The subway tile

In terms of wall cladding and interior decoration, metro tiles are in the trend. Ideal in a kitchen but also in a bathroom, in white or even black, it reminds the Parisian style and the famous metro, with its tiles so recognizable appearance. You are told more about the subway tiles below.

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  • Subway tiles: a little story
  • Choosing subway tiles for its interior
    • A subway tile splash
    • showcase your kitchen with the subway tiles
  • Make your bathroom in subway tiles
    • Color for your subway tiles

Metro tiles: small history

The tiled and shiny tile of the “metro” type is no longer reserved for the corridors of the Paris metro. It fits both in a kitchen and in other rooms in the house such as the bathroom. The subway tiles give a special look, between vintage, retro and industrial , to any part covered with these tiles with a recognizable bias.

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Since its inception, bevelled subway tiles have always been manufactured with the same formula. Pieces of ceramics with a bevelled edge and rectangular shape, aligned one after the other in staggered… From the 1900s, subway tiles became widespread in the Paris metro to cover the walls of the corridors and the vaults of the metro. In France, Paris, Europe, this tile quickly becomes practical and appreciated.

Choosing subway tile for its interior

Today democratized and out of the metro, the white metro tiles are available in other colours, with a preference for black. Laid alternating black and white, it makes feel in interior decoration coming to break the codes of the classic square tile.

A subway tile splash

For your interior and kitchen, nothing like a subway tile splash . Laid above the worktop of your kitchen, your white tile is also shiny, reflecting light. Ideal for a cozy interior but also for a large kitchen, the subway tiles give this pretty vintage or retro touch that is sought after in interior renovation.

Make your splash on 30 cm or 40 cm and enjoy the benefits of subway tiles. Easy to clean, with very fine joints, the metro tile is practical thanks to its glossy finish.

Enhancement of your kitchen with the subway tiles

The subway tile also highlights your stainless steel faucets and a beautiful light wood worktop. These combinations of colours and materials are very trendy and may well make you fall for subway tiles.

Sometimes simplicity has charm: after several deco trends that have seen all sorts of patterned tiles arrive in the interiors, a return to a clean style is appreciable.

Make your bathroom in subway tiles

To regain the tiled style of subway tiles in your bathroom, you can embark on a vintage renovation. Combined with a new stainless steel shower or even a ceramic faucets , you highlight both your subway tiles and your bathroom.

The appearance of the metro tile and its bevel makes it an exclusively wall-mounted tile. Indeed, it would become dangerous in a bathroom if it were laid on the floor. To push the donger, you can of course lay it on the ceiling and recreate your metro universe … for a typical Parisian interior!

Color for your subway tiles

Dare to colour : the subway tiles are now in classic and rectangular appearance. It comes in various formats and colours, to the delight of decorators. Square, rectangular, small, large format… In English green, poppy red, grey, taupe or orange, everything is allowed. The colour of the seal can also be adapted to suit your lives.