The Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast

The Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast is a bright rose . It is composed of an LED string that does not need a connection (a character to reinforce the fairy side). It was made in a glass dome with a height of 22 cm. You can easily get them with

History of the Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast

It all started from this famous story that was very successful after being spent (like a cartoon) on Disney. She traces a love tale between a beautiful young woman called the Beautiful and the Beast(the monster) . It started after the Beast saved the Beauty from death.

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The young woman sacrifices herself in order to be able to save her father who was sentenced to death for picking a rose from the realm of a terrible monster. It is with surprise that the Beast spared Death Beauty and allowed her to live in her castle. But over time, she realizes that behind the animal traits suffers a prince victim of a spell .

As a result, the rose under bell of Beauty and the Beast has become also mythical . But, the rose itself has its own history. In the tale, she is an eternal rose. She’s not rotting. She is simply immortal. The rose is protected by a glass dome and it lives inside. She’s a red. scarlet. In history also, it represents eternal love as “ Beauty and Beast ” promised themselves right after the prince was transformed into a Beast by a witch.

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The said witch expressed her discontent by throwing a spell to the prince after being denied access to the water of the castle. So, to regain his shape, he had to keep the rose and fall in love with a woman. This young woman will therefore be Belle (her name), who will be the only one to take an interest in him. The rose was therefore called Enchanted Rose or the Eternal Rose .

How to get the Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast?

The eternal rose is counted among the greatest desires for acquisition. It is now available and you can have it at home. To get it, it is possible to make your purchase on Eternal kingdom which is the reference in Eternal Roses, Roses under Bells and Bear in Roses.

Rose is called eternal, because after passing the stage of the climax of its growth, it is freeze-dried . So, what ‘s freeze-drying ? This is the process of stabilizing the growth of the plant. It is often done with a preservative liquid that is injected into the plant. The role of this liquid is to scare all molecules harmful to the plant. This makes it possible to obtain a rose that will forever retain its shine, texture, fragranceand beauty .

The iconic Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast is a very original type of flower. It is the perfect gift to testifyto a sincere love. This rose pushes romanticism to its climax. You can offer it at a wedding request or on a wedding anniversary.

How to maintain the Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast?

After you get this splendidrose, you don’t need anything anymore. Be careful, you should not water it. Simply clean the glass dome that protects the rose (when it is dusty). You can put your rose in the room you like most. It can also be a decoration element in your main room .

The Rose of the Tale Beauty and the Beast is very symbolic. She is of unparalleled beauty . Illuminate the life of your partner in him by offering one.