What clothing to wear in autumn?

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Here are some tips and look to know how to dress in autumn. Autumn is a particularly rich season in fashion. The great heat has disappeared, so you can again wear several layers of clothing, bring out his sweaters and thin jackets. And at the same time we do not have the constraint of negative winter temperatures that force us to wear thick clothes votes ) .

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The Trench Coat: an elegant autumn look

The trench coat is a jacket that every man should have in their cabinets. This is a thin and elegant jacket that matches very well with suits. Its windproof effect will protect you from the cold in mid-season, and its waterproof material from rain. Be careful to choose the material of your trench coat properly, they are not all water resistant. Look at the label before buying it or ask for advice from an in-store seller. Personally I have a low for beige trench coat. They can be combined with different types of chino (navy blue or khaki for example) and well-cut jeans.

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Trench Coat beige: Trench Coat beige €77.99

Dress well in autumn with the

There are different types of light jackets that can be worn in autumn. You can turn to a classic jeans jacket. You will not make a mistake, they are always fashionable in both men and women. It is up to you to choose the type of denim jacket that suits you: in light shades or dark blue. Add to this a brown jeans and ankle boots, and here you are fashionable for the mid-seasonjeans .

Above we can see that the outfit is well suited to dress in autumnMen’s outfit with a denim jacket . The lightweight jacket is complemented by a black turtleneck sweater that will keep you warm.

Denim Jacket: €43.99

Layering: overlay of clothes

Layering is a technique that consists of layering layers of clothes and accessories. On the condition that they agree well with each other. An outfit with layering can be a shirt with a coat and an untied scarf. So it is necessary to carefully choose the colors of clothes . You can choose a room that you want to highlight, and choose more sober and discreet colors for others.

Above a good example of layering with a thin V-neck sweater, a navy blue scarf and a long beige wool jacket. As well as leather glovesdress well in autumn with layering in the high pocket of the jacket.

Below is another example of how to dress well in autumn with the overlay of clothes: a white shirt with a tie accompanied by a cardigan and a quilted jacket. What makes the success of this male outfit is the harmony of shades of grey. The result is very elegant. The quilted jacket also to be used to dress well in winter .

dress in autumn with a shirt The cardigan sweater: ideal for autumn outfits

To dress well in autumn the cardigan will be your ally. It will keep warm and gives you a stylish look. It can easily be combined with a jacket. To choose your cardigan well, we recommend solid colors. Some brands or shop offer cardigans with several colors or gradients of gray for example. Instead, opt for a solid and sober color such as light grey, black, navy blue or burgundy to bring color to your outfit .

Here we have an elegant autumnMen’s Cardigan Sweater outfit with a beige cardigan sweater accompanied a white t-shirt, light brown chino trousers and a pair of white sneakers. We will also notice the gray braided belt.

You can also stand out by varying the types of wool and textures: smooth appearance or twisted with patterns. We have selected you two simple and elegant cardigans that will allow you to dress well in autumn . Accompanied by a plain and white t-shirt preferably. If you want to add color, prefer burgundy, but avoid patterns.

Navy blue cardigan sweater : 27,99€

Cardigan sweater grey: 27,99€

And here you now know how to dress well in autumn and for the mid-season. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more tips and inspiration in Male Modema.