Understand and choose your car insurance

When you want to insure your vehicle, an auto insurance contract is required as a solution required by law. Many formulas exist to insure your car: all risks, fire theft, third party, with additional warranty, etc. Here we provide you with all the necessary advice to understand and choose your car insurance in a suitable way.

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  • Why take a car insurance?
  • Choosing your car insurance knowingly
    • Car insurance comparators: what value?
  • Our advice on your choice of car insurance

Why take a car insurance?

In France, the law simply imposes it. You must take out car insurance if the vehicle is required to travel on public roads. Depending on your situation as a driver, you have the choice between a contract car insurance adapted to a person considered by the insurers as young driver, a temporary auto insurancecontract, or an annual and more conventional car insurance contract . Third party car insurance is the basis.

Your car insurance must reflect your needs but also the risks incurred on a daily basis:

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  • Fire
  • Flight
  • Simple third-party car insurance
  • Civil liability in the event of a responsible disaster or accident
  • All risks insurance, for the least confident
  • Additional Damage Warranty
  • Additional warranty assistance and troubleshooting in case of a breakdown
  • Etc.

All car insurance packages and offers are possible. Today, the number 1 and most decisive criterion for many consumers is not to overpay your car insurance, for a subscription which, inter alia, does not justify its annual price. In short, a good quality/price ratio for your car insurance formula.

In addition, you will need to find out effectively about the franchise offered by your insurer , depending on your driver profile. This can be a decisive criterion in your choice of car insurance.

Vehicle drivers have the full choice of their coverage and auto insurance. This choice should not be taken lightly, especially when you know the budget that car insurance represents. Good protection can also mean good compensation in the event of a glitch: therefore, consider the possibility of choosing a supplementary guarantee adapted to your travels.

Choosing your car insurance knowingly

It is now essential not to go eyes close sign a contract car insurance for a vehicle. Indeed, it will be beneficial for any driver to weigh the pros and cons of all car insurance contract possibilities depending on theuse of the vehicle and thereal risks . Your car insurance should not underestimate or overestimate the risk on the vehicle. Your car represents a cost and has a value that needs to be appreciated fairly.

Auto insurance comparators: what value?

Auto insurance comparators exist and are now at the origin of many auto insurance contracts. But be careful, sometimes some pitfalls are tense, including a lack of transparency on certain clauses or guarantees. It is therefore important to take the time to compare car insurance quotes , with the various basic guarantees offered, with or without Additional guarantee, to choose the right car insurance formula.

Of course, it is your lifestyle (or lifestyle environment), your type of driving , your use of the vehicle and your driver profile that will guide you and determine the car insurance contract best suited to your needs. Vigilance is in the face of advertising for online insurance and contracts offered at all times, at prices that are uncompetitive. This may hide clauses that will take you by surprise once the subscription has been completed.

Our advice on your choice of car insurance

Before choosing your car insurance, we advise you to properly assess your driver profile and environment, as well as the nature of the risks. The bonus and malus you have to your asset will also affect, Don’t forget it.

In addition, a good basis will be required for your coverage: third party liability , in any case. Then, it is up to you to assess the need for a supplementary guarantee: do not give in to the speech of fear held by certain insurance, you know exactly what risks you incur, especially for theft. Your type of car will also determine the possibility of risk: year of manufacture of the car, kilometers on the counter, new car, etc.

In short, before choosing your car insurance, you must understand above all how you work with your vehicle, but also how insurers work . Good luck with your vehicle contract!