The little story of the working blue

Worn by millions of workers, the work blue is a workwear that remains associated with manual professionals . Can take many forms depending on the profession: blouse, work mail, trousers, jacket, etc. this garment has a history that is still too unknown. Here is the history of its origins to the present day, passing through its different evolutions over the centuries.

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  • Why is working blue blue?
  • The evolutions of the working blue through time The
  • working blue nowadays

Why is the working blue blue?

Logically, the working blue first bears this name because it is blue. More particularly “Blue of Prussia”.

The Blue of Prussia was accidentally discovered in the 1700s and proved to be an economically cost-effective process with a very low manufacturing cost, whereas at that time fixing blue colour on fabric was far from being an economical method. Thus, in the 18th century the blue color became THE fashionable color and the standardized workwear of all workers made its appearance to finally become a social label .

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This century also corresponds to the industrial revolution in France as elsewhere in the world with the appearance of automated machines in factories with their batch of risks, it was necessary to be able to equip the workers with a uniform or workwear more securing only a simple apron andstrong enough so they won’t tear or are not caught in the gears of the machines. The material chosen for work blues will therefore be cotton, and in their debut they will be presented as blouses closed by a belt before becoming today’s denim or cotton pants-jacket set.

A true protective element of the worker, the main tasks of the working blue are:

  • To be practical thanks to its numerous pockets
  • Protect the personal clothes of its wearer
  • Standardize work outfits within the same company
  • To be less messy and easy to care for: stains on dark fabric are less noticeable.

The evolutions of the working blue through time

Going from belted blouse to work suits as well as cottes Suspenders in the 19th century, blue work overalls become more practical and above all more protective over the years until they become a more advanced form: the blue two-piece work outfit consisting of blue trousers and a professional jacket . This is its most widely used form today.

It was in the 20th century that the working blue goes beyond Atlantic to dress students with a very famous brand still nowadays: Levi Strauss & Co. Now becoming a real designer piece for stylists and fashion houses, the iconic jeans, denim trousers dyed in blue has indeed been inspired by the work blue.

The working blue nowadays

Today, when talking about the working blue, it is rather referred to the function of the work clothing as well as well as its protective functions. Now available in many colors such as red, white, black, pink or green, this professional garment gradually equips itself with new features and new designs without fail to be resistant and comfortable. Functional and timeless, it is one of the only clothes that from the beginning of its appearance has continued to evolve through laundry.