The profession of gynecologist and obstetrician

An obstetrician gynecologist is a health professional whose subject of study is women. This medical practitioner specializes in gynecology, that is, the study of women. It accompanies all women during their lifetime, on issues related to the genital tract, to any medical issues related to women. We talk to you in detail about the missions of the obstetrician gynecologist.

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  • What does a gynecologist do?
    • Accompanying and protecting women The
  • work of the obstetrician gynecologist
    • The obstetrician surgeon
  • Education and training of the gynecologist
    • Skills required to be a gynecologist
      • Respect and trust
    • Studies to become a gynecologist or obstetrician
  • Opportunities for the profession of gynecologist or obstetrician

What does a gynecologist?

Gynecology and obstetrics are very specific medical areas affecting women. Obstetrics is the medical specialty of doctors who engage in the follow-up of pregnancy until childbirth (also in surgery).

Gynecology, meanwhile, studies women in general. Gynecology therefore also concerns the essential periods of a woman’s life such as puberty, pregnancy, etc.

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Accompany and protect women

A gynecologist’s mission is to ensure the good health of the woman. During their lifetime, women encounter gender-specific issues. Contraception, infection, cancer (uterus, breast, ovaries, etc.)… The gynecologist does both the prevention of pathologies and the treatment of diseases when they arise.

The gynecologist acts as a doctor to the woman. He can do examinations, prescribe contraceptives . He is also responsible for screening for cancer in a timely manner. In short, the gynecologist practitioner is one of the major players in a woman’s life when it comes to her health.

The work of the obstetrician gynecologist

A gynecologist is not necessarily an obstetrician, whereas the obstetrician is usually a gynecologist before being an obstetrician. The obstetrician has a very special mission. It ensures the good health of the woman and baby during pregnancy. It accompanies women on this very special path of pregnancy, until childbirth.

The obstetrician gynecologist takes a careful look at the fetus during a woman’s pregnancy. It ensures the proper development of the child in utero. It determines the gender of the upcoming child and conducts regular examinations to ensure the proper course of pregnancy. In case of malformation, it informs and warns, and accompanies.

An obstetrician doctor can work in a clinic or hospital. He can be called to supervise a childbirth, helped by a midwife.

The obstetrician surgeon

An obstetrician gynecologist can therefore also be a surgeon. In case of difficulty, it is the obstetrician surgeon who will decide whether to need a cesarean section or not. The obstetrician gynecologist also manages everything related to the epidural and works together with the anesthesiologist.

Studies and training of the gynecologist

To become a gynecologist or obstetrician gynecologist, very specific and sharp skills are necessary.

Skills required to be a gynecologist

Both the gynecologist and obstetrician work in contact with patients. High human qualities are required to work in the medical field.

It is necessary to be highly sensitive to all issues related to women. Endometriosis, hormonal life, menopause problems, etc. All pathologies and stages of a woman’s life concerning her health are to be taken into account with professionalism . Long medical studies are needed in order to adopt a fair medical attitude.

Respect and trust

A gynecologist has an ability to analyze and take a step back on the situations he is facing. Whether the gynecologist is a man or a woman, it is essential to work in full respect of the patient , which is more important in an area that touch to the genital. Trust is extremely important in the relationship between the gynecologist doctor and the patient.

In a society where sometimes gynecological violence is pointed out, it is essential to review one’s position as a doctor. The profession of a gynecologist is losing speed: gynecologists are sought in more and more municipalities.

In addition, a gynecologist must be able to work as a team, especially if he is attached to a hospital or if he is working in a clinic.

Studies to become a gynecologist or obstetrician

It takes a minimum of 6 years of study to become a gynecologist or obstetrician. Before starting health studies, students make a year in PACES and pass a competition to apply for Grade 2. Hospital internships are planned, at the end of which students incorporate a 3-year cycle in pathology and therapy.

The sixth year is one that allows you to choose between the two specialties:

  • Doctor gynecologist
  • Obstetrician Gynaecologist

Opportunities for the profession of gynecologist or obstetrician

When you are a doctor, after a number of years of experience, one can claim to a position of responsibility. You can become head of department in hospital or clinic, for example. administrative positions are also possible, but the practice disappears altogether.

For your studies, find out about ESD in gynecology and obstetrics. The average salary of a gynecologist will depend on where he practises, clinic or hospital. There are wage differentials between an early career as a gynecologist in the clinic and that of a gynecologist in hospital. The average salary of a gynecologist, according to a study made among many gynecologists, would be 7500 euros gross per month.