The only dietary supplement that lacks in your diet routine

Today, dietary supplements are part of our care routine. People who want to strengthen their immune system as winter approaches, take care of their bones and joints, strengthen their vitality, or simply help their skin stay young and firm, use dietary supplements to fill their nutrient deficiencies. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of the benefits of marine collagen, a natural active ingredient from the oceans and full of incredible qualities.

Marine collagen, best absorbed by the human body!

The body of all mammals, including that of humans, is full of collagen. It’s a Structural protein that allows to maintain the cohesion of tissues while providing strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, the older we get, and the less our body produces. It is estimated that from the age of 30 we lose 1% of collagen every year. To fill this deficit, which decreases irretrievably over time, external intake, especially through dietary supplements, becomes indispensable.

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Today, the main sources of collagen are either bovine or marine. Marine collagen, type I is known to have better availability, which means that it is better absorbed by the body. In addition, as a marine source, it is less exposed to contaminants compared to other sources. The high bioavailability of marine collagen is mainly due to its smaller molecular structure. When this same Collagen is hydrolyzed, that is, it is broken down into peptides through a specific enzymatic process, its absorption rate from the digestive system becomes even greater to 90%.

The many benefits of marine collagen

If marine collagen supplements have become so popular in recent years, it is not without reason. Beyond the high bioavailability described above, marine collagen offers a plethora of undeniable benefits, including bones, joints, hair, skin and nails.

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Thanks to its high content of certain amino acids, especially glycine and proline, collagen allows the skin to preserve its elasticity and firmness despite the weight of years. It is therefore a great way to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to allow the skin to maintain its structural integrity. Several studies have also shown that consumption of marine collagen on a regular basis facilitates skin healing and improved hydration. Other preclinical studies suggest that marine collagen provides the dermis better protection against oxidative damage caused by UV rays. This is mainly due to hydroxyproline, another amino acid found in marine collagen that acts as an antioxidant on skin cells.

In addition to being an excellent anti-aging ingredient for the skin, marine collagen is also beneficial for nails and hair. The taking of marine collagen on a regular basis allows for less brittle nails and stronger and healthy hair regrowth. It’s also a good way to preserve bone density, mainly in women who are much more exposed to osteoporosis than men. To do this, marine collagen helps the body better assimilate certain minerals such as phosphorus and calcium that are essential to bone structures. At the muscular level, marine collagen facilitates better recovery after intense physical exertion and will save you from aches.

Marine collagen is also highly recommended to preserve joint well-being and mobility, especially in those at risk of overweight, arthritis, body asymmetry or simply elderly. Scientific researchers have shown that marine collagen reduces the risk of joint inflammation.

In what forms to consume marine collagen ?

Today, marine collagen is offered in different forms: in capsules, powder, drinking pods or tablets. It is up to you to choose the shape that best suits your habits: marine collagen powder is, for example, highly appreciated by athletes who mix it with energy drinks, while others prefer capsules for their simple and practical side.

It is also important to read the list of ingredients carefully in order to make a choice according to your needs. Thus, marine collagen combined with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid will be an excellent anti-aging care. Otherwise, it is possible to take a pure marine collagen supplement and consume it alongside other dietary supplements, even if this option remains more inconvenient.

No matter how you consume marine collagen, the ideal is to do it as a preventive measure and Do not wait until your joints begin to hurt you or your wrinkles dig deep furrows on your face to resort to it. As the saying goes, it is better to prevent thatcure.