The strategic places to install your alarm

In a context where the number of burglaries and burglaries continues to increase on the national territory, setting up an alarm in your home or apartment is no longer a luxury. However, in order for this type of security device to be perfectly effective, they should be installed in strategic locations. Discover in this article the best locations for your alarm for optimal protection of your home.

What kind of alarm to install at home?

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A burglary is always experienced as a traumatic experience. And this, whether accompanied by violence or not. Strong fortunately, some equipment now significantly reduces the risk of being a victim. To secure your home, Verisure offers powerful alarms that allow you to give the alert as soon as a suspicious movement occurs .

Today there are many alarm models on the market. To make the right choice, you need to take into account several criteria, namely:

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  • Your type of home : is it a house or apartment?
  • The location of your home : is it in the countryside? Downtown?
  • … The number and typology of parts to be protected.

Generally speaking, two main categories of alarm are distinguished:

  • Wired alarms : they are ideal for the protection of large buildings. However, they require significant installation work involving certain constraints. Ideally, it is recommended to proceed to their laying during the construction of the building.
  • Wireless alarms : Unlike wired alarms, this type of alarm has the advantage of installing easily. They are also very flexible and modular. However, they require more regular maintenance, particularly with regard to battery replacement.

Where to install your alarm?

In order for the alarm to seamlessly fulfill its mission of protecting your home, you need to carefully study the best places to place each of its elements.

The alarm center

The alarm center must be installed in a strategic location that is easily accessible by the owners and contrario, which is not in sight, let alone within the reach of malicious people. With this in mind, corridors and stairwells are established as excellent locations. However, avoid entry. If you have a wireless alarm, which is often the case in apartments and small houses, put the plant in height so that its various elements correctly capture the signal it emits. If it is not equipped with a device that automatically contacts the competent authorities in the event of an intrusion, install it near a telephone.

Opening detectors

Also known as perimeter detectors, these equipment arise as the name implies on openings that burglars can use to enter your home: main door, windows, Garage… Place them in height and do not put them on or near metal structures.

Motion detectors

You can place them both indoors and outdoors, especially in places of passage. Place them away from any heat source that could distort the signal. You can also add them to your alarm system for optimal protection.

The mermaid

The siren, meanwhile, must be installed where all residents of the dwelling can hear it .