Tout savoir sur la location de local commercial

Are you planning to rent a commercial space to a business? How to rent a commercial space? Is the procedure complex? We come back for you on all the tricks you need to know before embarking on renting a commercial premises to a company.

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Article plan

  • Commercial leasing: the commercial lease
    • Commercial premises: a complex procedure
  • Lessor and lessee of commercial premises
  • What you need to know about the commercial lease
  • Difference commercial lease/business lease

Rental of commercial premises: the commercial lease

In order to lease your business premises to any business, you need to know that the established lease will be a commercial lease . This commercial lease will be different from a conventional residential rental lease. The contract of commercial lease will be established between the two parties, the owner of the commercial space, and the tenant of the commercial space.

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The procedure is a little complex . The lease agreement document signed between the two parties involved in the rental of the commercial premises specifies all the conditions that relate to the lease. A mutual agreement is expected between lessee and lessor before the final signing of the lease agreement. The interests of each individual must be respected and stated on the commercial lease agreement.

Commercial premises: a complex procedure

To follow a commercial lease contract procedure, if you are a novice in this matter, it is strongly advisable to be accompanied by a professional . This safety measure will allow you to rest on a professional and trusted person. In case of a hidden defect, for example, you will not be caught off guard.

The lease commercial is a very technical document , which is as complex to read and understand as the law itself.

Lessor and lessee of commercial premises

For the lease of a commercial space, a real commitment is entered into between the lessee and the lessor. Of course, the lessor can be:

  • A natural person/ an individual;
  • A moral entity: a company
  • An association
  • A liberal profession (merchant or craftsman)

The tenant must assign to his commercial premises a commercial or craft activity. This categorization also allows the lessor, upstream, to propose its commercial premises as:

  • Place of sale;
  • Warehouse
  • Office;
  • Local.

The signing of the commercial lease agreement must go to theinterest of the two players in the rental of commercial premises. A rent is specified, the terms of the lease are clear and specified as well as the duration of the lease.

In the real estate market, renting a commercial space is common but it is important to know the ins and outs of renting a commercial space.

What you need to know about the commercial lease

Some well-defined parameters govern the commercial lease:

  • The lease of a commercial lease is a minimum of 9 years;
  • Any tenant is given priority in case of non-renewal;
  • The lessor is not required to indicate the previous rent;
  • The rent of the commercial premises can be revised every 3 years, it is a fee;
  • The lessor is entitled to demand an additional amount called “no door”, which will be a guarantee additional for the owner;
  • In the context of a commercial lease, only a professional activity can take place in the commercial premises. Standards must therefore be respected before the rental of the commercial premises.

The clauses to be checked before embarking on the rental of a commercial premises will concern:

  • Rental conditions;
  • The duration of rental;
  • The type of contract;
  • Frequency of rent review;
  • Rent negotiability;

Difference commercial lease/professional lease

Attention : Do not confuse commercial lease and professional lease. The professional lease does not have the same purpose or use. A professional lease is intended for the liberal professions. The term of a professional lease is 6 yearsminimum.