The advantages of Bordeaux for a rental investment

For several years, Bordeaux has been experiencing growing success with investors and families in other cities. Indeed, it has many advantages and benefits from its geographical location. The inhabitants of Bordeaux can enjoya pleasant environment between the sea and the vineyards with a sunny climate. In addition, the city has a very rich and internationally recognized historical heritage .

Quality infrastructure and public transport network feed the entire city. Let us add that thanks to Bordeaux’s new high-speed line , the journey to Paris takes 2 hours.

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Thanks to the pinel law in Bordeaux, you can invest in real estate and benefit from a tax reduction .

Bordeaux, a metropolis where it is good to invest

With its many green spaces (26% of the total area of the city), Bordeaux has been declared the second most attractive city in France . A logical consequence of this attractiveness is the growth of the population: 5.1% in 5 years.

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Today, Bordeaux has nearly 257,804 inhabitants according to INSEE and the agglomeration of Bordeaux Métropole (28 municipalities) has 796,273 inhabitants. Thus, 70% of the 10,000 new inhabitants who will live in Bordeaux in 2016 will be from the Paris region.

Sixth metropolis in France, the city isknown for its economic dynamism and its large employment pool( 8.6% in 5 years) withmore 3,000 new businesses per year .

To meet this new demand, the real estate market in Bordeaux is booming . In 8 months, the supply of entire housing increased by 146%.

This increase in demand inevitably leads to a sharp rise in property prices, especially in small areas. With an increase of about 10% in 2018, the upper limit of the price range is now around €5,000 per m2 (in Bordeaux intramuros).

The average price is €4,530/m² for a new apartment, according to the analysis of notaries, all neighborhoods and all types of property combined.

These figures show the great dynamism of the city and the attractiveness it represents for all investors , especially for investments in furnished apartments for students or for business customers. It is important to know that Bordeaux is the sixth student city in France (nearly 95,000 students).

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Increasing economic activity

Euratlantique, one of the largest development operations in France, plans to build19,800 housing unitsandthousands of square meters of offices and public buildings in the south of the metropolis by 2030.

The ultimate goal is towelcome 40,000 new residents and create 30,000 jobs . The aim is to create an international business centre and new neighbourhoods by 2030.

Bordeaux and its popular neighborhoods

In Bordeaux intra-muros, prices can reach 4800-5000 €/m2 in sought after areas such as the Hôtel-de-Ville or Les Quinconces. The same applies to fashionable neighborhoods such as the Chartrons and the so-called “family” neighborhoods.

Two other neighborhoods are increasingly popular: the Saint-Michel district (where students, artists and young directors meet) and the young and trendy neighbourhood of Saint-Pierre .

Areas around the Médoc barrier, Caudéran, Croix Blanche and Saint-Seurin with private schools are also very popular.