Telephone prospecting: preparing your phoning

Are you in telephone prospecting? How to properly prepare your phoning by building a solid pitch? We give you all the tips to succeed in your telephone prospecting call.

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  • Telephone prospecting, a real business strategy
  • Successful phone call and prospecting
    • The steps in your telephone prospecting pitch
  • Common marketing techniques that evolve

Telephone prospecting, a real business strategy

In corporate marketing, business strategy or telephone sales, telephone prospecting is a significant asset. Its purpose? Identify a prospect from a database and tryto direct your contacts to become customers.

Prospecting phone is a real everyday challenge: you are in direct contact with your prospects and it will depend on you to convince them. To guide a prospect by following a business strategy, a strong argument is needed, as well as a measured sense of distributed and a human response tailored to your prospects.

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Telephone prospecting is a business strategy used in companies to develop its clientele. The purpose of telephone sales is to win contracts and sell services, in all areas of business.

Successful call and telephone prospecting

Is your business call pressuring you? There are methods to succeed a call and manage your phone prospecting like a master. Your phone case can be built in several steps to get an appointment and bring back a serious prospect.

At phone, not all marketing techniques please. Your interlocutor can be closed at the outset: it will be very difficult for you to reverse the situation in your favor. Do not forget at any time that you have a human person at the end of the phone.

Your targets or leadsare certainly contacts that can turn into customers and thus bring money to the company, but nothing beats understanding human contact .

The steps in your telephone prospecting pitch

  • A tailor-made approach : The information you are looking for about your prospect (target) before starting your telephone prospecting call will determine thesuccess rate of your business calls. Do not underestimate this stage of telephone prospecting.
  • Start his business argument. A lot of decisive elements will be played at that time. You introduce yourself, you verify that you are dealing with the right interlocutor, all while adopting a confident, resolute but also delicate tone. You have to lead the conversation while listening.
  • Hang the prospect. This is a highlight of your call for commercial purposes. And here, be careful not to miss yourself: this is THE important moment of your telephone prospecting, that is, the one that will determine a favorable follow-up . To hang your prospect, you’ll have to play elbows. Objections, complications, refusal… Your argument must overcome obstacles.
  • Announce a concrete profit to your prospect. This step will customize your telephone prospecting and marketing technique. Being oriented towards the “us” and the fact of Working together allows your prospects to project themselves. Presenting a commercial commitment on your part, depending on the possibilities, will unlock the discussion and give it weight.
  • Check prospect availability . Once you have fulfilled your role as a commercial hook, the toughest part of telephone prospecting has passed. A prospect who answers the question of availability in the affirmative has every chance of moving towards a successful call and a contract in pocket.
  • The details of your typel. Locate the company, your presentation, and what you will tackle together. It’s about framing the call once the potential customer is well with you. Then ask questions that will concern your interlocutor.
  • Discovery questions. These questions sales give voice to your prospects. Showing interest in your prospect is paramount and must fall at the right time of your telephone prospecting. This marketing technique is also a psychological asset.
  • your lead want to know more Make . Your prospect must see the full interest of your proposal and can then refocus on what you are proposing. Do not focus on the offer but on the desire to know more.
  • The proposal of the commercial appointment. This perspective is now natural. You must then set a date, check the coordinates* , thank the interlocutor for his time, etc.

Common marketing techniques that evolve

Marketing is not an exact science but can be helped by recipes that work , including in telephone prospecting. If you follow these tips and take the lead clearly in your call, then your prospect will have every chance of turning into a customer.

Much of the commercial prospecting is played on strong psychological aspects. The success of your business strategy will of course depend on elements beyond your control, such as the availability of the interlocutor.

The common techniques of sales representatives for their telephone prospecting are also based on the collection ofessential information . The more personalized your call, the more prospects will feel understood, listened to and concerned.