The profession of jeweler and jeweler

It is these trades that make dream by their seniority and by their know-how. The jeweler’s profession is part of it! Being a jeweller means exercising a profession of crafts and art and working with precious metal as well as stones. What is the profession of jeweler and how to access it? The answers to your questions are in this article.

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  • Jeweler: what missions?
    • From the idea of jewel to its manufacture
  • Being a jeweler in a jewellery workshop
    • Precious contact with customers
  • What knowledge to become a jeweler?
    • The jeweler, an expert in his field
  • Studies and training to become a jeweler
    • Schools and high schools of jewelery and jewellery
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the trade jeweler
  • Salary and outlets for a jeweler
    • Open his jewellery shop
  • Where to find a specialist in fine jewelry in Lausanne?

Jeweller: what missions?

The profession of jeweler is to design, create, manufacture and sell handmade and handmade jewellery. The jeweler handles all kinds of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum and bronze. He prepares the metal frame that will highlight a precious stone, semi-precious stones or pearls.

The profession of jeweler is above all an exercise of precision. It is a passion that requires to be meticulous, caring. Upstream of any jewellery making, there is creation, which requires some creativity and excellent artistic sensitivity. To become a jeweler and jeweler, training is necessary in order to to acquire the skills and a real know-how that does not admit very much.

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From the idea of jewel to its manufacture

Shaping a jewel from A to Z, from the idea of design to the sale, is a creative process that is in the order of passion here. A jeweler has very good eyes and knows how to implement a concept in order to create jewellery and jewellery creations that will correspond to a female or male audience .

A jeweler can make jewellery that will be of his own (unique pieces) but he can also of course take orders . For a wedding, they can be asked to create the wedding rings, as for any other occasion: baptism, birth, engagement, anniversary, special occasion, etc.

Every jeweler of course works metals but must have a solid knowledge of gemology if he is also required to carry out jewellery work. Finally, the jeweler does repair work on jewelry that his customers bring him: repair of ring, necklace, earrings, chain or curb, etc.

Being a jeweler in a jewellery shop

The jeweler or jewellery professional often carries out his activity in a workshop. This workshop can be that of his or her employer or his own jewellery shop. In his workshop and in his jewellery shop, the jeweller craftsman is in contact with machines that allow him to practice his profession with versatility.

Thus, he shapes metal, polishes stones, cuts and prepares frames, manipulates and melts his metals, composes alloys that interest him, and creates his unique jewellery creations. The uniqueness of each piece is actually its paw: each creation is a masterpiece that denotes the sensitivity and creativity of the jeweler.

Valuable customer contact

In jewelery, when he does not create, the jeweler welcomes the clientele. He listens to requests and takes orders for repair or creation. He learns how to evaluate the cost of his work and the time spent on a room. A jeweler is also there to hear the request of his client and offer him models , drafts, ideas for creating jewellery, depending on the demand.

Some requests are very specific: the jeweler must therefore know how to adapt in all circumstances in order to best meet his clientele . This will enable him to retain his clientele and to make him talk about him thanks to word-of-mouth.

What knowledge to become a jeweler?

You yourself are you interested in the jeweler’s trade? Before entering this profession, many technical knowledge is required:

  • Gemmology (study of precious and semi-precious stones);
  • Physics and chemistry, for working precious metals;
  • Sale, for the management of a trade and jewellery workshop;

These three aspects are essential to the profession of jewellers and will serve both in creation and in the optimal holding of a trade. The little plus that will make you an exceptional jeweler will be your creativity , your paw, your availability and your rigor, your good organization and your adaptability.

It is important to have a solid base in physics and chemistry in order to understand alloys and “play” with it in the way of a chemist. Your unique creations will be all the more successful as you talk about them with passion and knowledgeable.

The jeweler, an expert in his field

The jeweler is an expert in his field and must be competent on every request. Even after his training as a jeweler, he continues to learn, cultivate himself, develop ideas and partnerships that can earn him a good reputation.

As his career as a jeweler and jeweler craftsman, this jewellery professional knows how to give fair value to the pieces he creates. If imagination is hard to quantify in terms of price, the value of time and materials is paramount to evaluate. Knowing well his work and the value of his jewellery and jewellery creations, the jeweler can then advise, guide and guide his clients in demand for ideas.

Education and training to become a jeweler

Become a jeweler passes concrete training at the CAP level. After the 3rd and college, anyone can enter CAP jewellery and jewel art or CAP art and jewellery techniques. CAP ATBJ (art and technique of jewel and jewel) offers various options: jewellery jewellery, polishing finish, jewellery setting.

For gemology enthusiasts, CAP Lapidaire with Diamonds and Stones option can be interesting to specialize. You also have the CAP Bronzier or the CAP Goldsmith with optional fitter, glider, turner, polisher repeller and timer.

After obtaining one of these CAP, an additional mention in jewellery is available for those wishing to continue their studies. If you want to reach a Bac level, pass the BP (Professional Patent) of Gemmologist. In Tray 2 and Bac 3, you can also aim for the Higher Certificate of jewellery.

Jewellery and jewellery schools and high schools

There are many professional high schools and schools that lead to the profession of jeweler jeweller. Among others:

  • The National Higher School of Applied Arts and Crafts:
  • The University of Paris Jewellery School;
  • The Jean Guéhenno vocational high school in Saint Amand-Montrond;
  • Clément Pemille professional high school in Toulouse, etc.

Pros and cons of the jeweler’s craft

The jeweler’s trade has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other profession. You are leaving training and embarked on a creative craft that stimulates your imagination. Your schedules are rather regular and you remain independent in how you operate in your workshop.

However, the disadvantages can be rebutted: sometimes you handle highly Toxic, you often have to be open on weekends, and earnings at the beginning of your career may not be attractive.

Salary and opportunities for a jeweler

Once you have graduated from jewellery, following training and studies in CAP or other, you should know that the goal salary that will be offered to you in a jewellery shop will not exceed 1400 euros gross monthly, or about one SMIC.

As an independent jeweler, you have the opportunity to start having a good turnover as long as your shop management is consistent and your customers are loyal .

Open your jewellery shop

Many artisans jewelers decide, after a few years as a jewellery employee, to open their own jewellery and jewellery shop. Once installed, customer loyalty will be important to make evolve your business in the right direction.

As you go, you will be able to hire staff and grow your business. This is the most likely evolution in any jeweler career. If you want to start your precious jewellery business, remember that business statutes are different and are framed by ceilings, especially in self-business and micro-enterprises.

Other specific opportunities are possible, depending on the collaborations you agree to make. You can therefore call on you for your expertise in gemology or precious metals, or simply to assess the value of a jewel by means of expertise.

You now have all the information about training necessary to become a jeweler!

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