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    Organize a luxury trip to Italy

    History, culture, tradition, beauty and cuisine: Italy is the perfect destination for a holiday. However, like all stays, it must be well organized in order to get the most out of it, and not to make stupid mistakes when it comes to organizing.

    The selection of the best restaurant in Italy where to go or the best time of year …

  • If you want to stay in a hotel, or if you are interested in a holiday package including a hotel service, the ideal for you is to choose a 5-star hotel, in order to enjoy the most exclusive services offered there. Shop service, casino, restaurant, etc. are all services that you will have less chance to see in a low …

  • “We were stressed. It was not the most pleasant journey,” says Vanessa Richard. The New York Frenchman, who was stuck in France with her husband following the travel ban imposed by Donald Trump on Wednesday 11 March, wanted to return to the United States. She tried to go through Martinique, but Air France “pushed her back”, she and her husband, …

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    Esta USA: all about

    Staying, travelling or stopping in the United States requires certain formalities in order to obtain proper authorization. Visa, passport, ESTA… What authorization do we need in the USA to legally move on American soil? They tell you everything about ESTA.

    • ESTA

      Article Plan

      : definition and origin

    • ESTA: your authorization to stay in the United States
    • ESTA USA: a mandatory
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    What to visit in Berlin ?

    There’s so much to do and see in Berlin! The only problem is: will you find time to see everything? 🙂 Oh, the endless things to do in Berlin! Are you ready for my list of the coolest, most interesting and awesome things to do in Berlin?

    Berlin is really the freest city I’ve been in!

    It is a city …

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    What to visit in Buenos Aires ?

    Buenos Aires awaits you with its amazing steaks, red wine and many sights to keep you busy for days. This city rarely sleeps and you will have the chance to explore many weekend ferias or markets, stunning restaurants, historic sites, squares and museums during your visit.

    Sip a glass of malbec, eat an empanada in the park, go out and …

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    What to visit in Shanghai ?

    Shanghai is a city bustling with bright lights, imposing skyscrapers, a treasure of colonial style, bustling markets and creative energy. As one of China’s largest cities, there is a lot to explore as the sprawl is massive. Fortunately, the metro is incredibly efficient and there is so much to occupy your time whether it’s a look at the old, the …

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    Preparations for a trip abroad

    Going abroad for a trip requires a lot of preparation beforehand, if only for paperwork. Moreover, some of these steps require a time ahead of time. Here is a three-step approach to properly prepare for your stay abroad.

    Preparation of important documents

    The first document you need to have on hand is the passport. It must be valid for 3 …

  • Have you always dreamed of a walk in the air to explore your area from a good height? Be aware that it is possible to realize your dream by opting for a hot air balloon flight. Hot air balloons have recently been accessible to everyone. For various occasions, you can afford yourself an unforgettable flight. Nevertheless, you need to understand …

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    Canada in 2 weeks: our tips

    Canada is a country located in North America. It is often mentioned among the best destinations to spend pleasant moments . For the upcoming holidays, take advantage of two weeks of stay in this environment to discover a multitude of historic and enriching monuments . You can also take part in entertaining activities to make your holiday more enjoyable …