What are the advantages of straw insulation for homes ?

When it comes to thermal insulation in habitats, we usually think of materials that are known to all. Quite popular materials such as cellulose wadding or phenolic foam. Yet it is natural insulators that are proving better and better their excellent performance, as well as their ecological benefits . Among these natural insulators is in prominent place straw. What are the advantages of this material for the insulation of houses then?

Straw, a product with various functions

Straw is used to do many things. It makes it possible to make a litter for horses, sheep and cows. It is a product that also serves as food for ruminants and used by horticulturists to protect the soil . Better, straw is an undeniable raw material in the areas of crafts and art . As a result, the workshops Lison de Caunes, as well as many other craftsmen make use of it within the marquetry. Others use straw for basketry. The same is true in Japan when it comes to the manufacture of tatami .

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Then, when you observe the beautiful straw hat hanging in your living room as a decoration, you certainly do not imagine that the straw used to make it could be used to produce biomass energy . Better, this same straw could help you reduce electricity or heating bills, because it is a very good heat insulator .

The advantages of straw insulation

There are several forms of straw insulation. Apart from the straw boot which is very interesting when it comes to insulating exteriors or walls , you can also insulate your home using loose straw that you will mix with concrete.

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Anyway, no matter which straw shape you select, it will be for you excellent insulation that is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly . Therefore, it is a insulating material that respects nature that we are talking about.

In addition, straw is a fairly affordable insulation material in terms of cost, especially if you opt for boots or bulk. In some rural areas , straw is free of charge .

In addition, straw has important sound properties. In other words, this one protects you enormously from all sorts of noise exterior, especially when used in large quantities .

Finally, we must recognize that straw is a so-called sustainable resource that can be found in large quantities and offers an excellent quality/price ratio .