What are the flowers that can be dried?

Even if you have applied to the letter Grandma’s tricks to preserve her bouquet of vase flowers as long as possible, the time will come when they will inevitably fade. So, instead of letting them die sadly, why not dry them to give them a second life? Dried flowers have the side and they invade our interiors. They are ideal to give a rustic and bohemian atmosphere to every room of the house. By the way, drying flowers is not a sorcerer when you know how to do it. So quickly find out how to dry them, but also learn how to choose them right, because not all flowers are suitable for drying! Here is a selection of dried flowers.

The technique for drying flowers

Choose flowers from the list below and remove the majority of the foliage. The leaves do not keep very well and will only rot the rest of the plant, this also applies to the thorns of roses. There are several techniques for drying flowers, here are two very easy.

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Technique n°1:

The first technique is to dry the flowers in the form of a bouquet. Collect all your carefully chosen and tapered flowers and wrap them with a string or elastic band. Above all, it is not necessary to tighten too much so as not to damage the rods.

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Technique n°2:

The second technique is to individually hang each flower head down. You will place them in a dark room, without moisture and cool. A garage or a cellar will do.

After choosing one of these two techniques, it will be necessary to allow the flowers to dry for 3 weeks. Then it will be enough to spray them with lacquer to avoid dust and fix the finest and fragile stems.

List of flowers to dry

1) Roses

Credits: Pexels/Pixabay 2) Peonies

Credits: jill111/Pixabay 3) Hydrangeas

Credits: VIVIANE 6276/Pixabay 4) Dahlias

Credits: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay 5) Lavender

Credits: castleguard/Pixabay 6) Eucalyptus

Credits: serezniy /iStock 7) Branches of cotton flowers

Credits: Julia_Sudnitskaya/iStock 8) Blue thistle

Credits: strecosa/Pixabay 9) The grass of the Pampa

Credits: Moof/iStock 10) Gypsophila

Credits: Lee_Seonghak/Pixabay 11) Wheat sprigs

Credits: lorrichek/iStock 12) Yachills

Credits: analogicus/Pixabay 13) Craspedias

Credits: KarenhBlack/iStock 14) Statices

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