very elegant cozy atmosphere. This style is all the more warm with natural materials.

  • Energize your decor with colorful lighting — La Case de Cousin Paul

  • Armchairs grey and yellow shell — Block of


In any case, regardless of the shades chosen, the idea is to bring from life to decoration in a variety of possible ways. Even without bright colors, patterns on carpets or cushions can already change the game. Silver or copper notes on the Deco also make a big difference. Some prefer plaids to Aztec patterns to cover sofas in an ethnic way, while others opt for flowering wallpapers to introduce a bohemian atmosphere. Everything is possible as long as the whole remains harmonious.

By the way, the very interest of using gray is to have a certain freedom in decorationRekindle a grey decoration with bright colors — BOQA . The gray color fits modern style, vintage, bohemian, zen, ethnic or industrial. Thus, to everyone his happiness!

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